Lee Yang

Hey everyone, I’m Lee!

This is my fourth year at LC and I am both nervous and excited about graduating in just a few months. I’m majoring in communication
because, well, what is life without communication? I was born in China, and lived there until I was 10, when my mom and I immigrated to Canada (Hamilton, Ontario). Aside from not knowing any English, I went into shock over the simplest cultural customs, like being allowed to leave the classroom during class! In 2004, we moved yet again – to South Pasadena, California, a small city just outside of Los Angeles that’s oh-so-different from Hamilton. (But at least I knew the language this time around.)

So far, my college experience has been a time of intense personal development. I mean, freshman year, I actually disliked The Beatles (and made the mistake of telling people about it). I know, right?! Yet just one year later, I ran the LC Music Coalition, and helped bring some of the indiest of indie bands (The Helio Sequence, Blue Scholars, Minus the Bear) to campus to play shows. Now I write for the Pioneer Log (campus newspaper) and do a bit of graphic designing for events on campus and around Portland. After graduation, I would love to intern with OPB/PBS and learn the ins-and-outs of producing pro-social media content.

And yes, I do love The Beatles now – if there ever was a band that was neither
overrated nor underrated, it’s them.