Megan Percell’s Campus Journal

Where has the semester gone?

Hello everyone =) 

WOW I can not believe that that the semester is almost over! My friends and I were looking at our calendars and realized that we have spring break in two weeks, and then when we come  back WE ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH LEFT! When your young, you always hear your elders say, “college will be over before your know it” or, “wow it feels like I was 18 just yesterday” and they are 80 years old. I know exactly what they are talking about now! Its actually a bit scary for me. The pressure to know exactly what I am going to do with my future and how it will be done is steadily increasing. I have the faith and determination within myself and I know that I am capable of reaching my goals in life, it just gets a bit intimidating when you know that the time is not as far away as I once thought.

 Hump day is officially almost over which means its socially acceptable to start planning my weekend =). Depending on the weather I have suggested a BBQ. Im sure my friends will be quite sick of this suggestion considering we just had a BBQ two weeks ago =) I will  see what I can work out though ;).

This saturday is the multicultural fair which I am really looking forward to. Last year was AMAZING. The performances were great and the MC was hilarious. My absolute favorite was the Hula dancing. Those girls are VERY talented. Most countries are presented either in the performances or in the fashion show, which I really wanted to be apart of but my schedule would not allow for the dress rehearsals. 

 Stay tuned next week. Ill be sure to take lots of pictures during the multicultural fair.


2 March 2010

Weeks of excitement

Throughout the week there have been an overwhelming amount of exciting both in school and out of school.Valentines Day just passed, which is always either an incredibly dreaded or anticipated holiday of the year. This year was a very pleasant Valentines day.This poem made me smile, so I’v decided to share =)


Love maketh its own summer time,

‘Tis June, Love, when we are together,

And little I care for the frost in the air,

For the heart makes its own summer weather.


Love maketh its own winter time,

And though the hills blossom with heather,

If you are not near, ’tis December, my dear,

For the heart makes its own winter weather.


 None of the cultures at Lewis & Clark  go unnoticed. Which is why cultural holidays are largely celebrated. This week the Bon (the schools cafeteria) held Africa Night. It was so exciting! When the students walked into the bon they were surrounded by African themed food and African music. Halfway through the dinner the fashion show started which featured traditional clothing. The students also spiced things up by having a house dance tutorial on stage. A group 20 students put aside their shyness and “shook their groove thing” on stage.

Immediately after dinner Kemiyondo Coutinho held a preiew of her play, Jabulile. Although it was only a preview, it was both very capturing and moving. When speaking with Kemiyondo I asked her to give some insight on Jabulile. This was her response. 

To have a voice is something that we are seldom grateful for. To be heard is something we often don’t perceive as a benefit. For many women in Swaziland this is their one dream. The opportunity to be heard or even be allowed to speak is something that has been taken away from the women of Swaziland. “Jabulile!” gives them this chance.One cannot help but notice the constant optimism on the faces of the street vendors of Swaziland. I know that being a woman in Swaziland is not the easiest life and yet there is no trace of this on the faces of these women. I wanted to know what lied behind that smile. I started talking to the ladies about their lives as well as the lives of the women that surrounded them. From this, the character Jabulile was born. After hearing their stories, I was not only greatly inspired but, I also had the chance for them to be heard. I had the chance for people to understand what lied behind their smiles. I had the chance for people to listen to their story, I had this chance and I was determined to make it happen. Their stories were so distressing yet they told them to me with such optimism for the future. They woke up every day with a smile in order to get through the day. These ladies had an unknown strength. They dealt with issues that no-one should have to go through and yet they still managed to put on a genuine smile on their faces. They were true heroes and it is to them that his play is dedicated to. 

This past weekend the campus has a lovely/ exciting visit for the “love Doctor”. While I was walking around campus I heard someone mention this lecture atleast four times a week. David Coleman is considered the real life Hitch. The movie, which features Will Smith, is based on David’s line of work. During the lecture he completly went over the Do’s and Dont’s of all of the stages of relationships. David was very candid in his delivery which, in my opinion, is exactly what we all needed.  He encouraged us all to check out his website.


23 February 2010

Back on the grind

Hello all =)

 Wow it has been a very long since I have been able to fill you guys in the life of my LC world.  This week was the second week back to good ol LC. Getting back into the groove of things was quite difficult if I dont say so myself. I did not have much time to settle in with between the new classes and the London application. 

I finally turned in the overseas application today. Supposedly its the most popular program which makes it difficult to get into. So FINGERS CROSSED!

On Martian Luther King Day it was very nice to attend the lecture held at the law school.  Professor Randall Kennedy surrounded his lecture around the question “Is the Election of Barack Obama the Fulfillment of Dr. King’s Dream?”. He kept me intriqued with his speech the entire way through, which I must admit I can not do in every lecture I hear. 






