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ok, so I am back for a quick word, sitting here in my room after a long day of studying attending the Poli Sci bbq (which was totally awesome, great food, fun times and a good way to end the year–a few minutes to pretend finals don’t start in two days!). Anyway my Presidential professor showed us this awesome web site which essentially does text search and makes words different sizes depending on usage…so during my procrastination I was playing around, so here is my blog, or my year in wordle!

my blog–wordle style

1 May 2010

The Long Morrow

You know its finals when…

  •  You walk into the Library at 8:45 am on a Thursday and all the tables are full
  •  Your friends who never study are caught with books in hand
  •  People constantly have a slightly panicked look about them (at least if you’re me)
  •  Cleaning your room no longer seems a necessity
  • Professor’s offices are the place to be on a Friday/ Saturday afternoon

Ok, I am out. But that should give you some idea of what finals are like, all of the sudden now is the moment to finish projects and remember everything you’ve forgotten. Reading days are turning out to be quite busy for me this year. Tomorrow is the annual Political Science department bbq, Sunday I have my Scotland meeting and I am working in the Math Skills center for a couple of hours, and oh yeah I have to study…
So I am feeling a little frantic at the moment, but as long as I can make it through until Monday and turn in my take home final for Presidential Politics I will be on the downhill side of my second year of college.
Sitting here taking a break from studying has led me to offer some advice to future college students—fire alarms are bad, we all hate them, especially when we have wet hair or were in the shower…(yes this happened Thursday night where as I had to stand outside for about 20 minutes in the cold). So, for the advice part—don’t burn things, if you are cooking watch your food and if your food starts smoking don’t just leave it, open a window because burning popcorn/toast/any other food will cause the smoke alarm to go off which will make your hall-mates strongly dislike you if they find out the culprit. Speaking of making people dislike you…I also advise remembering that the Library is a quiet place to study, not have a phone conversation or chat with your friends about your new boyfriend. This will make everyone much happier and save you having to be glared at or mentioned in the Pioneer Log’s backdoor “you caught my eye” section [the section of the paper where people put funny “ads” for people they “like” though really the only way to get in is if you have friend who thinks its funny…the quote in question said “You: Upperclassmen complaining about noisy freshmen in the library. ME: keep your own classmates in check before you talk crap”]. Tragically they don’t post the backdoor on the Pio Log website, or I would link you there.

Anyway, since this is probably my penultimate blog entry (I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence) I thought I would offer my list of college essentials for the Freshman year
1. Plate/cup/bowl/mug/fork/spoon, or just general kitchen items. I didn’t think I would need them, and then my roommate and decided to get ice cream one night and let me tell you the bio-degradable spoons in Maggies are not the same.Cold hands in Copeland (the dorm)
2. A bookshelf (or milk crate) if you live in a dorm that doesn’t have shelving (like Stewart Odell Akin etc) after storing your books in a big stack underneath your bed for a couple of months you will begin to wish you had a better way to store them (unless you’re my roommate who doesn’t use the bookshelf for books she actually needs for class—not my style though)Making Ice Cream in plastic bags!!
3. Room decoration—you might think oh one posters enough, or who needs a white board, but after a while it will be sad just staring at white walls, or you will miss a friend and wish that you had something for them to leave you a note with
4. Desk lamp—some rooms (like those in Platt) come with desk lighting but most just have overhead lighting and a desk lamp is essential if you have a roommate who goes to bed early and you find yourself needing to write a paper at 2 am (not that that would My completed ice cream…lots of work but it tasted good!ever happen…)
5. Under-bed storage is also good if you have a lot of clothes, or it is just a good place to store food and other things you might not need all the time but want to have around.
6. Stapler—you have no idea how many people have come to class without a paper stapled because the ones in the library are all broken—and some Profs dock you points for not having papers stapled, so better safe than sorry, have one in your room
7. A word on refrigerators—they are not necessary, my roommate and I did not have one last year and survived just fine using the hall fridge. But, you do have to worry about people taking your food—which totally sucks but happens. So you can get a fridge and not worry about it or you can put your stuff in paper bags, staple them shut and write your name on them. That way #1 people think it looks sketchy and #2 people know that you will know if they take your food. I also have a microwave which I don’t use very often, but it is kind of nice to have around sometimes.
Okay, so that is my list, I hope that helps…I remember how overwhelming packing is. But the good news is that if you forget anything Fred Meyer is a short 10 minute bus ride away and you get pretty much whatever you might need.
Hope everyone has a good week—sorry for the boring blog post, but my mind is on finals and packing up to go home.

