Libby McIntosh’s Campus Journal

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Ok, so I don’t know what is wrong with me, second week in a row and I forget that today is Wednesday. Oh well, it has been a crazy week….I guess crazy might be an overstatement, I got into a tussle with Mathematica ( a computer program that does calculus and other math functions, it is very particular) and wasted about four hours of my weekend, all over something that should have been simple. So I had to miss part of work on Monday to discover that I was missing a colon in my definition of the fuMy favorite place to readnction. Lesson learned, but it did cause quite a bit of stress that I was not wanting to deal with. I have also had a lot of reading for my Presidential Politics class. The reading is interesting, but it is so detail filled that I have a hard time absorbing all of it at once. I guess it is a good thing that I have taken American History, otherwise I might be a little more lost. It is really interesting because in my History classes the Professors talk about Woodrow Wilson as a Historian, but come to find out according the Political Science Professors he was a political scientist. Hmmm, I wonder who is right? (well rStones in the Rose Garden…Have to ask a Prof about themesearch shows that he was a Presidential scholar and was the President of the American Political Science Association-point for Poli Sci.)
In other random news my roommate and I couldn’t fall asleep last night (it was freezing, for some reason the heaters have not been on in the past few days ) and started talking about my favorite show “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel channel, (and Netflix for those interested) and some how ended up having a conversation about Mel Gibson and various versiPool House Windowsons of Hamlet. Anyways, this led to a question about who played Ophelia in the Kenneth Branaugh version of Hamlet. We were convinced that it was not Kate Winslet but someone who looks like her who we could nThe edge of the “Ship”dscn0151.JPGot remember. We ended up looking it up online (both of us having to turn our computers on as Anne’s had to update), only to discover that it really was Kate Winslet and we had wasted ten minutes of thinking for nothing. So much for going to bed early…
Today was also the College’s annual emergency drill (yes just like High School we are supposed to crawl under our desks and then evacuate single file for a fire drill). I was at work in the Manor House (Admissions Office) and during the evacuation a long conversation about the merits of the musical “Cats” ensued. That’s what happens when a bunch of people have to stand out in the rain. Of course we had beautiful sun on Monday and Tuesday and then today when we have to stand outside it rains…. I guess that is how life goes. Unfortunately I had better be going off to bed, I have Econ at 8 tomorrow and I am not looking forward to getting up at 7. Hope everyone is enjoying their weeks!

PS. The picture of the Flag pole is the level above the rose garden. If you stand at the edge you kind of feel like you can just “dive” off campus and into the woods, of course that would be dangerous, but it is amusing!

10 February 2010

Eight O’Clock at the Oasis

Happy Thursday! So I don’t know how it happened, but one moment it is Monday and I have three days to compose my blog, and then all of the sudden it is Thursday. How time has flown this week. Last weekend was amazing, the guide to the Highlands for the Scotland overseas program was on campus and the new group got to have brunch with him and some students who went on the last trip. It is was really fun to get to hear all of the stories from the old group and learn the dos and don’ts. Most of their advice had to do with what places to visit and the good pubs to frequent but its also was bizare at times. My friend Will really took the advice to not talk to boys in ties very seriously! We were also warned not to leave the doors to our rooms open because they are very concerned about fire safety! We also got a question and answer period with Eddie Stivens, a play write who lives in Glenelg (population about 250) in the Scottish Highlands and is our guide for our time in the Highlands! Besides the technical questions about what we get to do in the Highlands (a little of everything from castle visits to hiking and even swimming in Sandeig) he told us that in Scotland we are to say “can I get a lift” instead of “ride” and that pants are underwear and trousers are what we call pants. I also learned that scotch and whiskey are the same thing and in Scotland it is only called whiskey not scotch (go figure). I am excited, but a little nervous about going for such a long time, it will be hard to be gone over thanksgiving. But as I tell my mom the internet is a great invention and now we have webcams (well I will after my birthday) and can talk for free!
I also went to the schools Improv group “The Serious Club’s” show last Thursday. It was pretty funny, they often play a game where the audience writes down scenes which are then randomly drawn out of a hat and they have to act them out. Mine was “Barack Obama is your roommate” but the guy messed it up and read it as “Barack Obama is your Mother” and the performers just looked at him…Improv and Acapella seem like tried and true college traditions and Lewis & Clark is no exception, in a couple of weeks they are going to have a joint performance of the improv group and a couple of the Acapella groups which should be pretty funny. This weekend should be pretty quiet, I am hoping to go downtown and get a Library card at the county Library and maybe go grocery shopping, my chocolate supplies are starting to dwindle (well, getting a loaf of bread would be good too…). Well, I better go but I would love to hear from any of you if you want me to talk about anything specific
Bon Voyage (as my African History Professor always says)

