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Hey all, sorry for the extended absence. Last week was spring break and I was busy sleeping and eating good food at my house, and the week before I was totally swamped with midterms and the aftermath of being sick. One thing that is hard about college is that you can’t really get behind, I was sick for two weeks and all I could manage was to get done what had to be done, which meant that long term projects got put off which really caught up with me the week before break. But, now that break is over I am caught up, I am almost finished with my Political Science paper and have finally begun working on my math project so things are going a lot better this week.
Yesterday was also my 20th birthday! I woke up and walked into my closet yesterday to find sticky notes on mirror, my roommate made me a birthday “scavenger hunt” in the room to find my present. It included a funny photoshoped picture of my roommate in a car with a 70s guy and a lion (it’s a joke that she is going to go to Africa and hug a lion during her trip). She also got me some really adorable earrings and chocolate (which is always desired).  Unfortunately I had to go to band in the evening so I didn’t really do anything, though my roommate, my boyfriend and I started watching Highlander (preparation for my trip to Scotland), let me just say tThe toaster–everyone’s favorite thing in the Cafeteriahat the whole concept of Sean Connery not playing the Scotsman in a movie called “Highlander” is so wrong.  Speaking of Scotland, I received my flight information for next fall and it is finally seeming real. Of course it won’t be completely real until I am on the plane, but I feel like my trip is really coming together and I will actually be in Scotland come next September.
Next week is going to be really exciting (I hope), the International Affairs Symposium is next week and Paul Wolfowitz is coming to speak on Monday (he is a former Deputy Secretary of Defense under George Bush) it should be really interesting. They also have a session on nuclear proliferation which might be interesting in light of the recent treaty with Russia. Next week is also one of the last rehearsalsDining Hall! before the Wind Symphony concert (she shudders with terror), I am playing piccolo this semester and have a couple of solos and I am getting really nervous. It was really bad, last night it was only me and one other flute player there. I think everyone is still on Spring Break. I felt bad for Marley, because sheThe “mysterious” bench/art in the Library! had to play the flute parts all by herself because piccolo has different music. Read, it was a rather bad rehearsal…but I am sure next week will be better.
Oh yeah, and congratulations to all of you Seniors who have been accepted, now comes the hard part of deciding which wonderful school to attend. So to help you decide I suggest you read my blog (of course) and others, but also I would love to hear any questions youThe Stacks, i.e. the regular books in the Library have, here is your chance to get info right from the horses mouth (so to speak). Ok, well I will have to think of more reasons for you to come to LC (besides the amazing library–see pics), but please, I would love some e-mails!

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31 March 2010