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my roommate studying in our lounge (Conveniently located two doors down from our room)Hey all, how did it get to be April? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was filing new applications in the admissions office and now the decisions have been made and it is up to you to choose! So I thought I would divert from talking about my life for a moment and give you some information that you might be dying to know about Lewis & Clark.  LC prides itself on being open to debate, for example Paul Wolfowtiz was on campus on Monday discussing democratization.You know your a college student when…(soon this will be you, even if you don’t think so LC is a pretty liberal school and Wolfowitz is not much loved by our students he was well received by the campus. People were very respectful, not one person booed, or called him a liar or tried to yell at him over political issues. I was a little disappointed in Wolfowitz’s speech, he seemed to be trying to keep his message so neutral that no one could possibly disagree with him. That was kind of a let down considering it was supposed to be a debate. But, students asked some good questions and acted in a very scholarly demeanor.
On a rather unrelated note I thought I might share a bit of “college” lore with you as some of you are new pioneers. As some of you may know LC is built on the old Lloyd Frank estate, the Manor House (admissions and the PrMy dooresident’s office) was once a grand home for Frank and his family. So, the campus is beautiful (someone very famous designed the gardens) and has been around long enough to have some legends. One legend I hear about all the time (and some students who live in Forest Hall swear that it is true) is that there are tunnels that run from the top of campus were the dorms are to the classroom buildings. Some claim that you can enter the tunnels and walk all the way down to the classrooms without getting wet. Now, of course the professors say that this is a gross falsehood, and no one can confirm there existence, it is a nice idea. Another “legend” is of the Japanese Baths that are supposedly located in the Forest dorms. There are supposedly jacuzzi like baths in the basement. This legend seems to have a bit more truth to it, though I have never seen them and I am still a little skeptical of their existence. Now there are also the ghost stories (see earlier Stewart Lounge–Cooking!posts) and the best story of all. Apparently a women named Mrs. Akin donated a lot of money to the school upon her death with the conditions that there would never be any fraternities or sororities (still true) and that they would servMaking cake in the campus apartmentse ice cream at every meal (also true, usually 5 or 6 flavors and some sorbet). That’s all I can think of for the moment, but these are some of the favorite stories told around the dorms.
I also thought I would clear the air about one gross falsehood I read the other day on a college guide that Lewis & Clark is a “clothing optional” campus, this is NOT true, it may have been once upon a time, but not now and not in current memory.  Another myt2012 (the movie) + late night cake baking=1 great Fridayh about LC is that it is full of hippies, well there are all kinds of people at LC, maybe we have a couple of hippies but it is certainly not the majority of the population as some people might like to say. What I can say is that there are a lot of diverse people on campus and there is niche for practically anyone. While that may sound kitschy, it has been my experience.
OK, so that is all for now, but I thought I would start taking photos of the different dorms that I can make my way to give you guys a better idea of where you might like to live. It is also good to see what the halls look like when real people inhabit them. I hope that no one is stressing out too much about college picking, but I hope to see some people on admitted students day, you might meet my roommate who is a tour guide!

8 April 2010