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An Affair to Remember

Hey guys, wow, what a crazy couple of weeks. In an apparent psychic moment, writing my blog early last week, I got a terrible cold last week right in the middle of my mid terms. It was a bad week, I missed work all week and could barely make myself study, but I survived (I guess that was really the only option…) Economics went okay, I made a couple of really stupid mistakes that cost me a lot because the test is only worth 50 points, but I at least feel like I understand the material, until we started talking about monopolies, and now my brain hurts. I am trying to stay positive, but it is one of the more frustrating classes I have had to take. On the up side, my Political Science exam went really well, I got an A! I was so excited I was practically skipping on the way back to my dorm room, then my roommate asked me why the REM song “Shiny Happy People” was playing on repeat. ( if anyone cares to watch the video, it always makes my day better!) To which I responded its my favorite song to celebrate good things that happen. Usually my roommate and I do the dance in celebration of the end of finals or big papers, but I thought this was a good occasion. Only one more week until spring break, I am so excited I can’t wait to go home and spend some time with my kitty. Unfortunately I have to write a research paper and study for another econ exam, but it should be good overall.
I also learned a shocking piece of information this week—I have been using my knife and fork wrong for my entire life! During Scotland Orientation the group presenting on food told us that in Scotland you only eat with your fork in your left hand and don’t switch. It was pretty funny because my friend Eleanor who is English and my roommate were telling me something similar the other day. I have to say I was a little insulted that I appeared to be the one who had “bad manners,” but the good thing is that Eleanor is teaching me how to eat “properly.” It is a difficult process, and I have to admit that I am quite prone to cheating, it is hard to break almost 20 years of practice!
Events on campus have been pretty thin because it is mid term time, but the Gender Studies Symposium was last week and what I am really looking forward to is the International Affairs Symposium after Spring Break. Alas, my life has been mostly focused on studying in the past couple of weeks, although I did go out to dinner with my boyfriend and friends last night which was fun. The Bon (cafeteria) is good, it was nice for a change. For fun, my roommate and I decided to have a night in and make a fort underneath her bed and eat junk food and watch Supernatural. It was a pretty awesome Before the Fortevening, the only downside was that our “fort” had to be destroyed in order to keep the suitcSnuge=great fort makerases from living in the middle of our room! Okay, well I had better get back to my research, Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Johnson are calling!!
Hope daylight savings time isn’t getting you down!
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14 March 2010