30 April 2010

I’m OK, You’re OK

Dear Weather Gods,
Why do you hate us so? I would be much obliged if it would be sunny and nice this week and cold and rainy the week after.

Well, tragically I don’t think my letter is going to work, but it is so unfair that it is supposed to be cold and icky this week and warm and 70 next week when me (and the whole population of LC if they are smart) will be locked inside dorm rooms and classrooms scribbling away in blue (green) books hoping to maintain (or save) their grade. So that is pretty much what my next to weeks look like, lots of studying for math and econ and not much time to enjoy the weather which is supposed to be getting better every day.

Today was probably my last hurrah before finals begin, my roommate and a couple of friends went to see Oregon Ballet Theatre today and had a great time. This time it was at a different theatre, which it turns out is right next to another concert hall, all very confusing, but luckily we had directions. Anyway, this time instead of having orchestra seats so close you could see the sweat we had the highest seats in the highest balcony so we were right in front of the light guy (who waved at us!). It was pretty hilarious, although the Newmark is pretty small and very vertical (and vertigo inducing) so we had a really good view and had no problem seeing anything. My roommate was sad because we didn’t get to see any “ballerina love” as she termed it. Last time we saw two of the dancers holding hands back stage which was adorable!! But, we did get to see that on the ceiling of the theatre there are stars all over the place, it was kind of weird because it almost gave the effect of being outside. Overall it was really good, we saw one world premier which I would love to watch again, but alas finals are calling me.

Last week was interesting…in my Presidential Politics class we had a debate about the electoral college (I was arguing for ending the system along with 2 other people) and things got a little heated during the question and answer session on Wednesday. I was honestly a little frustrated because it was dominated by a few people…but it was kind of fun and a good chance to flex my debating muscles and not have to listen to a lecture for once.  It is kind of scaring me that I only have one week of classes left, that means I actually have to start remembering everything in that class that I have forgotten, though we do have a take home final which is nice. Take home finals are kind of a terrifying thing to hear about. Professor Eisinger (who is no longer here) was infamous for giving insanely long final exams. My final for American Gov 103 was 32 pages long (though it didn’t have to be, I think most people did 15-20). I have this problem where if someone gives me enough time and no page limit I will write forever… But luckily I have not heard of another Prof who gives finals like that. If there is one, I don’t think I want to take his/her class…

I am starting to get a little sad because I realize that I won’t get see most of these people until next January because I will be in Scotland next fall. One of the downsides of studying abroad, but I am excited about the experience and hope my web cam will be enough to keep me in contact with my friends. Though I wonder how much I will hear from my roommate who will be in Africa. I am sure she will be very busy hugging lions and not have a lot of time to be sending e-mails to friends and family.
So, for now, all I can hope is the weather gods comply with my request and send me sun tomorrow and clouds when I need to concentrate so I can make it through finals (and packing  sad thought). I hope that everyone else is having a great end of April and enjoying spring (if it is spring where you are)!!

OK, so the pics are kind of random, but I thought I would give all you future freshman something to look forward to. The Pirate Festival happens in September (and yes people dress up) so this is my roommate and I in our pirate splendor. The other picture is from last semester, on the day before my last final I came back to find water dripping from my ceiling in a big bubble….disaster, ended up with my mattPirate Festivalress on the floor and water dripping into the bucket all night. So, I will pray that by posting this picture it will somehow magically not happen again this semester (well mainMy roommate and the “bubble” of water right above my bed…tenance fixing the roof last winter might have prevented it too…)

—FYI I have never heard about this happening to anyone else…I think that perhaps I am just cursed!

