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Where has the semester gone?

Hello everyone =) 

WOW I can not believe that that the semester is almost over! My friends and I were looking at our calendars and realized that we have spring break in two weeks, and then when we come  back WE ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH LEFT! When your young, you always hear your elders say, “college will be over before your know it” or, “wow it feels like I was 18 just yesterday” and they are 80 years old. I know exactly what they are talking about now! Its actually a bit scary for me. The pressure to know exactly what I am going to do with my future and how it will be done is steadily increasing. I have the faith and determination within myself and I know that I am capable of reaching my goals in life, it just gets a bit intimidating when you know that the time is not as far away as I once thought.

 Hump day is officially almost over which means its socially acceptable to start planning my weekend =). Depending on the weather I have suggested a BBQ. Im sure my friends will be quite sick of this suggestion considering we just had a BBQ two weeks ago =) I will  see what I can work out though ;).

This saturday is the multicultural fair which I am really looking forward to. Last year was AMAZING. The performances were great and the MC was hilarious. My absolute favorite was the Hula dancing. Those girls are VERY talented. Most countries are presented either in the performances or in the fashion show, which I really wanted to be apart of but my schedule would not allow for the dress rehearsals. 

 Stay tuned next week. Ill be sure to take lots of pictures during the multicultural fair.


2 March 2010