PS. These are pics from the improv show. Also, here is a link to the overseas office if anyone wants to see what programs we have.
Also, I stumbled upon this the other day, but Lewis and Clark has a youtube channel and they have some videos of dorm rooms and from events on campus!

PPS. I was super excited in my Presidential Politics class on Wednesday because I got to use a random piece of knowledge gleaned from Exploration and Discovery reading Galileo (unfortunately my least favorite book in the whole class). Did you know that the word Planet means wandering star? I also learned that I am kind of nerdy because I knew all of the “trivia” questions about the American Presidency. It turns out I have spent too much of my brain cells on remembering that the last time the US House had to break a tie for President was in 1824 and that Andrew Johnson was the first (and one of only two) president’s to be impeached…

funny-pictures-cat-is-indisposed.jpgmy new favorite LOL Kittehdscn0143.JPGImprov!

4 February 2010

Teach me Tonight (or today?)

Hey guys, so its raining, and my big plans for the day were foiled. I finished all of my homework yesterday so I thought today I would walk up to South Campus (where the Grad School is located) with my roommate and take some pictures, there are some really pretty woods down their and an old house that was once a manor then a convent before it became the Grad School in 2001 (I think, this is what I remember from taking Historical Materials). So that will have to wait for a sunny day, I don’t really feel like taking a long walk in the rain :-(

The first week of classes was pretty good. I am so excited about my Presidential Politics class. My political science class last semester was really methods based, it seemed like everything we read was about how that author studied his topic and not about the content of the study. So this semester will be a welcome change. It is nice to read for content again and not just method. It is also great to be studying that I find really fascinating, we have also been promised a couple of debates about the merits of the Presidential system and the Electoral College. Well, (she says) it sounds like a lot of fun to me. I am also excited about my African History class, things have started off a little shaky but the reading is really interesting and I hope that once we really dive into the material it will be a wonderful class.  I am also taking differential equations which sounds a little scary but I like to take math because it is a nice antidote to all of these debates that have no answer it Political Science. Lastly, I am taking Economics 100 which is required for a lot of majors besides Econ. Econ sounds intimidating but the Professor has done a good job (so far) of making me understand why it is so important to understand economics.
Other than the basics of the first week of classes, I have been getting my work schedule all figured out and made a quick run to Powells to pick up a book for History. I timed it and it takes less than ten minutes to walk from Pio square (where the bus drops us off) to get to Powells (in case anyone wondered, it is a really manageable walk). This semester I am working again as a tutor in the Math Skills Center. The center is open for anyone who needs help with there math homework and is open in the afternoons and evenings most days. I am also working in the Admissions office again were things are starting to get crazy! For you Seniors the deadline is fast approaching, which means a lot of filing for me and my fellow student workers, but also a lot of chocolate!
Other than school and work I started reading this book called House of Leaves it is really strange and I can hardly explain what it is about, but it is very intriguing. I have also started my meetings for the Scotland Study Abroad trip. I am so excited, Glasgow looks beautiful and I have started looking at classes I am hoping to take there next fall. Right now I think I would like to try and take UK politics or maybe Post Communism in Eastern Europe in addition to the two required classes. Well, that’s all for now….oh wait. I forgot. On the bus on the way back from the city it was really, really crowded on the bus (you know how some colleges see how many students they can fit in a phone booth, we try to see how many you can fit on a bus…) and on the way back to campus we were about to get to the roundabout on campus and I hear my friend shout “Oh no, the roundabout” and I cracked up, because it is really easy to accidentally fall over…The great Powells Bookswell I guess I will leave you with that thought Bon Voyage, and good luck with your applications!!

PS. So if you enlarge the picture look a the yellow sign, it always makes me laugh!

