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rain = more flowers!

purple!!Alas, the sunshine is gone.  i took full advantage of it though and spent all day Sunday outside on South Campus.  Well, I guess it’s not gone, but we’re definitely not experiencing clear-blue-skies-and-get-a-tan kidscn0689.jpgnd of sun.  cool stained glassThe rain is back, but there are flowers coming up everywhere!  I was walking through the Manor House gardens after class today and had to stop to enjoy the fragrant air.  It is just so gorgeous! 

Anyone watch LOST?? My friend Joshua got me addicted, thanks a lot Joshua.  I had never watched it before, but so far I’ve watched all of the episodes from the current season and I’ve seen about 6 from the first and second seasons.  Joshua is a Lost genius, so I go to him with all of my questions, which are never-ending at this point.  So between Lost and the Olympics my T.V. time this semester has gone way up.  However, it has turned into fantastic bonding time with the other kids in my hall.  There are on average, about eight of us that spend our nights in the lounge watching the Olympics and doing homework.  Thankfully, this past week I did not have any papers or midterms, using T.V. to regroup has been a good thing.  Finding new ways to refuel is always a good, healthy thing, as long as you can balance them with homework, which so far is going well.

U U YOGURT = BEST PLACE EVERSide-note: Carolyn and I went out to Zeppo for dinner and then U U Yogurt after!  It was awesome and if you are in Portland or visit Portland, please visit U U Yogurt.  It is nothing short of wonderful.  And to get off campus with friends = amazing!  You get to choose your combination of soft-serve yogurts, 8 choices, then you get to top it with your choice of about 30 ingredients.  Oh my goodness.  I had chocolate, raspberry and a little bit of vanilla yogurt and to top it off I had peanuts, reeses, chocolate chips, strawberries, raspberries and hot fudge.  So hanging out with Carolyn was wonderful and so was dinner and the yogurt.  You should try it!!

Anyway, back to school: wedscn0677.jpg had these awesome “Meet Your Major” sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday.  During two time slots each day at night there were about five different sessions I could’ve gone to.  I went to the Religious Studies one and then the English one Tuesday night.  At both of them I had the opportunity to talk with current students of that major, eat pizza (woo) and I got to talk with professors in each department.  Talking with current students helped me get a sense of the community in each department and I LOVE both of them!  I am thinking that I will be a Religious Studies Major and an English Minor!  Exciting!  This is not set in stone, but that’s my track, and those meetings only confirmed that.  

Keeping with the theme of promoting family endeavors, check out this article about the Church my Mom writes grants for!  The Church has a new program that helps victims of prostitution.  I met with my Advisor, Mary today and talked with her about classes for next semester, and also about findithe path to south campusng an internship.  My goal is to find an internship at a place like Kwanzaa here in Portland, and knowing that this city is so service-oriented, I am confident that I will find a place if I dig around a bit. 

At the Intervarsity conference my friend Yan had the idea to have an international Jesus night full of songs and stories to unofficially kick off L&C’s International Fair (which is next weekend!!!! I’m so excited!!!).  So this Sunday night in the Akin lounge we’re opening up the mic to anyone who wants to share stories, sing songs, or shlook at all the people outside!! and yes, this is winter!  :)are Bible verses in English or in a different language.  In Agape we have about twelve languages represented!  How incredible is that?  So, Sunday night will be a time to share some of those languages and our cultures with everyone who wants to hear. 

Women’s figure skating long program on tonight!  So I’m off to rock out some homework before then, but, please feel free fill my inbox with your questions about L&C, college decisions, LOST, rain or sunshine, or your favorite type of flower.

“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.”

- Pablo Picasso

25 February 2010