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An international affair

I have pictures again!  team north america!recipecoconut oilmixerbutterrrrrrmaking green tea cookiesall the performers

This past Saturday saw 45th Annual International Fair at Lewis and Clark. It’s an event that celebrates the diverse group of cultures represented at this school. Food and made by our very own international students are served in the first half of the day and a showcase extravaganza takes place in the afternoon featuring song and dance from all over the world. As an international student, I helped make food for the North America group. My entire Friday night was spent on making these Canadian desserts called Nanaimo bars, and even though I didn’t get the chance to taste the fruit of my labor, all the feedback have been positive. It almost makes me feel guilty for using 15 blocks of butter and more than 50 cups of sugar. Haha. I know that sounds like it’s a lot but we were also making massive amounts of these bars. Though we did joke that we should call them heart-attack bars. Check out the pictures!

The performances in the afternoon were a joy to watch. All the hard work people put into choreographing and rehearsing these intricate dance and song numbers finally paid off.  And I’m sure Maisha will talk about this in her update on Friday, but her girlfriend Melissa took part in a preview of a French play the department is putting on. Unfortunately I think only a  handful of people in the audience actually understood what was going on, but from the little that I did understand (hello, four years of high school French!) it seemed really great. My favorite performance, however, had to belong to my friend Daniel Bae, who danced and lipsync’d to a Korean pop song while accompanied by a large group of back-up dancers (also LC students). It was AWESOME. I’ll try to get a link to a video so you guys can see.

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8 March 2010