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Mel and I modeled for our friend Kirsten for one of her photography projects
the assignment was to tell a story with photos
Whoa. Whoa. I survived the gauntlet of Finals! It was a close call, but here I am, and it’s Day One of summer break. I start work in less than a week. It’s probably my last summer working as a preschool teacher, because The Plan is that by this time next year, I will be graduated and for-reals employed.

Here’s the Top Ten quick and dirty rundown of what happened in the last few weeks.

My friends Matt and Ali in Secret in the Wingsone of the senior plays was outside and included driving a car and climbing on a trash shed1. Senior Plays – I went and saw four of the six plays that the senior theatre majors directed. My favourite was The Secret in the Wings, a surreal performance combining fairytales, children’s perspectives, and dreams.

The Clothesline Project is always part of Take Back the Nightmusic behind the Manor Houseoutdoor concerts in April run the risk of rain, wind, and cold2. Take Back the Night – We had an outdoor concert featuring Telepathic Liberation Army, Kusikia, and Magic Johnson. It was a little mizzly (that’s mist/drizzle for you non-Portlanders) but they played anyway and we danced anyway. Between sets, I covered a wrenching Andrea Gibson poem called Blue Blanket (viewer discretion advised!), and a few of my friends on the Apocalips Slam Poetry Team spit a couple of their original poems. We also had a candlelight vigil for survivors of domestic and sexual assault, followed by a march in the dark around campus, chanting “it’s not fair, it’s not right, the streets are ours, take back the night!” Afterward, I co-facilitated a Rubberwear Party in which we all learned about safer sex and sexual consent. One of the awesome founders of It’s My Pleasure came out again for the sex toys portion of the evening. Considering it was at 10pm on a Friday right before Finals, we had an awesome turnout! Probably because we bribed people with Voodoo doughnuts. It was so successful that we’re going to do it again in September!

I sold some of my buttons and none of my shirts at a rather rainy DIY Bazaar3. Stumptown Comic Fest – I finally got to go this year! I brought along copies of my recently-completed Sex Talk comic and passed it out to anyone who would take it. Some artists even traded me their legit merchandise for my photocopied three-page packet. I got to meet a few of my favourite comic artists, including Canadaland’s Kate Beaton. It was rad. I’m currently submitting my Sex Talk comics for potential publication by DIY publishing industries and a few progressive magazines.

Section Line Drive actually enjoys singing more than it would  appear4. All Out Drag Ball – I dressed like a dude and danced like a spaz. It was good times.

nom nom nom falafel5. AcaBOOM – Five of our six a cappella groups performed in a two-day concert series called AcaBOOM. Section Line Drive just released their first CD, entitled Is Love Alive? and I actually cannot stop listening to it. I love a cappella thiiiiiis much. I posted a few of the songs on my youtube channel.

I love rice and hummus and smiling like a muppetMel got Vanilla Rooibos and I got Jamaican Rooibos, hers tasted like a kitchen and mine like a garden6. Date – Mel and I went a date to Hoda’s Middle Eastern restaurant. It’s in SE Portland, so we figured we wouldn’t see many LC students (who tend to cling to the West side), but we were wrong – there were four or five LCers hanging around Belmont. After dinner, which gets thumbs up from both of us, we took public transit up to 23rd Avenue in NW Portland and had tea at our favourite little tea place, Tea Chai Té. We played Sorry! and drank rooibos tea until they closed and kicked us off the comfiest couch in the world.

Mel studying hard for finals… with her eyes closed…7. Finals – almost killed me this year. I had two sit-down exams, one presentation, one take-home exam, and three final papers. The most insane day, I spent from 10am to 3am solid studying, with breaks for food and physical movement only. I found that ten minutes of hula hooping and doing push-ups in the middle of my room every hour or so was a good way to get things flowing again. But man, it was rough. I’m glad it’s over, and I hope next semester is gentler!

this was the kitchen before Andrew and I attacked it with trash bags and bleachThis is my staff gear sweatshirt - which one is me?people graduated8. Cleanup – As an RA, I stay a few days after students are supposed to be out of the residence halls, doing Closing. That means I get to clean up after everyone else! Hooray! For some reason, whoever was in charge of clearing out the communal fridge in our kitchen this semester decided that the best way to do that would be to empty everything onto the counters and then just leave it there. It took like three hours to clean the kitchen to my satisfaction – but then again, I have high standards. The lounge accumulated a pile of stuff people didn’t want, so I bagged it all up and hauled it off to the donation center on campus. Super special secret about how to pay for college: salvage abandoned things at the end of the year and sell them! You would be amazed what things people leave behind.

genius way to entertain small children during commencement!9. Graduation – happened. And I got sunburned at Commencement. I clapped a lot and rolled my eyes less than expected. It’s so weird to think about the fact that I’ll be the one graduating next year. I swear I just started college! What is this senior year devilry? Freaky!

Adrian and Mel teaching each other to do some sort of fancy  dancingLC students are from everywhere!this part was just Mel goofing around10. Next Year – I will be an RA in Forest. If you’re an incoming first-year female-type student with any sort of interest in feminism or gender studies or identity politics, consider requesting to be housed in Forest, and specifically in Spruce. My floor in Spruce is the all-girls floor, and I’m hoping to construct it into a sort of feminist collective. Don’t worry, there are plenty of guys living upstairs, it won’t be like living in a nunnery. (If you already sent in your housing stuff, email the director of housing, Sandi, at and tell her you want to be in Spruce on the all-girls floor.) Also, I scored that internship I applied for at SMYRC. Next year I’ll be the Bridge 13 intern, traveling around Oregon on Mondays to do Safe Spaces trainings. It is basically going to be Awesome On Wheels.

I probably will not be blogging for Real Life next year, but I’m always available via email to field questions, compare thoughts, and keep it real.

11 May 2010