1 February 2010

The Last Stride

Hello all =) 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did, that is for sure!! I was able to go home for the holiday, which was not the case last year. I thought I would be able to tough it out, because christmas break is only two weeks later. Since Thanksgiving is such a big holiday in my family, I was really sad when I was not there. Hearing everyone laughing and giggling in the background when I call to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving was not the best feeling. What was I thinking?!?! It was also important for me to go home for thanksgiving because my mom flew out, and she will not be in the states for Christmas. It will be sad and weird when I dont see her on Christmas, which would be the first. It will not be too bad though, because I get to see her two weeks later.  China will be freezing but seeing my mom, dad and Roxy (our dog) will be worth it =). 

Back to thanksgiving… I HAD A GREAT TIME!!! It was a bit busy though with the necessity to  fit in three stops. Needless to say we walked away with LOTS of leftovers. My aunt made my favorite mac and cheese =) there is no such think as too much mac and cheese, especially on Thanksgiving!!!


I came back from vacation on sunday ready to rock and roll. These next two weeks are going to be a bit brutal, but from experience it will be done before I know it. I have this week left of classes, next week is review week and then on thursday and friday are considered “reading days”, which means 24 hour quiet hours and loads of studying.  This week in particular is  going to be incredibly hectic because I have the Dance Extravaganza production. Tis entails tech day everyday this week from 5:30-9 and show day twice a day this weekend, which will leave me pretty exhausted. Its pretty exciting though! Seeing how everything is coming together leaves me jittery with anticipation!!











2 December 2009

When its Cold Outside

Hello everyone =)

Well the countdown till  Thanksgiving has officially started!!!!! My friends and I dont have a “normal” or “boring” countdown, we countdown with events =).  Iman and I started our daily work out to stay in shape for track season, which starts when we get back. *sigh* the first few work outs were such a killer! We both sounded pretty pathetic by the end with our desperate gasps for air!!

On Saturday  Tali held the annual hot chocolate milk  marshmallow party. Apart from being DELICIOUS, it officially kicked off our countdown. We felt like little kids again with our card game of “Go Fish” and Connect Four. The final event count will be this weekend for Fall Ball. We all had a blast last year and I was told it is going to be even better. It will be held at the crystal ball room again, which is a great venue. What will be different though is the invite of the grad students and an incorporation of a live band. The girls and I particularly like it because it gives a reason to get all dolled up =)

On Friday night I held the KLC Radio add party which went very well. The idea of the add party is  accomplish a couple things. The amount of DJs and board members at KLC Radio is quite large, so its important to have gatherings where everyone is together. It is vital to  give the opportunity for everyone to build a relationship. Another reason is for the DJs to expose themselves to different types of music and present the possibility of variety for their shows. Overall the add party went great, which I was very satisfied with. Next week the board members should be getting T-Shirts, which Tim Howe made!!! 

Today, Molly Hertz asked me to attend the “F Embody” event in the trail room. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about it because I had not heard of the performers. At the end I had absolutely nothing to worry about because the show was GREAT! Mayisha was in charge of the show so I am sure she will go in to GREAT detail, I will leave that up to her, but it was a great hip hop show!!


Song of the week: Gavins Song- Marc Broussard 



19 November 2009

Getting Back into the Groove of things

Hello all =) 

 Well this week has been a lot better health wise. I have been eating  Vitiman C chewable tablets like skittles the past several days. I have been catching up on make up work but it is steadily getting better.  

Dance Extravaganza is creeping up on us. I cant believe its in a couple of weeks now!!! Tali worked us pretty hard today. We had rehersal for three hours and we still have a lot to cover. She already warned us that tomarrow is going to be pretty rough. I hope my legs will last, because at the end of today they felt like those blow up balloons that move in the wind at the car dealer! I am really looking forward towards the end result though. We will be able to see how this hard work will pay off!

 Today my rhetorical theory professor, Mitch Reyes,  canceled class  in order to attend a lecture so I was able to attend the sixth annual multicultural symposium.  I did not go last year so I was not sure what to expect. When I walked in, inspiring art filled the walls. I was also very impressed to see many student submission. One of which was my very own friend, Osabea. 

The panel discussion had very intriguing  speakers, who mainly spoke about cultural identity, specifically through adoption. 

Fortunatly the “mixted” multicultural fair will be going on for the rest of the week. I cant wait to hear the other speakers.

 The rain has officially made its welcome. To be honest I cant remember a day that it has not rained! Its actually kind of crazy! Kemi and I were thinking about it today at lunch and if we had to put our money on it we would say its been about two weeks…. What has been keeping me going is my chant. CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE CALI SUNSHINE!

Tomarrow is Mari’s birthday party which should be really fun! =) The party has a celebrity theme, so i decided that I am going to dress up like Beyonce in the Austin Powers movie! Cant wait!!



13 November 2009

Struck With the flu

 Hey guys

I wish I could say that this was a very exciting blog post today but unfortunately I can not make that promise.

 Last week I came down with the flu. =/

It was absolutely TERRIBLE! I felt like I was being trampled by all of the animals in the Lion King movie and my throat felt like Hudini put a fire breathing dragon in my throat!!

 My mom was super worried, like any mother would be. Except I was not expecting a million calls from China to make sure I was taking my vitamins and eating my vegetables. *sigh* moms. 