24 April 2010

Love, Daisies and Troubadours

 “The Waste Land”

April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

T.S. Eliot

That precisely sums up my feelings about April, it is long, cruel yet full of the promise of beauty (though I don’t pretend to be an expert on analyzing Eliot). April is a tough month for us LC students, the weather is finally starting to get beautiful and just when everyone wants to sprawl on the lawn with a good book (or a guitar if that’s your kind of thing) and enjoy the sunshine. But it is, alas, the month of research papers, final projects, take home finals and last minute exams. I just turned in my big research paper on the 1964 election there was big “event” if you will about the due date. I finished the paper at 10 am on Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing and not checking my e-mail after 5pm. I wake up Monday (the due date) to find an e-mail that the due date had been extended to Wednesday. Now, my story not that exciting, but one of the other girls in class told the story of how she stayed up all Sunday night until 5:30 working on the paper only to find out later in the morning that the paper had been extended and another girl hadn’t even gotten the e-mail. That is a lesson for all of you future college students: check your e-mail a lot, because if you don’t you might miss a deadMy Roommate in front of the “mysterious” cabin thing in the woods  in South Campusline extension or the knowledge that your 8am class is cancelled for the next day.
I am actually doing pretty well for April, unlike last semester I have yet to have a stress attack about all the work I have to do. But that probably has something to do with taking a math class and econ, which is hard, but does not require projects or essay wrThe Corbett House on South Campusiting (at least in 100). Other than writing papers (and reading my e-mail…) I have been trying to enjoy the sunshine and good weather as much as I can. My roommate and I decide to take an impromptu break from studying math (we weirdly had tests on the same day) and ran up to frolic at South Campus. South campus is where the grad schMy roommate and I last year in Platt East dormool is and is a good place to take a walk in the woods or lay on the grass in the sunshine and admire the hills or the garden. South campus (affectionately known as “South”) is a short walk up the hill (and super close if you live in Forest) and is a fun place to avoid studying for a few minutes.
We also had the end of the semester hall dinner for  SOA (Stewart, Odell and Akin dormitories) where we ate good food on fancy plates and had drawings for prizes. Our AD (area director, the “adult” in charge of the complex) is hilarious and writes amazing e-mails An art project that has made its way around campus (they are clam  shells)(one e-mail was all written as if the college was a fiefdom “In our year of the college two thousand aught 9 etc.). Anyway, he would read to us all the particular facts of the prizes (made in China, delicious chocolate covered goodness) and I won a rubber duck that lights up when you touch the bottom. At first I was a little disappointed about only winning a duck, but Charlie said that I would find it entertaining and I have discovered that it is true.
Tomorrow is also the concert for the Wind Symphony and I am starting to get really nervous, I have a couple of solos and I hope that I will not freak out and forget how to play (not that that would happen, but it is my irrational fear). I am excited for the end of the semester and hopefully a lot of people will come. There are also a bunch of other end other semester concerts and senior thesis presentations going on and it seems like I am forever seeing signs and posters about senior projects. Okay, that’s all for this weeks update, and for everyone who is still agonizing over college choices remember that I am always available via e-mail and would love to hear from you!!
Don’t let April get you down!