24 January 2010

Scene in a Mall

Welcome back to my Blog. Well, maybe you have not been away, but I have been hanging out in Bend at my house watching too much TV and eating delicious food. I had a pretty quiet break, a lot of reading books and sleeping until 9:30 (well if you are my boyfriend you consider that early, but for me that is rather late). Even though I have sworn to hate science fiction novels for all eternity (it has to do with a lot of bad 70’s sci fi novels of my dads which all say that we should have been on the moon in 1998) one of my friends told me I had to read Ursula K. Le Guin’s novels. So I was in the Library and stumbled upon one of them and decided to read it. It was amazing (and I do not use that word lightly). One of the best things about her novels are that a lot “Pio” Squareof them are set in Portland because she lives here. I read The Lathe of Heaven which is about this guy who’s dreams become reality, but it was fun to say, oh I know that street, or that landmark in downtown. I also read a couple of old favorites and watched my new copy of the Half Blood Prince.
My roommate and I went into Portland today as we have the day off before classes start tomorrow (we got here yesterday). We went to Powells Books and browsed for a long time and then went shoe shopping. I didn’t buy any shoes but I did find a cute dress. I also wanted to go to the Multnomah County Library and get a Library card and we were all the way in front of it before my roommate pSign Posts in Pio Square–note the Walden Pondointed out that it was a holiday and not going to be open. Oh well, I have to go back to the city this week to pick up a book so I will probably stop in then. I am kind of excited about starting classes, except for my craziness at choosing to take 8am economics. I am looking forward to an easier semester than the last one. I am also really looking forward to taking Modern African History because this is the first time the Department has offered classes in African History so I am hoping it will be interesting and something that I have not been exposed to before.
Well, I had better be getting ready for tomorrow, I have some organizing to do to make sure I got all of my books. Buying from the bookstore is easiest, but I saved over a hundred dollars on one book by ordering on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble. The Hoar frost and a barb wire fenceonly downside is tMocha as a shy kittenhat I am always a lMore Hoar Frostittle afraid that I will end up missing one. I hope you guys are enjoying my blog, and if you have any questions or a suggestion of what I should write

Pioneer Court House Square

about in the future don’t hesitate to e-mail me— and I would love to talk about what you want to know!

So I can’t just finish anything the first time… I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the “hoar” frost or freezing fog that socked in my house Christmas Day and or the next couple of days. It is pretty, but after a while I begin to wish that I could see the sun. I also put up a picture of my cat (who  I think is adorable, obviously). If any of you have finicky cats be warned. Whenever I get home my cat punishes me for a couple of days and refuses to sit on my lap and will only come see me if I pick him up and force him to cuddle with me. Okay, this is it for real….

18 January 2010

Kill Me Now

Hi everyone, one last entry before the semester ends. It is so cold here right now, the high hasn’t been above freezing in a couple of days, which is very cold for Portland. But, on the upside it has been unusually sunny and there have been some great views of Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helens. Finals are shaping up to be very hard, I have a Political Theory exam on Saturday, an English Exam on Wednesday and a take home final for Political Science Research Methods due on Wednesday as well. The upside is that I had my last class today and I have all day for the next two days to study [called “Reading Days” at LC, but other schools call it dead week].  Finals are always kind of horrible, but good in the sense that when you are done you have this feeling that if you can sit down and write for three hours on one class you can do anything. Though, if you are me you end up in pain because you a. grip your pencil way to hard and b. forget to cut your fingernails and end up stabbing yourself in the palm for three hours in a row (I have learned my lesson and always remember to cut my nails before midterms, as for the pencil gripping, that is a habit I can’t seem to break). Sadly for me both of my finals are at 8:30 in the morning, although I guess I much prefer that to my Spanish final at 6 in the evening (that’s what happens when you take 8 a.m. classes).
So this is turning out to be a dreary post, all this talk of finals, I feel like I should be celebrating the end of classes, and I am excited, but there is a dark storm looming on the horizon (the metaphorical horizon I mean, it is sunny right now). But, I am excited to report that next fall I will be going to the University of Glasgow in Scotland for a semester. I am going on a LC sponsored trip with 19 other students. My roommate was also accepted to the East Africa program (Kenya/ Tanzania) sad because we will be apart for a whole semester, but it will be amazing I am sure. I have to admit I am a little jealous because they go to Zanzabar for a week or so and it looks so warm and pretty! I am really excited about Scotland, the school is the 4th oldest university in the English speaking world and seems absolutely amazing. We also get to spend a week in the Highlands and hopefully take a fall break trip to Ireland (fingers crossed). More updates on my trip when I learn more…..