 This flu season is very serious and very worrying. We just had a graduate student pass away from sine flue.

 PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS EVERYONE!  Its suprprising how much of a difference just water and Vitman C can do to an unhealthy person

 Due to my doctors orders  of   self isolation I was not able to hit the town or any of the events at school. The only thing I know of  is the massive amount of work I will be making up this week. Missing any days in college is a BAD IDEA. All of my professors have been very understanding but the fact of the matter is, there is work to be done!

 Wednesday I will be filled with activities  and ready to report back to you. =)

 Song of the week: Get it together- India Arie 




9 November 2009


Heys guys =)

WOW is it really Wednesday already?!? The week FLEW by!!! Midterms probably had something to do with that! Two Mid-terms later and im still alive SURPRISE SURPRISE! Good thing I didnt make any bets…  I would have been flat broke for thinking I was not going to make it out in one piece!!

On Thursday I had my Rhetorical Theory midterm which  was VERY difficult but it is a  VERY interesting. Then, I had my Mass Media Design Midterm in order to start my event filled weekend!

The Campus has been very spirited in order to support our football team and for Alumi weekend.

The game was very exciting!! My friends and I got decided to get decked out and cheer on our team on the sidelines. During half time the alumni hall of fame students were brought on to the field and introduced. It was so cute to see the older alumni who were grandmothers and grandfathers who came back!!! My friends and I began imagining what we were going to be like when we come back after thirty years!!!

My roommate participated in the once upon a weekend which was GREAT! There were plays that were put on and many accapella performances took place. There were members dressed up like teddy bears and T-Rex dinosaurs. VERY ENTERTAINING! Carmelle is apart of Momo & the COOP. They did so well!! My favorite was there rendition of “feeling good” but Michael Buble and  ”long time coming” by the Doobie Brothers. I was not able to get a recoding of it at their actual performance but you can check them out on their youtube page along with many of their other songs. 


The LC students and I got huge surprise in the dinner area on thursday when a large group of students came in dressed in Thriller costumes from Michael Jackson’s music video! It was HILARIOUS! everyone was in character and Matthew Rugamba danced lead in a red and black leather Jacket! It was simply priceless! 


 SONG OF THE WEEK: All We Are- Matt Nathanson


2 November 2009

We Have Visitors =)

photo-119.jpg Hey guys! 

I am sorry if you missed me last week. I pushed save instead of publish so my blog was not uploaded on to the website!! Its okay though, because now you get two blogs in one week! LUCKY YOU!!

I am still pretty crazed due to midterms, but it is getting leveled out with amazing speakers coming to LC, which enables me to escape a bit. This week women from the Congo came to speak on campus.   photo-117.jpg

I am apart of the L.E.A.D program which brings perspective students to campus. This weekend I hosted two girls,  Jamila and Gloria who were great “prospies”.  They arrived on Sunday.  I met them in Frank Manor,  then went straight to dinner. We were able to really  get to know eachother and get through the first ice breaker. I think they were a little intimidated in the beginning  because they were not ready for the BIG personalities of my friends.  But they quickly warmed up and seemed to really enjoy themselves. I did not really see the girls  on Monday because their schedules were hectic with activities from LC and interviews. Tuesday I was able to spend  more time with them before they had to leave in the evening. I miss them already!! I hope to see them next year!!     photo-10.jpg

Its crazy to think how fast this year is going by. I am already thinking about my semester abroad next year I London meanwhile it feels like I just turned in my application for Lewis & Clark yesterday!!!




 SONG OF THE WEEK: Brand New Day- Joshua Radin 

 Till next blog =) 


21 October 2009


last-import-1.jpglast-import-7.jpgJames LoewenMatthew & Chiunde & international ceremonyKemi and Osabea @ International Ceremony  This week has been VERY hectic yet productive.  During the weekend I attended an alumni dinner with my uncle at Embassy Suites….OOO-LA-LA!!! He is an alumni of both Lewis & Clark undergraduate and the law school just down the hill. It was very interesting and the crowd was really sociable. I attended the same event last year where I met Mr. and Mrs. Akinson. They are very humble and sweet people. I enjoyed speaking with them about something other than the typical “college check-up” conversation. On Monday Shelby Davis…. I repeat….Shelby Davis came to the UWC International Student’s Ceremony. It went great! He is such an amazing person!!!! There were international students expressing their gratitude towards Shelby Davis for donating funds towards their scholarships, enabling them to attend Lewis & Clark.  There were also speeches from American students regarding the lasting effect of having international classmates to interact with and further more, international friends to share the college life and experiences with. I was actually one of the students who spoke at this event. Cool Beans!!!!!! I was truly honored.  Monday was also one of my best friends birthday. We surprised Iman with balloons and cake. Nothing beats chocolate cake! SHE LOVED IT Today I attended a Lecture by James Lowens, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me. VERY INTRIGUING! You guys should check him out!! - I’m still keeping my music promise  =) Song obsession of the week is: superwoman- Alicia Keys 

21 October 2009