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Love, Daisies and Troubadours

 “The Waste Land”

April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with spring rain.

T.S. Eliot

That precisely sums up my feelings about April, it is long, cruel yet full of the promise of beauty (though I don’t pretend to be an expert on analyzing Eliot). April is a tough month for us LC students, the weather is finally starting to get beautiful and just when everyone wants to sprawl on the lawn with a good book (or a guitar if that’s your kind of thing) and enjoy the sunshine. But it is, alas, the month of research papers, final projects, take home finals and last minute exams. I just turned in my big research paper on the 1964 election there was big “event” if you will about the due date. I finished the paper at 10 am on Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing and not checking my e-mail after 5pm. I wake up Monday (the due date) to find an e-mail that the due date had been extended to Wednesday. Now, my story not that exciting, but one of the other girls in class told the story of how she stayed up all Sunday night until 5:30 working on the paper only to find out later in the morning that the paper had been extended and another girl hadn’t even gotten the e-mail. That is a lesson for all of you future college students: check your e-mail a lot, because if you don’t you might miss a deadMy Roommate in front of the “mysterious” cabin thing in the woods  in South Campusline extension or the knowledge that your 8am class is cancelled for the next day.
I am actually doing pretty well for April, unlike last semester I have yet to have a stress attack about all the work I have to do. But that probably has something to do with taking a math class and econ, which is hard, but does not require projects or essay wrThe Corbett House on South Campusiting (at least in 100). Other than writing papers (and reading my e-mail…) I have been trying to enjoy the sunshine and good weather as much as I can. My roommate and I decide to take an impromptu break from studying math (we weirdly had tests on the same day) and ran up to frolic at South Campus. South campus is where the grad schMy roommate and I last year in Platt East dormool is and is a good place to take a walk in the woods or lay on the grass in the sunshine and admire the hills or the garden. South campus (affectionately known as “South”) is a short walk up the hill (and super close if you live in Forest) and is a fun place to avoid studying for a few minutes.
We also had the end of the semester hall dinner for  SOA (Stewart, Odell and Akin dormitories) where we ate good food on fancy plates and had drawings for prizes. Our AD (area director, the “adult” in charge of the complex) is hilarious and writes amazing e-mails An art project that has made its way around campus (they are clam  shells)(one e-mail was all written as if the college was a fiefdom “In our year of the college two thousand aught 9 etc.). Anyway, he would read to us all the particular facts of the prizes (made in China, delicious chocolate covered goodness) and I won a rubber duck that lights up when you touch the bottom. At first I was a little disappointed about only winning a duck, but Charlie said that I would find it entertaining and I have discovered that it is true.
Tomorrow is also the concert for the Wind Symphony and I am starting to get really nervous, I have a couple of solos and I hope that I will not freak out and forget how to play (not that that would happen, but it is my irrational fear). I am excited for the end of the semester and hopefully a lot of people will come. There are also a bunch of other end other semester concerts and senior thesis presentations going on and it seems like I am forever seeing signs and posters about senior projects. Okay, that’s all for this weeks update, and for everyone who is still agonizing over college choices remember that I am always available via e-mail and would love to hear from you!!
Don’t let April get you down!

15 April 2010