15 April 2010

Written in the Stars

my roommate studying in our lounge (Conveniently located two doors down from our room)Hey all, how did it get to be April? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was filing new applications in the admissions office and now the decisions have been made and it is up to you to choose! So I thought I would divert from talking about my life for a moment and give you some information that you might be dying to know about Lewis & Clark.  LC prides itself on being open to debate, for example Paul Wolfowtiz was on campus on Monday discussing democratization.You know your a college student when…(soon this will be you, even if you don’t think so LC is a pretty liberal school and Wolfowitz is not much loved by our students he was well received by the campus. People were very respectful, not one person booed, or called him a liar or tried to yell at him over political issues. I was a little disappointed in Wolfowitz’s speech, he seemed to be trying to keep his message so neutral that no one could possibly disagree with him. That was kind of a let down considering it was supposed to be a debate. But, students asked some good questions and acted in a very scholarly demeanor.
On a rather unrelated note I thought I might share a bit of “college” lore with you as some of you are new pioneers. As some of you may know LC is built on the old Lloyd Frank estate, the Manor House (admissions and the PrMy dooresident’s office) was once a grand home for Frank and his family. So, the campus is beautiful (someone very famous designed the gardens) and has been around long enough to have some legends. One legend I hear about all the time (and some students who live in Forest Hall swear that it is true) is that there are tunnels that run from the top of campus were the dorms are to the classroom buildings. Some claim that you can enter the tunnels and walk all the way down to the classrooms without getting wet. Now, of course the professors say that this is a gross falsehood, and no one can confirm there existence, it is a nice idea. Another “legend” is of the Japanese Baths that are supposedly located in the Forest dorms. There are supposedly jacuzzi like baths in the basement. This legend seems to have a bit more truth to it, though I have never seen them and I am still a little skeptical of their existence. Now there are also the ghost stories (see earlier Stewart Lounge–Cooking!posts) and the best story of all. Apparently a women named Mrs. Akin donated a lot of money to the school upon her death with the conditions that there would never be any fraternities or sororities (still true) and that they would servMaking cake in the campus apartmentse ice cream at every meal (also true, usually 5 or 6 flavors and some sorbet). That’s all I can think of for the moment, but these are some of the favorite stories told around the dorms.
I also thought I would clear the air about one gross falsehood I read the other day on a college guide that Lewis & Clark is a “clothing optional” campus, this is NOT true, it may have been once upon a time, but not now and not in current memory.  Another myt2012 (the movie) + late night cake baking=1 great Fridayh about LC is that it is full of hippies, well there are all kinds of people at LC, maybe we have a couple of hippies but it is certainly not the majority of the population as some people might like to say. What I can say is that there are a lot of diverse people on campus and there is niche for practically anyone. While that may sound kitschy, it has been my experience.
OK, so that is all for now, but I thought I would start taking photos of the different dorms that I can make my way to give you guys a better idea of where you might like to live. It is also good to see what the halls look like when real people inhabit them. I hope that no one is stressing out too much about college picking, but I hope to see some people on admitted students day, you might meet my roommate who is a tour guide!

8 April 2010


Hey all, sorry for the extended absence. Last week was spring break and I was busy sleeping and eating good food at my house, and the week before I was totally swamped with midterms and the aftermath of being sick. One thing that is hard about college is that you can’t really get behind, I was sick for two weeks and all I could manage was to get done what had to be done, which meant that long term projects got put off which really caught up with me the week before break. But, now that break is over I am caught up, I am almost finished with my Political Science paper and have finally begun working on my math project so things are going a lot better this week.
Yesterday was also my 20th birthday! I woke up and walked into my closet yesterday to find sticky notes on mirror, my roommate made me a birthday “scavenger hunt” in the room to find my present. It included a funny photoshoped picture of my roommate in a car with a 70s guy and a lion (it’s a joke that she is going to go to Africa and hug a lion during her trip). She also got me some really adorable earrings and chocolate (which is always desired).  Unfortunately I had to go to band in the evening so I didn’t really do anything, though my roommate, my boyfriend and I started watching Highlander (preparation for my trip to Scotland), let me just say tThe toaster–everyone’s favorite thing in the Cafeteriahat the whole concept of Sean Connery not playing the Scotsman in a movie called “Highlander” is so wrong.  Speaking of Scotland, I received my flight information for next fall and it is finally seeming real. Of course it won’t be completely real until I am on the plane, but I feel like my trip is really coming together and I will actually be in Scotland come next September.
Next week is going to be really exciting (I hope), the International Affairs Symposium is next week and Paul Wolfowitz is coming to speak on Monday (he is a former Deputy Secretary of Defense under George Bush) it should be really interesting. They also have a session on nuclear proliferation which might be interesting in light of the recent treaty with Russia. Next week is also one of the last rehearsalsDining Hall! before the Wind Symphony concert (she shudders with terror), I am playing piccolo this semester and have a couple of solos and I am getting really nervous. It was really bad, last night it was only me and one other flute player there. I think everyone is still on Spring Break. I felt bad for Marley, because sheThe “mysterious” bench/art in the Library! had to play the flute parts all by herself because piccolo has different music. Read, it was a rather bad rehearsal…but I am sure next week will be better.
Oh yeah, and congratulations to all of you Seniors who have been accepted, now comes the hard part of deciding which wonderful school to attend. So to help you decide I suggest you read my blog (of course) and others, but also I would love to hear any questions youThe Stacks, i.e. the regular books in the Library have, here is your chance to get info right from the horses mouth (so to speak). Ok, well I will have to think of more reasons for you to come to LC (besides the amazing library–see pics), but please, I would love some e-mails!

