Kayla Aronson

Hey everyone! I’m Kayla Aronson - originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, I’m excited to be writing to you from beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am currently enjoying the freedom to explore my interests. English, Religious Studies and Sociology/Anthropology are the possible majors I am looking at, and from there it will be a grand adventure.

Between reading _Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance_ and writing things such as a modern version of a Psalm, you will find me at Agape, playing guitar, writing letters to friends, trying to knit, at Crew practice, watching musicals, figuring out Portland’s bus system, drinking tea, hanging out in Maggie’s or spending time in the gardens behind the Manor House. I also enjoy eating yogurt and granola at every breakfast, and exploring the Vegan dessert options at the Bon. It is simply wonderful to be immersed in a place where there is an incredible mix of perspectives, sexual orientations, opinions, religious beliefs, talents and hairstyles – and feel comfortable calling it home.

College hunting is crazy but wonderful. If you have any questions, send them my way! I would love to help you out. My biggest piece of advice: write your essay about a moment that you hold in your heart – mine was about washing dishes, and it worked for me!