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Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Ok, so I don’t know what is wrong with me, second week in a row and I forget that today is Wednesday. Oh well, it has been a crazy week….I guess crazy might be an overstatement, I got into a tussle with Mathematica ( a computer program that does calculus and other math functions, it is very particular) and wasted about four hours of my weekend, all over something that should have been simple. So I had to miss part of work on Monday to discover that I was missing a colon in my definition of the fuMy favorite place to readnction. Lesson learned, but it did cause quite a bit of stress that I was not wanting to deal with. I have also had a lot of reading for my Presidential Politics class. The reading is interesting, but it is so detail filled that I have a hard time absorbing all of it at once. I guess it is a good thing that I have taken American History, otherwise I might be a little more lost. It is really interesting because in my History classes the Professors talk about Woodrow Wilson as a Historian, but come to find out according the Political Science Professors he was a political scientist. Hmmm, I wonder who is right? (well rStones in the Rose Garden…Have to ask a Prof about themesearch shows that he was a Presidential scholar and was the President of the American Political Science Association-point for Poli Sci.)
In other random news my roommate and I couldn’t fall asleep last night (it was freezing, for some reason the heaters have not been on in the past few days ) and started talking about my favorite show “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel channel, (and Netflix for those interested) and some how ended up having a conversation about Mel Gibson and various versiPool House Windowsons of Hamlet. Anyways, this led to a question about who played Ophelia in the Kenneth Branaugh version of Hamlet. We were convinced that it was not Kate Winslet but someone who looks like her who we could nThe edge of the “Ship”dscn0151.JPGot remember. We ended up looking it up online (both of us having to turn our computers on as Anne’s had to update), only to discover that it really was Kate Winslet and we had wasted ten minutes of thinking for nothing. So much for going to bed early…
Today was also the College’s annual emergency drill (yes just like High School we are supposed to crawl under our desks and then evacuate single file for a fire drill). I was at work in the Manor House (Admissions Office) and during the evacuation a long conversation about the merits of the musical “Cats” ensued. That’s what happens when a bunch of people have to stand out in the rain. Of course we had beautiful sun on Monday and Tuesday and then today when we have to stand outside it rains…. I guess that is how life goes. Unfortunately I had better be going off to bed, I have Econ at 8 tomorrow and I am not looking forward to getting up at 7. Hope everyone is enjoying their weeks!

PS. The picture of the Flag pole is the level above the rose garden. If you stand at the edge you kind of feel like you can just “dive” off campus and into the woods, of course that would be dangerous, but it is amusing!

10 February 2010