LibbyBooks! In the Library of Course

31 March 2010

An Affair to Remember

Hey guys, wow, what a crazy couple of weeks. In an apparent psychic moment, writing my blog early last week, I got a terrible cold last week right in the middle of my mid terms. It was a bad week, I missed work all week and could barely make myself study, but I survived (I guess that was really the only option…) Economics went okay, I made a couple of really stupid mistakes that cost me a lot because the test is only worth 50 points, but I at least feel like I understand the material, until we started talking about monopolies, and now my brain hurts. I am trying to stay positive, but it is one of the more frustrating classes I have had to take. On the up side, my Political Science exam went really well, I got an A! I was so excited I was practically skipping on the way back to my dorm room, then my roommate asked me why the REM song “Shiny Happy People” was playing on repeat. ( if anyone cares to watch the video, it always makes my day better!) To which I responded its my favorite song to celebrate good things that happen. Usually my roommate and I do the dance in celebration of the end of finals or big papers, but I thought this was a good occasion. Only one more week until spring break, I am so excited I can’t wait to go home and spend some time with my kitty. Unfortunately I have to write a research paper and study for another econ exam, but it should be good overall.
I also learned a shocking piece of information this week—I have been using my knife and fork wrong for my entire life! During Scotland Orientation the group presenting on food told us that in Scotland you only eat with your fork in your left hand and don’t switch. It was pretty funny because my friend Eleanor who is English and my roommate were telling me something similar the other day. I have to say I was a little insulted that I appeared to be the one who had “bad manners,” but the good thing is that Eleanor is teaching me how to eat “properly.” It is a difficult process, and I have to admit that I am quite prone to cheating, it is hard to break almost 20 years of practice!
Events on campus have been pretty thin because it is mid term time, but the Gender Studies Symposium was last week and what I am really looking forward to is the International Affairs Symposium after Spring Break. Alas, my life has been mostly focused on studying in the past couple of weeks, although I did go out to dinner with my boyfriend and friends last night which was fun. The Bon (cafeteria) is good, it was nice for a change. For fun, my roommate and I decided to have a night in and make a fort underneath her bed and eat junk food and watch Supernatural. It was a pretty awesome Before the Fortevening, the only downside was that our “fort” had to be destroyed in order to keep the suitcSnuge=great fort makerases from living in the middle of our room! Okay, well I had better get back to my research, Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson are calling!!
Hope daylight savings time isn’t getting you down!
LibbyA place to call “home” (or the underneath of a bed)
PS. e-mail me any questions you have, I’d love to include them in my blog!

