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the trees on campus think they are popcorn
playing on the beach!Jada watched from the sidelines while Moki wore himself out swimming for sticksMt Hood dresses in floral prints for spring and so should youDith gets to fill in the speech bubble with inspiring campaign-ish  wordsthe ceramic clams have invaded campus, they are everywhere in large numbers!Matthew explains Easter eggs to Auntie MelAndrew and Auntie Mel playing songs togetherTato Bug likes to play the plinky keys randomly while Auntie Mel plays recognizible thingswe used a deceptive amount of butterthis is how Mel announces that it’s snuggle timeWe had a Block Party in my building on Friday featuring too many   balloons and SethI am a big fan of tea, psychology, puns, and drawing myself.Springtime in Portland is always such a messy affair. In the past two weeks I’ve experienced shorts and mild sunburns, a series of deluges, cold winds, and a hail storm. Spring break itself tripped all over itself in the weather department. My brother came home from San Luis Obispo for spring break, and we spent our week just chilling out. We hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls, hill-walked Portland, threw sticks for our fetch-obsessed cocker spaniel Moki on Sauvie Island beach, and drank a lot of tea. I finally got around to seeing Avatar, but the 3-D glasses gave me a killer headache, because they didn’t fit over my regular glasses very well. I also spent a good portion of break reading and researching for class.

A lot of the research I did over break was for my Gender in Relational Communication final project. I read academic articles studying date rape and communication, but my sources also included zines and the wonders of the internet, from myspace blogs to manifestos. Probably my most useful and interesting source was the zine Learning Good Consent, available in a Portland zine shop called Microcosm Publishing. I will be modeling my comics on a lot of the perspectives and advice offered in that little zine. This week I met with the director of Health and Wellness to get administrative approval to post my drawings up all over campus during the week leading up to Take Back the Night, which is on April 23rd. I gotta get busy drawing!

ASLC, our student government, is in the midst of office elections. My friend Dith is running for president, and she let me draw her for her campaign. I heard that she kicked butt at the debate on Thursday, but I couldn’t be there for it because I had meetings and interviews. One of the things that I like about LC is that students really do have a lot of voice in what goes on with the school. The Administration does a pretty good job informing students about changes and asking for input ahead of time. For the most part, LC actually wants to make itself a better place for students, and I think that’s a fairly uncommon sentiment for colleges. Anyway. Enough sentimentality.

This morning, my girlfriend Mel and I had Easter breakfast with her family. Her nephews, Andrew and Matthew, junglegymed all over the house to fill their Easter baskets with plastic eggs that the Easter Bunny had left behind. They’re such sweet kids, they kept offering everyone their candy. Tomorrow night, Mel and I are going down to Salem to have an Easter dinner with my family. As our contribution to the meal, Mel and I are making Noon Berenji, which are Persian rice flour shortbread cookies. Mel is half Iranian, so we got the recipe and some of the ingredients from her mom, who was thrilled that we wanted to learn how to make them.

The excitement of this Saturday evening was dinner and a movie, college student style. Mel and I made quinoa topped with mushrooms, goat cheese, and pine nuts, and sautéed bell peppers, onions, tofu, and basil. It was really yummy! I’m glad I’m doing my cooking test runs now, so that hopefully by the time I graduate I won’t be completely helpless in the kitchen. After eating our dinner, we trundled down to Templeton Student Center to watch the free screening of Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, we party hard. Watch out, weekends.

My biggest excitement of the week is that I probably most likely scored the perfect internship for next year! SMYRC (Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center) offered me an interview for a position working with the Bridge 13 program, which is awesome times ten because no joke, that is actually what I want to do with my life right now. Bridge 13 is a program that goes to schools and other youth-filled places and conducts “creating safe spaces” workshops that teach staff members how to be welcoming to and affirming of frequently marginalized identities. It’s pretty neat. I’ve been on the participant side a few times, and every time I participated in the workshops, I shouted to my friends afterward that “that’s my ideal career right there!” So, yeah, it’s really good news that SMYRC might want me to be their indentured servant next year.

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3 April 2010