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no encounters with the supernatural

Andrew’s sculpture, which includes this and 2,000 clay clams, has invaded all of campusI finished sewing another shirt!rumour has it that the mugs the Bon provides for student use were salvaged from Goodwill; we love themmarimba at the international fair! Mel is in the middle backsome LC students playing the sitar and tablas at the International FairEmdowd is Germany incarnateSection Line Drive doin’ their A Cappella thinga dance from China at the International FairVilna’s Got a Golemsee what I mean about the wacked out makeup?Vilna’s still got a Golemafter our meal Dith was too full to smilea Maisha s’more, with peanutbutter and dark chocolate and no graham cracker!we are all so animal-deprived that when dogs appear on campus, people decend on them in hordesDog Day treats, mmmm freeze-dried lamb liver!
Spring break always arrives barely in time. Ten weeks without a break is pretty brutal. Weekends are devoted to trying to catch up on homework and sleep, they are not actually much of a reprieve. At least not once you’re a junior. I’m going home around noon on Friday as soon as I’m done with class. Woo!

In protest of not having much in the way of R&R in the past few months, my body vociferously asserted its needs. Starting Monday, I was in isolation mode, forbidden to leave my room because I had the flu. Fortunately, after 48 hours of fevers, headaches, coughs, and general lethargy it’s pretty much run its course. I got to reemerge into the world yesterday afternoon! And it was even sunny. How about that. (My girlfriend Mel took super great care of me while I was languishing in illness – she got me meals from the Bon, ran errands all over campus, and got me a flu kit from the Health Center so I would have thermometers and ibuprofen.)

Every year, the International Fair coincides with Family Weekend. Students commandeered the Bon kitchens to prepare and serve little tastes of foods from all over the world. There were also lessons in and information about culturally-specific art, fashion, and life. Mel and a bunch of other students played marimba, and their performance was followed by a student jazz band. After the food, everyone poured into the Chapel for the performance portion of the day. There was a fashion show, songs and dances from all over the world, poetry reading, and a preview of the French play (opening tonight!) in which Mel stars. During the raffle draw, I won a $25 gift certificate to Hoda’s Middle Eastern Cuisine. I think a date is in order.

Mel and I went to see the mainstage play, Vilna’s Got a Golem, last week. It was good, but weird. The costumes were excellent and the makeup was intense and bizarre. I really liked the meta-play format, because it managed to make the whole thing feel more real. It seemed designed for a very specific (Jewish) audience, but because I took Intro to Judaism last year, I could at least recognize some of the more obscure jokes, even if I didn’t always understand them. Now that the play is over, I think it’s okay to post some photos from the performance.

Last week, I suspended my classwork for three days in order to give myself over completely to the Gender Studies Symposium. I had put so much work into it over the course of the past year that I figured by the time it actually arrived I would be burned out and just ready for it to be over, but I actually really enjoyed it. I attended 11 of the 27 different sessions. I think my favourite event was Kemi’s performance of her self-written, self-performed one-woman play Jabulile! It told the stories of four Swaziland street vendor women, but the stories felt very universal. Kemi will be performing Jabulile! at an international arts festival in South Africa this summer. At the Symposium Art Show, my comic strips won $50! I can actually make money doing self-gratifying artwork? Sweet!

Last weekend was retreat! My RA staff team twisted our way up to Welches, Oregon, a little town snuggled into the snowy foothills of Mt Hood. Retreat included boardgames, bad ’80s movies, the next generation of s’mores, grilled masterpieces, a hot tub, and a crazy long staff meeting. Someone had written in the guestbook that a little girl ghost haunted the house and put toys in shoes, but we had no encounters with the supernatural. Maybe next time.

Today I’m going to class for the first time in six days! What with the Symposium and then the flu, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in the classroom. I have a midterm exam in Intro to Queer Studies today, but I’m not too worried about it because I’ve done all of the readings for that class and I got an A on my last paper. I can’t do worse on it than I did on my last midterm, where I forgot to write an essay that was worth almost half of the exam. (It’s okay, my professor took pity on me and so I’m doing a make-up essay over Spring Break to compensate for that goof-up.)

It’s Prospie Season! The prospective students are out on campus in full force. With questions. That can be answered by emailing me at See ya after Spring Break!

18 March 2010