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wrestling with deadline dragons

Mel carefully placed ground pistachios on each flower-shaped cookie
this is how you make fancy grid patterns on round cookiesthe horror!we tied a bow around the box so we wouldn’t open it and keep eating the cookies before dinnerthis is sorrel, it’s edible and grows in crowds along one of the paths to the libraryone of my favourite pieces at the senior art exhibitthe senior art exhibit floors me every yearthis piece was made entirely out of wood and materials from the compost heap on campuslook, baby pteridophytes!This part of the semester is always about wrestling with deadline dragons. Consequently, my entries may be contracting a case of brevity. Possibly.

Last weekend was Easter! Mel and I made Noon Berenji cookies, which were dangerously delicious. They’re primarily butter and sugar, but I can eat them because they’ve got rice flour instead of wheat flour. Win! While I was in the middle of punching the dough into flower shapes, one of my residents popped in dressed in a full-body Easter bunny suit. It was completely terrifying and NOT OKAY. But we gave her a cookie and she went away.

When we went to dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house in Salem, Mel and I were introduced to my cousin’s cousin, who is visiting from Thailand. We had a really good time trading holiday explanations. Trying to explain how the Easter Bunny has any sort of connection to the resurrection of Jesus was kind of impossible, so we moved on to talk about other traditions, like the Tooth Faerie. Apparently in Thailand, when you lose a tooth you’re supposed to make a wish and chuck it somewhere you won’t find it. That’s cool and all, but I like the tooth-in-exchange-for-money system better.

It’s class registration time! After a bit of a tussle, I got into Psych Statistics. While Stats isn’t necessarily my first choice as far as enthusiasm goes, I registered for it during the first round of registration because it will fill up faster than any of the other courses I want to take. Stats is a prerequisite that a lot of classes require, so competition is steep. If all goes according to plan, by this time next week I will be successfully registered for Feminist Theory, Psychology of Gender, and Yoga. With a potential two-credit internship tacked on, that’ll bring the tally up to 15 credits total. Sweet.

This week, I’m devoting two of my evenings to the Red Watch Band program. It’s a national by-students for-students training course that teaches youth how to recognize and respond to signs of alcohol poisoning. The idea is that students looking out for other students can help reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths that occur nationwide on and off college campuses. We round off the program next week by getting a free CPR training! Good deal, since I need my CPR certification updated for my summer job.

I am increasingly exploiting my waking hours to work on my comic strip project. The first page is sketched, but that means that I still have two more to sketch, then inking, scanning, copying, printing, and distributing. It’s a lot to do, and I’m supposed to be ready for the distribution stage by next Sunday. With just over a week to complete all that, I’ve gotta get crackin’!

Hey prospective students! College selection is a lot like speed dating. Send your best getting-to-know-you questions to me at And if you see me when you visit campus, say hi!

9 April 2010