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sat down and banged out

What would the plural form of trillium be, trillia?CPR manequins come with removable faces in convenient duffle bagsmeet our newly elected student body president, Dith Pamp.It’s scramble time. I don’t have much to say this week because mostly I’ve been saying No. There’s tons of awesome stuff going on in April, but my final projects and papers are such a powerful force that I’m snatching every bit of unstructured time to get work done instead of going to all of the awesome stuff that’s happening. I totally brought this on myself – it was my brilliant idea to do a series of comic strips instead of a research paper as my final Gender in Relational Comm project. While it’s way more work, time-wise, it is exponentially more rewarding for me than a paper would be.

my brother and I do not actually speak JapaneseI finished the first two pages of my comic series and printed out thick stacks of them at the on-campus Copy Center. On Sunday, I’ll trundle around campus and stick them everywhere, guerilla art style, but with Administrative approval. The comics, which are called “Sex Talk: a comic about communication, consent, & gettin’ it on” are a humourous approach to teaching my fellow community members why consent is valuable, how to do it, and ways to do it creatively. I structured the pages so that they are sequential. The first page covers the basics, the second page delves a little more deeply into theory and complexity, and the third page presents alternative ways to do consent besides the basic Question: Would you like this? Answer: Yes/No script. I don’t have the comics online yet, but I’ll get them up once I finish inking the third and final page.

the trees think it’s spring, they are sillyAlong with the comics, I’m co-facilitating a Rubberwear Party next Friday as part of Take Back the Night. The Rubberwear Party is a combination consent workshop, safer sex lesson, and toy introduction. The Forest Area Director David and I just sat down and banged out our agenda, which features a movie clip and some quality parlor games. One of the founders of Portland’s independent feminist shop, It’s My Pleasure, will be doing the toy piece of the evening after the parlor games. It’s gonna be so good.

At some point, I probably ought to start my other final projects. I’m writing a paper on something to do with feminism and Catholicism in my Women in US Religious History class, and I have yet to solidify my topic and to collect my sources and about two weeks in which to do it. And our Queer Studies professor finally assigned the last paper of the semester, which is an intriguing prompt about female masculinity that probably won’t get any attention from me until a few days before it’s due because I’m so consumed by this Comm comic-and-workshop project. (I have to write a series of synthesis papers on the project as a whole; it doesn’t end with the comics and the Rubberwear Party.)

Course registration wrapped up this week. Here’s my lineup for next semester: Statistics, Psychology of Gender, Feminist Theory, and… Rock Climbing! I’ve loved having a PE the last two semesters, so even though I don’t need the credits, I’m going to keep taking one PE class per semester to keep my endorphins in shape. I think it’s a great plan.

We got personal satisfaction and matching t-shirts at Spring Into  ActionAnd we did.Ian and Brian showin’ some labels what’s whatLast weekend I did something not academics related! I participated in Spring Into Action, a large-scale community service day whereby members of the LC community propelled themselves into all corners of Portland for a bit of good ol’ fashion volunteer work. I vanned to the Q Center with my classmates Ian, Ginny, and Kira; an international student from Japan I hadn’t met; an alumnus staff member; and a sociology/anthropology professor. We processed a big chunk of the 3,000 books that had been donated to the Q Center’s library – we entered the books into their online cataloguing system, stamped them, labeled their spines, and shelved them. It was a little bit tedious, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to chill out a bit. It was really rewarding too, because we could see just how much progress we made.

Now to make some progress on my schoolwork. Hello, weekend. Let’s be homework buddies.


16 April 2010