Other than finals I am trying to stay sane by reading books for fun in the evenings, right now I am reading Franz Kafka’s The Castle, which isn’t exactly light bedtime reading, but very interesting. I also enjoy staring at my festive Christmas lights that I put around the room to make the long hours of studying a little better. Most activities on campus have ended by now as everyone is preparing for their tests, but I hear there is a dodgeball tournament during reading days and they also have the 72 hour movie marathon in Tamarack (a lounge in Forest dorm) where they elicit ideas in the dining hall and then play movies for 72 hours straight, I have never attended, but maybe I will this year and take a break from the Greek philosophers. I am also contemplating how much of bibliomania to indulge [ie. how many books to sell back]. Not so many this semester, most of them are interesting or I feel like I will need them in the future. The only downside to that is I will soon run out of book shelf space at my house and I am not sure how happy my mom will be if she decides to move before I finish college!!!

P.S. I turned in my huge project on Texas on Tuesday and couldn’t resist having my roommate take a photo of me and my books and the project. What is more amazing than my stack of books (which really is not that high) is that my Professor said he will have them all graded by next Wednesday, there are twelve people in my class and most peoples projects top out at almost a hundred pages. I don’t envy his weekend although he told us he was going to the beach to read papers!

As always, if anyone wants to chat about L&C feel free to e-mail me (although I might not get back to you until after the 17th)
:-) LibbyMe and my Texas Project  

9 December 2009

In the Clamor and the Clangor

Hi all, I thought I would sit down and write my blog post instead of working on my English paper (at least for the moment).  I had probably the lamest Thanksgiving ever. I went home with two bags full of books and my computer (and laundry basket) filled with things to do. On the upside I got so much work done. Well, I practically finished my History project, all I have left to do is some editing. It made me feel good when I heard some people in my class saying they were less than half way done. The project is due on Tuesday and I would be crying if I had that much work to do. The one advantage to doing huge projects is that you always feel so accomplished when you are done. Especially when they are really long and you print them single sided (my project will total about 80 pages—but wait, I did not write 80 pages of material, its only about 6,000 words of my own writing (about 12 pages), the rest of it is pictures and the document I am working on).

My life has been pretty unexciting lately, its exactly one week until the last day of classes and I am terrified. I only have two three hour finals, one is a take home and the other is my history project (which thank goodness is due next Tuesday). But, I still have to finish writing a paper on Paradise Lost and this Marvell poem called “The Garden” and finish my paper on Machiavelli and Aristotle.  I am hoping that I will get a  chance to go out this weekend to the city and go Christmas shopping. I still have to decide what to get my best friend but the Saturday Market downtown always offers lots of things to choose from. My roommates favorite booth is this place where they make jewelry out of forks and spoons (and sometimes butter knives). They also have lots of hippie-ish booths and random things like duct tape wallets and dog/cat clothing.  No Lewis and Clark student has had a complete semester until they have visited the Saturday market at least once.
–oh yeah—the Saturday market is actually open on Sundays to from April to Christmas, so if you come visit during that time be sure to head down to the Burnside Bridge and check it out. I also want to go to the Art Museum, but I am thinking about doing that after my last final because all of my friends will be gone.
Other than studying (and getting my flu shot today) I have been trying to stay sane and enjoy the oddly sunny whether we have been having. The only problem with the sun is that it is cold, well it was 32 this morning, hopefully we will not have a repeat of last year. Last year it started snowing like crazy on Sunday after the first day of finals and finals got canceled on Monday and Wednesday from the snow. It was crazy, and very slippery especially on the bridge over the ravine. I thought I would tell you an inside secret about these bridges from Platt-Howard/Copeland dormitories. The sign (see picture) that says “please hold handrail” is not a joke. I thought it was pretty funny until I ended up on my butt one day. When it rains (or snows!) the bridges get very very slippery and it would be tragic to get all wet and then have to go and sit in your English class!!The BridgeStairs (where I have fallen up…)
Well, I had better get back to writing my paper, but I thought I would leave you with my favorite stanza from “The Garden” by Andrew Marvell.