14 March 2010

Super Cool Party People

Hey guys, another weekend and another sunny day! The weather has been treating us fairly well for the end of February the plants are starting to come alive and the it has been sunny enough that I remember what it is like not to have to carry an umbrella around all the time (and then I forget to bring my umbrella and get soaked because it started raining unexpectedly…). Yesterday (Saturday) was the first annual spring fling which was pretty fun. It was held at this new place called the Left Bank Annex which is very new and modern. The downside was that the floors were concrete which made my legs super tired after dancing for a couple of hours. They did have pretty awesome bathrooms though…they have the new fancy hand dryers that seem to suction the water off your hands which was cool (what can I say, I anne1.jpgam easily entertained). My roommate and I got there a little early and the dancSo random, but this the Sacagawea statue last year in the snow!Platt Dormitory during the snow (my old dorm)ally get going until about 10:30, but Anne and I got to practice a little tango and “silver waltz” (I feel like an old person when I do it, but it is really fun). The theme was “masquerade” and they even provided sequin masks for those of us to lazy (or busy) to get one of our own. But of course, after about an hour most of the masks lay forgotten on the tables at the back of the room.  I learned one important lesson, I should not stay out until 2 am. I realize that one reason that going out so late is so unappealing is because I am not a very nice person when I have very little sleep (just ask my roommate). I was talking to my mom on the phone Sunday morning in the lounge and some guy comes in and tells me to shut up and shuts the door…It was 11 am…I was pretty mad, it is not my fault someone stayed out too late last night. Oh well, the joys of dorm life, I am sure that I will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.
I realized on Tuesday that my life has reached a new low. Wind Symphony was cancelled and I got all of my homework done so I was doing a little research for my upcoming presentation on Scottish government (for my overseas trip) and I found my way to the BBC’s Democracy Now page which broadcasts the British House of Commons. So, I decided to watch a little bit of their debates and I have decided that they are way more exciting that the Senate. They all squish onto these green benches and when they agree they all shout “aye” and when they disagree they stand up and grumble. It is really interesting to compare how the British system is different than the US system, and it provided an evening of entertainment for me.
This weekend was a break from Scotland meetings, so I compensated by reading a bit of this travel guide. It is so overwelming trying to decide what all I should do because it seems like there are so many options. One thing I am really excited about are what they call “Parliamentary Debates” at the University. It seems like it is essentially an all night debate among “political parties” formed on campus that goes throughout the night including a break complete with beer drinking (which is legal in Scotland). I am trying to imagine forming a coherent argument at two in the morning and it does not sound fun. Although, it does remind me of the Filibuster in the Senate. Though, I guess when you filibuster you just have to keep talking, you can read the phone book (or so I hear) which I am sure makes it a little easier than attempting to out reason someone late at night. Well, I better be going, I have a paper to work on and more econ graphs to study for my exam, hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of March!

28 February 2010

Tick, Tick, Tick Boom!

Happy end of February! Feeling stressed anyone? Its midterms, at least here on campus and it is a little bit of a tense time. I am preparing for two midterms and a paper, and let me just say the word “margin” is infiltrating my everyday day life. Though I was pretty excited b“Aerial” view of the rose gardenecause we were talking about Congress and the President and this bit of procedural move that Congress can use to avoid a filibuster and I opened the paper before class and there was an article about the Senate using this tactic to get the healthcare bill passed. I was excited because sometimes it seems like what we study has little bearing on the real world, so it was nice to be able to apply knowledge from class to something that is going on in the real world. Besides the stress of midterms my classes are going well, except for my Differential equations test…I felt horrible when it was over because I did not finish all the problems. Though I felt a lot better when I heard that others had felt the same way about the test and did not finish either. One important thing I have learned in college is that one bad (or not so good) exam score is not going to be the end of the world. I try not to get too stredscn0167.JPGssed out because in the end if you can do well on the final you can usually make it out okay. Speaking of stress…I went to a lecture on stress and stress management which was pretty interesting although it was a little silly in the beginning. We started out with an exercise where you concentrate on a raisin and look at it and examine it. The guy leading the exercise told us to examine our thoughts about the raisin “you may even be wondering why I am looking at a raison?” So true, I will admit that I was having a really hard time not laughing! But I held in my laughter and it was interesting because in that time you notice things that you wouldn’t have noticed before. Long story short, it can be good to tArtake a step back and examine an everyday task/ object and not just race through life as fast as possible.
One hilarious (or not hilarious if you are me) thing about the past week is that these little birdies keep waking my roommate and I up at 5:30 in the morning, at least a full hour and a half before it is necessary to rise. My roommate wrote a funny status update on her facebook “Dear Birds, Why did you wake me up this morning an hour before I had to get up? I don’t care how much you love life, and need to express it by chirping at 6:30 in the morning. Screw you and your cheerfulness. Love, Anne” Pretty much sums up my sentiments about the whole thing….This weekend is the first Annual Spring Fling and I am pretty excited. The dance is a ‘masquerade’ but I didn’t have time to make a mask so my roommate and I are just going themed…70s for Anne and 20’s for me (at least that is the plan). Other than, studying and enjoying a Sunday without a Scotland meeting….Hope everyone is enjoying the end February!

