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First off, I have to tell you, I have recently viewed the best play I have ever seen. Allow me to elaborate.


There is a play currently on at the Apollo Theatre called Jerusalem. It is about a man named Johnny “Rooster” Byron who lives in an old trailer in the middle of the woods in rural England with a wild and mysterious past. At his disposal is a legion of young ragamuffins, rabble-rousers and party animals who are constantly hounding him to give them alcohol and drugs. Drama ensues when Mr. Byron finds an eviction notice on his door and when an angry father begins to look for his lost daughter near his home. The man who plays Johnny Byron is Mark Rylance and he has given the most incredible acting performance I have ever seen in my life. He wasn’t acting. It was almost as if I was watching something really happening on stage. The script is also fabulous. Incorporating absolutely hilarious text with open ended conclusions and rapid fire dialogue, I was completely captivated for the whole 3 hours of the show. I was utterly blown away by this piece of theatre. The other show I saw this week was very different. Written by a Scottish playwright, Knives in Hens took place in a space that was no bigger than my dorm room. I could have touched the actors I was so close. I was impressed by the use of the small space but I had a lot of trouble understanding the thick Scottish accents that were being used by the actors.

                This was also an interesting week for music. Earlier in the week the group attended an event being put on by the London Handel Festival. Our specific performance was of the oratorio Belshazzar and was performed on period instruments and featured two countertenor singing roles. I didn’t know that men could sing that high and I was impressed by their ability. The second big music thing I went to this week was a performance at the Barbican Centre featuring a choir that a friend of mine is in! For his internship he is currently singing in the City of London Choir and he had to perform with them a piece called “The Glorious Moment,” by Beethoven. It was a very good concert and we were all happy to know someone in the ensemble, and we hyped up his “fame” quite a bit.

                This week was also a good week for food. I made another visit to Portobello Road and had just about as much fun the second time as I did the first. This time I got food from a German food stand and a Ghanaian food stand. Both were absolutely fantastic, especially the Ghanaian food. Then the following day I went to Chinatown with a group of friends and got some pretty good dim sum. Dim sum is one of my favorite kinds of food because it gives you the opportunity to try so many different things at the same time.

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An old favourite.

28 March 2010