Megan Percell

Hey everyone! My name is Megan and I am a sophomore majoring in Communications and minoring in English. I am from Los Angeles California, which is why people are not surprised when I tell them I am a city girl at heart. But the secret is, I have only spent three and a half years as a city girl. When I was in the fifth grade my mother picked us up and moved us from Chino Hills, California to Bergan County, New Jersey. There we moved from Englewood to Closter and then from Cresskill. The constant moving  has given me the ability to easily adapt to any surrounding.  Eight houses and six schools later I can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. I am a very outgoing individual who will always go out of my way to meet new people. If there is a new, difficult, or crazy task, im up for it! This  is probably why my High School coach picked me to pole vault.

After Lewis & Clark I plan to go into Television news, so as I travel on this journey toward that goal I will gladly keep you guys by my side every step of the way. I look forward to keeping you guys updated and I welcome any questions or concerns, especially from the perspective students.! I was in your position not too long ago so trust me I KNOW what your going through!