What wondrous life in this I lead!
Ripe apples drop about my head;
The lucious clusters of the vine
Upon my mouth do crush their wine;The Dance Studio in the PlatteauHummanities Building
The nectarine and curious peach
Into my hands themsevles do reach;
Stumbling on melons as I pass
Ensnared with flowers, I fall one grass.

Hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks before break, don’t let finals get you down!!!


2 December 2009

There’s the Rub

Happy Thanksgiving! I feel like I am the last soul on campus right now. It is 4:30 p.m. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and most people have left for home or their friends’ houses by now. I am going home, but my brother isn’t here yet so I thought I would take a minute to catch you up on the happingings at Lewis and Clark. Last weekend was really fun, the College’s annual semi-formal “Fall Ball” was held on Saturday at the Crystal Ballroom. The Crystal Ballroom is a really cool venue. The floor kind of bounces and when you get a whole bunch of people all jumping at the same time you can really get some air! It was fun to have a chance to get all dressed up and Anne Dancinggo dancing. A bunch of my friends from my Ballroom class were there so Ballroomwe had fun trydscf1564.JPGing to modify some of the dances to fit the music (although swing dancing and rap will rarely work).  I also attempted to do some blues dancing, but I am not very good at it. I do ballet, so anything as free form as blues dancing is really hard for me. But it was fun getting to dance with a good lead because I did things I never thought I would have been able to (like dips and crazy spins). The only downside to Fall Ball was that I did not get back until 1 in the morning and then my roommate and I decided we had to soak our feet ( I always regret wearing my heels to those things!) and watch Project Runway. We got a little bit outraged at the results of Project Runway and had to contain our anger so as not to violaThe Crystal Ballroomte quiet hours (as it was 2 o’clock).After dance blues!

Other than Fall Ball I have been working really hard to get all of my final projects done before reading days. I feel like the end of the semester is about to jump out and say ‘boo,’ it will be here before  I know it. Well, I better go and finish packing, I have to decide how ridiculous it is to bring home my laundry in a collapsable laundry basket (Ok it is really ridiculous, but I don’t know what else to use?!). Hope everyone has a great holiday and survives the last rush before Christmas!


25 November 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Hi everybody, happy almost Thanksgiving! Well, that’s what I am really looking forward to. I am trying to get all caught up on my homework this weekend so I don’t have to tote home my 3,000 page Norton Anthology of English Literature and huge Political Science textbook. Last week was so terrible. I got sick on Wednesday and had a terrible cold all weekend making it very difficult for me to want to do my homework. (this is not advised, especially at the end of the semester when the big final projects start piling up). This week is definitely looking up though. On Friday is the Wind Symphony Concert. I play the flute and we are playing a really fun concert accompanying a couple of soloists and playing an arraignment of English Folk Songs. Saturday night is Fall Ball, our big fall semester event. Once again the event is being held at the Crystal Ballroom in downtown which is really cool. The floor kind of bounces when you dance on it. This year they are really taking it to the extreme with a Dj and a live band. Hopefully it will be a fun time, a chance to get dressed up and forget about all the homework for a while. On Sunday there is a performance of the opera Dido and Aeneas (based on the Aeneid which everyone reads in Exploration and Discovery their freshman year) which I will hopefully have time to attend.
Since I brought it up, perhaps I will share a little bit about the required first year course Exploration and Discovery (or E&D if you are in the know, or Ed if you are my roommate and I). Everyone reads essentially the same texts in the first semester that usually include the Bible,  Descartes, Plato, The Aeneid, Galileo, and Frankenstein. While it may not sound that exciting, each professor usually adds a couple of books around the theme of their section of E&D. My class was called Wisdom and Folly and we read the strangest book ever called  The Ice Storm, but it was interesting to talk about. In the spring semester teachers choose their topics and their can be some pretty odd offerings. The strangest I have heard of was Vamps and Vampires, but others include Civil Liberties, Understanding the Maya, Books and Brooks and a lot of others that I cannot remember at the moment. E&D is not as painful as it might sound, it also is a great topic of conversation when you get bored.   Hope this has been a little informative, next week I will have lots of fun to report back to you all as I won’t be stuck in bed all weekend. Stay healthy!
Libbymy desk!

