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COPELAND!  I’M AN RA IN COPELAND NEXT YEAR!  AHHHH!!!!  future home!! future home!!On Monday morning I found out that I am going to be an RA in Copeland!  I am excited beyond belief.  My only problem is that Copeland is one huge maze of hallways and floors, and I’m a bit directionally challenged, so I will need to walk through it many times before I do rounds by myself.  But I know I will eventually get it down after a while, especially with Kelsey’s help I’ll be alright.  But, that doesn’t even matter.  I don’t know what wing yet either… there are 8 of them… but I am so so so so so excited.  I have had some great exposure to the job already because some of my best friends are RA’s right now which has been invaluable.  They have been such great examples, in my opinion, the best examples, but I’m not biased or anything…part of Copeland which = future home!

So after kicking off my week with that fantastic piece of news, things just kept getting better.  Monday night was our first Young Life Club of this new year (we took a long break, but now we’re back on track!) and it was an Olympic theme.  I was on the team that led the Club, so I got to dress up in crazy clothing and lead some funny trivia questions.  Did you know that Croquet was an Olympic sport!?  Well, only for one year in France, in which only French people competed, and guess what, there was only one spectator.  I know right.

To keep the momentum going Carolyn led Agape tonight.  Instead of doing our normal style of Agape time, she mixed things up a bit, in a very good way.  Carolyn had us write letters!  Some people wrote letters to family or friends, but Carolyn also found some ways we could write letters to inmates, children with chronic illnesses or soldiers.  It was an awesome best dorm snacks EVERway to embody service together.  Carolyn is going to do this same thing again as a program for our hall, and I already got permission from her to use it as a program next year!

Two of my best friends are seniors in High School trying to make decisions about college.  So, since I love receiving care packages from home, I thought I would send them some!  I put Elyn’s together today and sent it off, but I’m still working oElyn’s package!!n Madisyn’s.  I put Ramen, chocolate, pieces of paper/things that reflect my college life, some tea, a journal and some other random stuff.  I’m excited for her to get it.  Now I have to finish Madisyn’s… but sending that off and writing letters tonight at Agape have reminded me how much it rocks to give and receive letters. 

So second semester our schedule hasn’t been broken up as much with breaks as first semester was, and everyone is getting a little restless because of it.  I’m definitely feeling it, last week was a hard week.  However, as I’ve already shown you, this week has been much better.  And, there are so many things happening on campus!  This weekend is Parents Weekend andDthe International Fair (so excited!!!!), Gender Studies Symposium next week, the Lu`au is coming up, Spring Break is on its way, and then there’s only a MONTH left.  Time is just going wayyy too fast. 

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How beautiful is this? ——> “Happiness cannot come from without.  It must come from within.  It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the fellow and then for ourselves” –Helen Keller

4 March 2010