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Hey there guys,


The highlight of this week was when we all traveled to St. Ives. It was a long train ride (6 hours) to make it out the tip toe of the island on the west side in Cornwall, but it was absolutely worth it. St. Ives is known for being a beautiful small sea town with a high artist population. The weather was perfect when we arrived, sun shining and all. The first big activity of the day was travelling to the Tate St. Ives, a big art gallery that overlooked the sea. We saw the work of local artists there and also some more famous pieces (including one by Picasso!). After the gallery many of us went straight for the ocean. A couple of friends and I went rock scrambling. It was wonderful to be near the ocean. I had missed it so much. For dinner, a group of us decided to eat at The Sloop Inn, a pub that was built in the 1300’s where I had really good seafood and fell in love with Cornish cider. We visited a few more pubs that night before returning to the hostel where a bunch of us watched Blues Brothers until the early hours of the morning. It was a pretty great night. When we woke up, a few of us went out to find a bakery for breakfast. We ended up finding one that specialized in scones. We all got a few and ate them with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream. It was SO good. We headed back to London after breakfast. I would love to return to St. Ives sometime soon in the future.

                Once again, I can say that I’ve seen some pretty amazing theatre this week including a sequel to Macbeth done by the same writer for Midsummer, an opera that made me like opera for the first time called Lucia di Lammermoor, an amazing production of a play called ENRON and a production of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte. Out of all of them, ENRON was definitely my favorite. It was fascinating to see a play about America on the British stage about recent American history. Complete with genius staging, a very smart script and many references to the Bush administration, September 11th and the economic recession, it made for a very strange and reflective evening for me as an American growing up in this generation.

                Another really amazing thing that happened this week was that our group visited Westminster Abbey. This is an incredible place and if any of you out there reading this ever go to London, I highly recommend that you go there. Not only is the space really old and beautiful, it is completely soaked in history; it is under your very feet when you are there. Literally. The Abbey is crammed with graves of almost every famous person to come out of the history of the United Kingdom. From Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Henry Purcell to Laurence Olivier, Benjamin Britten and Winston Churchill, the church is a testament to every human that has made Britain famous. It is an incredible and humbling experience to see and think about all of the amazing people who have come from Britain. I would love to attend a service there.

                Well, another week, another post. This one will happen soon.


                I promise.




Musical present of the week:


About a minute in, this song has one of the most incredible string riffs I have ever heard.

26 March 2010