Maisha Foster-O’Neal

My name is Maisha. I am from the Portland area, and I occasionally exploit my proximity to home by sweet-talking my parents into taking me out for fancy dinners and bringing me toothbrushes. I’m a junior majoring in Everything I Like – since I’m self-designing my own Gender Studies major, I have a lot of control over what courses I take. This year, I’m chairing the Annual Gender Studies Symposium, which is a three day event in March. I also help run United Sexualities club, which everyone knows as Unisex, and I kick it with the Womyn’s Center on occasion too.

I am determined to artwork myself into oblivion. I illustrate a weekly webcomic, I perform Slam poetry, I design and assemble buttons, I do digital and film photography, I modify clothing, and I’ve just learned how to knit, which I’m really excited about. Oh, and I do the usual drawing-painting-writing thing too. During lectures, I keep my hands busy folding paper stars – it helps my brain stay focused, weirdly enough.

I work as an RA on campus in Hartzfeld. I have filled my room with eight separate light sources to combat the cozy, cave-ish feel of our all-brick residence hall. When I’m not barricaded in my room doing homework or playing with my collection of dinosaur toys, you might find me biking in Tryon Creek Park, making impulse buys at Powell’s City of Books downtown, or galloping barefoot through a sudden Portland deluge.

Fire an email my direction. Fill it with questions, exclamations, or your punctuation of choice. Write me anything you wanna know about Lewis & Clark, or college, Portland, or the stuff I write about.