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juice and memory

chamomile with honey, while blogging. So meta!I attempted to do homework outside in the rather cold sunlightI am drinking endless cups of tea. Sickness, you will not defeat me! My whole body is displeased with me right now, partly from the virus-induced sore throat, but mostly from a brutal ab conditioning in Women’s Self Defense yesterday. I don’t understand how our workout convinced my ribs to pretend to be bruised, but today even simple ab-related tasks like moving from a sitting to a standing position require the use of my arms to hoist me up. I am pathetic. And I’m kind of enjoying it, in a weird way.

almost 30 people tried out this year for the Vagina Monologues, and the Womyn’s Center found parts for every single one of themJahnavi and Caitlin are both theatre kids so their performance was extra greatThe Vagina Monologues were last weekend and excellent! All of the monologues were exceptional, and I recorded a few of my favourites, which you can watch on my youtube channel. (Unsurprisingly, the monologues are not suitable for all listeners.) Of course, by the time my absolute favourite one rolled around, with Jahnavi and Caitlin performing The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy, my camera had run out of juice and memory space. Bah!

we got to sit at the bar because everywhere else was fullIndian food, yum!Solas changed colours a lotI think Solas means light in Gaelicthe fiddler in particular was way intense, she kept snapping bow stringsWith my camera freshly recharged and emptied of content, I went to the Portland Solas concert at the Aladdin Theatre with my mom and dad. Solas featured a fiddle, a banjo, several types of flutes and whistles, and an accordion. Some of the songs were wordless, some were in English, and some were in Gaelic. It was a good time. We also went out to dinner at a fancypants Indian place called Vindalho. It’s always a little tricky for me to go to restaurants because I can’t have wheat, dairy, tomatoes, or citrus. I eat a lot of rice these days.

the community gardens on campus are beginning to sprout!it’s been an exciting mix of rain and sun lately, I love itOn Sunday, the Dating Doctor visited campus to distribute what he called “dating advice” and humour. A lot of students loved the program, but I found it troubling. I felt that his humour was derisive and that his advice was essentializing, heteronormative, and unhealthy. So, as is my propensity, I am launching a campaign to teach students about effective communication and the importance of consent in relationships. First, my friend Allison and I co-authored an article analyzing and critiquing the Dating Doctor program. Second, I will contact the Doc himself with my criticisms and suggestions for how to improve his program. Third, I am assembling a Consent Workshop & Rubberware Party as part of Take Back the Night, an annual activism event hosted by the Womyn’s Center in April. As part of the Consent Workshop, I’ll be creating several different full-page comic strips about consent, mass-reproducing them, and posting them guerilla-style all over campus episodically. To cover the cost of ink, paper, and printing, I’m gonna apply for an Arts & Entertainment SAAB grant. Conveniently, all of this will count as my RA residential education program for April, and it will also count as my final project in my Gender in Relational Communication class. Excited much?!

Some of the funding fell through for the spring break trip to Costa Rica, but now I have more than enough to keep me busy all the way through spring break at home.

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27 February 2010