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I’m OK, You’re OK

Dear Weather Gods,
Why do you hate us so? I would be much obliged if it would be sunny and nice this week and cold and rainy the week after.

Well, tragically I don’t think my letter is going to work, but it is so unfair that it is supposed to be cold and icky this week and warm and 70 next week when me (and the whole population of LC if they are smart) will be locked inside dorm rooms and classrooms scribbling away in blue (green) books hoping to maintain (or save) their grade. So that is pretty much what my next to weeks look like, lots of studying for math and econ and not much time to enjoy the weather which is supposed to be getting better every day.

Today was probably my last hurrah before finals begin, my roommate and a couple of friends went to see Oregon Ballet Theatre today and had a great time. This time it was at a different theatre, which it turns out is right next to another concert hall, all very confusing, but luckily we had directions. Anyway, this time instead of having orchestra seats so close you could see the sweat we had the highest seats in the highest balcony so we were right in front of the light guy (who waved at us!). It was pretty hilarious, although the Newmark is pretty small and very vertical (and vertigo inducing) so we had a really good view and had no problem seeing anything. My roommate was sad because we didn’t get to see any “ballerina love” as she termed it. Last time we saw two of the dancers holding hands back stage which was adorable!! But, we did get to see that on the ceiling of the theatre there are stars all over the place, it was kind of weird because it almost gave the effect of being outside. Overall it was really good, we saw one world premier which I would love to watch again, but alas finals are calling me.

Last week was interesting…in my Presidential Politics class we had a debate about the electoral college (I was arguing for ending the system along with 2 other people) and things got a little heated during the question and answer session on Wednesday. I was honestly a little frustrated because it was dominated by a few people…but it was kind of fun and a good chance to flex my debating muscles and not have to listen to a lecture for once.  It is kind of scaring me that I only have one week of classes left, that means I actually have to start remembering everything in that class that I have forgotten, though we do have a take home final which is nice. Take home finals are kind of a terrifying thing to hear about. Professor Eisinger (who is no longer here) was infamous for giving insanely long final exams. My final for American Gov 103 was 32 pages long (though it didn’t have to be, I think most people did 15-20). I have this problem where if someone gives me enough time and no page limit I will write forever… But luckily I have not heard of another Prof who gives finals like that. If there is one, I don’t think I want to take his/her class…

I am starting to get a little sad because I realize that I won’t get see most of these people until next January because I will be in Scotland next fall. One of the downsides of studying abroad, but I am excited about the experience and hope my web cam will be enough to keep me in contact with my friends. Though I wonder how much I will hear from my roommate who will be in Africa. I am sure she will be very busy hugging lions and not have a lot of time to be sending e-mails to friends and family.
So, for now, all I can hope is the weather gods comply with my request and send me sun tomorrow and clouds when I need to concentrate so I can make it through finals (and packing  sad thought). I hope that everyone else is having a great end of April and enjoying spring (if it is spring where you are)!!

OK, so the pics are kind of random, but I thought I would give all you future freshman something to look forward to. The Pirate Festival happens in September (and yes people dress up) so this is my roommate and I in our pirate splendor. The other picture is from last semester, on the day before my last final I came back to find water dripping from my ceiling in a big bubble….disaster, ended up with my mattPirate Festivalress on the floor and water dripping into the bucket all night. So, I will pray that by posting this picture it will somehow magically not happen again this semester (well mainMy roommate and the “bubble” of water right above my bed…tenance fixing the roof last winter might have prevented it too…)

—FYI I have never heard about this happening to anyone else…I think that perhaps I am just cursed!

24 April 2010