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You know its finals when…

  •  You walk into the Library at 8:45 am on a Thursday and all the tables are full
  •  Your friends who never study are caught with books in hand
  •  People constantly have a slightly panicked look about them (at least if you’re me)
  •  Cleaning your room no longer seems a necessity
  • Professor’s offices are the place to be on a Friday/ Saturday afternoon

Ok, I am out. But that should give you some idea of what finals are like, all of the sudden now is the moment to finish projects and remember everything you’ve forgotten. Reading days are turning out to be quite busy for me this year. Tomorrow is the annual Political Science department bbq, Sunday I have my Scotland meeting and I am working in the Math Skills center for a couple of hours, and oh yeah I have to study…
So I am feeling a little frantic at the moment, but as long as I can make it through until Monday and turn in my take home final for Presidential Politics I will be on the downhill side of my second year of college.
Sitting here taking a break from studying has led me to offer some advice to future college students—fire alarms are bad, we all hate them, especially when we have wet hair or were in the shower…(yes this happened Thursday night where as I had to stand outside for about 20 minutes in the cold). So, for the advice part—don’t burn things, if you are cooking watch your food and if your food starts smoking don’t just leave it, open a window because burning popcorn/toast/any other food will cause the smoke alarm to go off which will make your hall-mates strongly dislike you if they find out the culprit. Speaking of making people dislike you…I also advise remembering that the Library is a quiet place to study, not have a phone conversation or chat with your friends about your new boyfriend. This will make everyone much happier and save you having to be glared at or mentioned in the Pioneer Log’s backdoor “you caught my eye” section [the section of the paper where people put funny “ads” for people they “like” though really the only way to get in is if you have friend who thinks its funny…the quote in question said “You: Upperclassmen complaining about noisy freshmen in the library. ME: keep your own classmates in check before you talk crap”]. Tragically they don’t post the backdoor on the Pio Log website, or I would link you there.

Anyway, since this is probably my penultimate blog entry (I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence) I thought I would offer my list of college essentials for the Freshman year
1. Plate/cup/bowl/mug/fork/spoon, or just general kitchen items. I didn’t think I would need them, and then my roommate and decided to get ice cream one night and let me tell you the bio-degradable spoons in Maggies are not the same.Cold hands in Copeland (the dorm)
2. A bookshelf (or milk crate) if you live in a dorm that doesn’t have shelving (like Stewart Odell Akin etc) after storing your books in a big stack underneath your bed for a couple of months you will begin to wish you had a better way to store them (unless you’re my roommate who doesn’t use the bookshelf for books she actually needs for class—not my style though)Making Ice Cream in plastic bags!!
3. Room decoration—you might think oh one posters enough, or who needs a white board, but after a while it will be sad just staring at white walls, or you will miss a friend and wish that you had something for them to leave you a note with
4. Desk lamp—some rooms (like those in Platt) come with desk lighting but most just have overhead lighting and a desk lamp is essential if you have a roommate who goes to bed early and you find yourself needing to write a paper at 2 am (not that that would My completed ice cream…lots of work but it tasted good!ever happen…)
5. Under-bed storage is also good if you have a lot of clothes, or it is just a good place to store food and other things you might not need all the time but want to have around.
6. Stapler—you have no idea how many people have come to class without a paper stapled because the ones in the library are all broken—and some Profs dock you points for not having papers stapled, so better safe than sorry, have one in your room
7. A word on refrigerators—they are not necessary, my roommate and I did not have one last year and survived just fine using the hall fridge. But, you do have to worry about people taking your food—which totally sucks but happens. So you can get a fridge and not worry about it or you can put your stuff in paper bags, staple them shut and write your name on them. That way #1 people think it looks sketchy and #2 people know that you will know if they take your food. I also have a microwave which I don’t use very often, but it is kind of nice to have around sometimes.
Okay, so that is my list, I hope that helps…I remember how overwhelming packing is. But the good news is that if you forget anything Fred Meyer is a short 10 minute bus ride away and you get pretty much whatever you might need.
Hope everyone has a good week—sorry for the boring blog post, but my mind is on finals and packing up to go home.

30 April 2010