18 November 2009

Raincoats and Recipes

Hey everyone, how is it going this week? Last weekend we had this crazy amount of rain. On Saturday morning it was bright and sunny at ten and then by 11 it was pouring. I thankfully was on a knitting club outing. We went to Michaels and this really cute knitting store to buy yarn. The ladies in the store were so nice to us, we were all mesmerized by the yarn ball winder (that is probably not what it is called but oh well). I got a couple of skeins of yarn to make a shawl (I think), hopefully it will take a while to complete so I will have something to take my mind off work.  When I got back my roommate was soaking wet. She is a tour guide and had to give a tour in the storm and ridiculously did not bring an umbrella. I have a piece of advice for you all, no one is too cool to use an umbrella, they keep you dry (and your clothes) and keep your books from getting soaked.  Were any of you here on Saturday for the Open House? It was a ‘perfect’ Portland day… But truly, if you were here, it usually does not rain that hard.
On Sunday I was really excited because I got all of my homework done on Saturday and my mom and my aunt came to visit me. It is nice to be able to get off campus and see the rest of Portland. We went and had lunch and went to some of the suburbs surrounding Portland and I finally bought a pair of rain boots. It is sad, but yes I have lived here for over a year and just now bought boots.
I am afraid that I have come down with a cold, the downside of living two feet away from another person is that when they get sick you are almost certainly going to get sick as well. I am pretty sure that I do not have the flu, as that would be really inconvenient but I feel sufficiently bad that I am about to go to bed and hopefully sleep for an eternity…or maybe 10 hours. Hope everyone is doing well!
PS. I thought I would give you a ‘tour’ of my dorm room in Stewart Hall. I live on the upper split which is the part of Stewart that connects to Odell.My bedBookshelf!

11 November 2009

Haunted Leg

Hey Everybody, hope you all had a good Halloween! I had the lamest Halloween ever, my roommate went to a party, but I did not really want to go out so I stayed in my room and watch episodes of “The Vampire Diaries” I can’t decide if I love the show or hate it, but either way I am hooked.  I did not even get any candy, oh well, I am thinking about going to Fred Meyer tomorrow and getting some candy for myself (and some note cards). Although Halloween is over I thought I would share a few of the “ghost stories” floating around campus. In Akin (the International themed dorm) apparently Mrs. Akin (who donated the money for the dorm) does not like boys very much because they are messy so she goes around and organizes your room for you when you are not around (wouldn’t every one want this ghost around—I would love someone to clean my dorm room for me). A second story revolves around Stewart, the dorm where I currently reside, and a live in nurse from the 50s….But I think that I will leMore Fall leavest you read that one in this old edition of the Pio-Log (the school paper)
I still get a little bit scared some nights when my roommate is out late…
I had a pretty quiet weekend, other than Halloween I just lazed around my room doing homework and catching up on TV shows. Things are really ramping up in terms of school work. I am finally getting started on my big project for Historical Materials, I am looking at letters sent between the foreign affairs minister’s of Mexico and the US before the Texas Revolution. While it is probably only interesting to me, I am getting excited (and a little intimidated) about the research. Last week I literally sat down in the middle of this aisle with the books on Texas and stared for a few minutes trying to decide where to start. Eventually I went and asked the Reference Librarian for some advice. The Reference Librarians are really helpful, they can help you find books you are looking for, or tell you were to find certain databases, one even helped me find how to cite this obscure source for my rRocky Horroresearch paper last year. It is nice to know that there is someone to help you so you don’t just stand staring at the books with a deer in the headlights look!
I am looking forward to this weekend, the first weekend in a while were I won’t have to write two papers and I am excited about having time to sleep in a little bit. Winter is officially here as daylight savings time has ended and it is getting dark really early, but I guess that just means more cups of hot chocolate for me, I am thinking about heading down to the study break in Stewart, hot chocolate and “Finding Nemo” sounds more fun than reading about the comparative method. Well that’s all for this week, and don’t forget if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

4 November 2009