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Super Cool Party People

Hey guys, another weekend and another sunny day! The weather has been treating us fairly well for the end of February the plants are starting to come alive and the it has been sunny enough that I remember what it is like not to have to carry an umbrella around all the time (and then I forget to bring my umbrella and get soaked because it started raining unexpectedly…). Yesterday (Saturday) was the first annual spring fling which was pretty fun. It was held at this new place called the Left Bank Annex which is very new and modern. The downside was that the floors were concrete which made my legs super tired after dancing for a couple of hours. They did have pretty awesome bathrooms though…they have the new fancy hand dryers that seem to suction the water off your hands which was cool (what can I say, I anne1.jpgam easily entertained). My roommate and I got there a little early and the dancSo random, but this the Sacagawea statue last year in the snow!Platt Dormitory during the snow (my old dorm)ally get going until about 10:30, but Anne and I got to practice a little tango and “silver waltz” (I feel like an old person when I do it, but it is really fun). The theme was “masquerade” and they even provided sequin masks for those of us to lazy (or busy) to get one of our own. But of course, after about an hour most of the masks lay forgotten on the tables at the back of the room.  I learned one important lesson, I should not stay out until 2 am. I realize that one reason that going out so late is so unappealing is because I am not a very nice person when I have very little sleep (just ask my roommate). I was talking to my mom on the phone Sunday morning in the lounge and some guy comes in and tells me to shut up and shuts the door…It was 11 am…I was pretty mad, it is not my fault someone stayed out too late last night. Oh well, the joys of dorm life, I am sure that I will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.
I realized on Tuesday that my life has reached a new low. Wind Symphony was cancelled and I got all of my homework done so I was doing a little research for my upcoming presentation on Scottish government (for my overseas trip) and I found my way to the BBC’s Democracy Now page which broadcasts the British House of Commons. So, I decided to watch a little bit of their debates and I have decided that they are way more exciting that the Senate. They all squish onto these green benches and when they agree they all shout “aye” and when they disagree they stand up and grumble. It is really interesting to compare how the British system is different than the US system, and it provided an evening of entertainment for me.
This weekend was a break from Scotland meetings, so I compensated by reading a bit of this travel guide. It is so overwelming trying to decide what all I should do because it seems like there are so many options. One thing I am really excited about are what they call “Parliamentary Debates” at the University. It seems like it is essentially an all night debate among “political parties” formed on campus that goes throughout the night including a break complete with beer drinking (which is legal in Scotland). I am trying to imagine forming a coherent argument at two in the morning and it does not sound fun. Although, it does remind me of the Filibuster in the Senate. Though, I guess when you filibuster you just have to keep talking, you can read the phone book (or so I hear) which I am sure makes it a little easier than attempting to out reason someone late at night. Well, I better be going, I have a paper to work on and more econ graphs to study for my exam, hope everyone has a wonderful beginning of March!

28 February 2010