25 February 2010

Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

“A New Method”Hey everyone, sorry for the late post. Technical difficulties plus my forgetting what day of the week it is has led me to a Friday post instead of Wednesday. Oh well, more news for me to tell. Last weekend was crazy busy. My mom came to visit on Saturday and we went down to the Outlet mall in Woodburn and hadOnce Upon a Weekend “Bloody Brawl” lots of fun. My mom was also excited because spring has almost officially sprung here on campus. It kind of weirds me out because things are starting bloom (chamelias and the bulbs) which is weird because things don’t start blooming until about May in Bend. If only this really meant it would be warmer…On the upside we have had an unusual run of sunny days this week, everyday since Tuesday. It is funny, LC students are kind of like moths to a flame, when it is sunny everyone migrates to the many grassy areas and plays Frisbee (or their guitar…). Sunny days also happen to coincide with lots of absences from classes (not that anyone would think of skipping classes to be outside—at least that’s what people tell the Professors). But back to my weekend…I also went to once upon a weekend which is a transplanted LC tradition. One week prior to the show a topic is released and aspiring play writes write a short play (this semester was Lewis & Clark Students, and last semester was revenge) and then a panel picks a coupAccapela group “The Ravine Academy”le of plays. Then, madness ensues, there is a quick casting session, the actors get two days to learn their scripts and only two hours to rehearse. This all culminates in a performance Saturday night in the Black Box. Future students be warned, it is always a packed event and those who don’t get there early end up sitting on the floor (read—me and my roommate). My favorite play was called “A New Method.” A student enters the Library, takes her shoes off and proceeds to write in the book. An argument ensues and much laughter is had about the penchant for LC students to go around without shoes. I don’t really understand this practice, I personally love shoes, but I once had a guy in my class give a presentation on gun rights without shoes on hmm, not quite my thing, but whatever floats your boat! The play “Shout Out to the New York Times” also was pretty good, it was a kind of spoof on an article in the Times about how many colleges (LC included) have more guys than girls, so the play gave dating advice to the girl looking for a man in short supply… The pictures are from the plays and also from the Acappela groups that performed (Valentines themed from the anti-Valentines concert on Thursday).
Sunday was again pretty much devoted to my Scotland trip, I couldn’t convince myself to get up earlier than nine, so I had to do a little homework and then learn about Scottish Geography. I also made my boyfriend Pizza for a treat (I am not a big fan of Valentines day, but I thought a break from cafeteria food would be nice), and he did not seem all that convinced that I could make it. But all takes is some Trader Joes pizza dough, sauce and pre-shredded cheese and you have it made! (pun unintended, but amusing). This weekend I am hunkering down to get through some midterms, Differential Equations is up first on Monday, and then I get about a week to study for Econ and Poli Sci. Right now Econ is going to be the death of me, it is not something that comes naturally to me (quite tragically) and I have to study a lot!  With all of that said, I better leave off for this week, hope everyone is enjoys their weekend and the sunshine (if it is sunny where you are. If not, think about Florida!).

20 February 2010