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It was so nice outside that I got to wear my CHACOS!!!!  Not anymore, but it was a wonderful day!Today I realized how much I missed having music in my life last semester.  I have been taking guitar lessons from Julia Banzi.  I played guitar before, but never like this.  Julia is so incredible.  I am learning everything by imitating her.  For the first time in my musical career I don’t have any sheet music!  Well, that’s a lie, I do have one piece of music for a Classical piece, b

ut I am still learning how to read actual music for the guitar.  Trees are flowering EVERYWHERE it is so beautiful.  Next week I think I’ll just have pictures of these trees…However, most flamenco music is hard to notate on paper.  The Toques (the word “toque” embraces the whole art of flamenco guitar-playing) are composed of four different parts, soleares, escobillas, llamadas and often times have a singing accompaniment and a dancer.  Most of my musical INTERNATIONAL FAIR!  In the Chapelbackground is in jazz (my favorite song we played) and the improvisational techniques I learned there are really helping me put together these Toques.  Escobillas are a sort of rhythmic improvisation with a set of chords that a dancer will solo to, and a falsetto is a melodic riff on the guitar, so the guitarist’s solo in a way.  It has been amazing to learn from Julia.  I learned how to tap during the last lesson (this will give you some idea…).  There were different booths all over the BonSorry for the rudimentary explanations of those terms, but my understanding is not very deep, but flamenco needs to be heard or played, not explained on paper.  Julia makes me want to practice and learn more about flamenco.  Best new study tool ever.  A white board!  That I can erase on and use - it’s fantastic, especially for studying spanish verb forms.  Thank you Josh!When I am trying to learn something she will play along and often add her own little riffs or variations on what I am doing.  I love love love listening to her play.  She lived in Spain for part of her life and studied guitar there.  She is flying out her dancer to perform a show here in April!!  I am so excited for it!  Seeing a flamenco dancer from Spain dance and to watch my teacher play is going to be one amazing experience.

To follow up on my extreme excitement about being an RAOne of the many dances at International Fair next year, that excitement is still growing.  We have an all staff meeting coming up soon and I can’t wait to finally meet everyone that I will be working with next year.  The way that the RA staff teams are divided up is by building.  Since Copeland is so large, my staff team will all live in Copeland.  The SOA-A (Stewart, Odell, Akin & Apartments) tea

m covers four complexes, the Howard-Platt-Hartzfeld staff covers those three buildings, and the Forest staff covers all of the Forest buildings (it has multiple buildings, but is still considered one residential area – it’s pretty sweet!).  I am very happy with where I ended up, and to be honest, I didn’t really have a preference as to where they placed me.  But, Copeland will be so awesome.  I’m already thinking about how I am going to lay out my room…  I don’t even know what wingLove this I will be in though! 

So next Wednesday will probably be the best day of this entire year because my little brother is coming to visit!!!!!!!!  His name is Garrett, and he will be staying with me for part of his Spring Break.  He will be sleeping under my bed (not what you think!  Remember, my bed is lofted enough so someone can comfortably sit under it?!?  I am going to rent a mattress and put it under there and make a fort-like thing for him.  I’ll take a picture.)

Blurry picture of Section Line Drive preforming at International fair

We are going to have some good Kayla-Garrett hang out time.  I am excited to take him to my classes and to Agape, but I cannot wait for him to meet my friends.  It is a weird dynamic having my own sort of world out here.  None of my friends or family really know who my new friends are, so when I am telling them stories about how “me and (insert name here) and (insert name here) went to dinner last night and blah blah blah” they can’t relate to the people I’m talking about.  When my Dad and Jennifer visited last semester they met a few people, but this time Garrett will get to meet more of my friends and get a taste of college life.  Going to my classes, camping out with me in the Library, you know, fun stuff.   Having this new family of friends has been so amazing, it has given me a chance to get to know people in a very different way because we did not grow up together.  Garrett’s map to Oregon in case he gets lost…Our shared experiences started with Lewis & Clark College and have only grown from there.  Did I mention I’m excited for Garrett to come?  Because I am.  Like way past excited.  We don’t have a to-do list for when he comes, other than go to Powell’s.  Garrett devours books, almost literally, so, this will be a more than perfect excursion. 

Gender Studies Symposium tomorrow!  Depending on how far I get on my Abide/ μένω paper tonight will determine how many events I can go to tomorrow.  Hopefully I make some good progress! 


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In honor of the last week-and-a-half push before Spring Break, and to quote one of Garrett’s favorite movie lines:

Stuart: You seem tense. Snowbell: TENSE?! Oh, I’m-I’m WAY past tense!

11 March 2010