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I am so close to being done

It is really strange to think that it’s been almost four years since I began this crazy journey called college. During these past few weeks, memories of last four years keep playing themselves out in my head. It’s like I’m looking through a camera… and the shutter is snapping in really rapid succession… the individual frames of memory freeze and seduce me with their promises of friendship, love, laughter - but only briefly. It is only a figment of my imagination, after all.

I want to share one of the earliest of such memories. About a month before freshman year started, my would-be roommate, Josh, and I began communicating on the internet via AIM . For some reason, the topic of our height came up, and in the spur of the moment I decided to tell this 6′1″ stranger that I was 4’11”. Just for fun. I still remember his bewildered face from our first real-life encounter with each other, when he walked into the room and I stood up to greet him. Yeah,, all 5 feet 7 inches of me. His eyes  got a little bigger, and his mouth curved into a sly grin. “You’re not a midget!” he exclaimed. In his voice was a sense of relieve, mixed with a tone of amusement, and of familiarity. My door-in-the-face strategy (what up social psychology!) helped me break the ice, and gone was any sense of social awkwardness, as we were both thinking the same thing: we’re in college now!

To be continued… in my series of reflexive posts.

13 April 2010