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Tick, Tick, Tick Boom!

Happy end of February! Feeling stressed anyone? Its midterms, at least here on campus and it is a little bit of a tense time. I am preparing for two midterms and a paper, and let me just say the word “margin” is infiltrating my everyday day life. Though I was pretty excited b“Aerial” view of the rose gardenecause we were talking about Congress and the President and this bit of procedural move that Congress can use to avoid a filibuster and I opened the paper before class and there was an article about the Senate using this tactic to get the healthcare bill passed. I was excited because sometimes it seems like what we study has little bearing on the real world, so it was nice to be able to apply knowledge from class to something that is going on in the real world. Besides the stress of midterms my classes are going well, except for my Differential equations test…I felt horrible when it was over because I did not finish all the problems. Though I felt a lot better when I heard that others had felt the same way about the test and did not finish either. One important thing I have learned in college is that one bad (or not so good) exam score is not going to be the end of the world. I try not to get too stredscn0167.JPGssed out because in the end if you can do well on the final you can usually make it out okay. Speaking of stress…I went to a lecture on stress and stress management which was pretty interesting although it was a little silly in the beginning. We started out with an exercise where you concentrate on a raisin and look at it and examine it. The guy leading the exercise told us to examine our thoughts about the raisin “you may even be wondering why I am looking at a raison?” So true, I will admit that I was having a really hard time not laughing! But I held in my laughter and it was interesting because in that time you notice things that you wouldn’t have noticed before. Long story short, it can be good to tArtake a step back and examine an everyday task/ object and not just race through life as fast as possible.
One hilarious (or not hilarious if you are me) thing about the past week is that these little birdies keep waking my roommate and I up at 5:30 in the morning, at least a full hour and a half before it is necessary to rise. My roommate wrote a funny status update on her facebook “Dear Birds, Why did you wake me up this morning an hour before I had to get up? I don’t care how much you love life, and need to express it by chirping at 6:30 in the morning. Screw you and your cheerfulness. Love, Anne” Pretty much sums up my sentiments about the whole thing….This weekend is the first Annual Spring Fling and I am pretty excited. The dance is a ‘masquerade’ but I didn’t have time to make a mask so my roommate and I are just going themed…70s for Anne and 20’s for me (at least that is the plan). Other than, studying and enjoying a Sunday without a Scotland meeting….Hope everyone is enjoying the end February!

25 February 2010