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It’s been a pretty eventful couple of weeks. Between school, work, and my (broken) social scene (ha!) I haven’t had the time to sit down and properly write a blog post. Where did we leave off last time… oh yeah, the start of the Portland International Film Festival. It’s already been a week since the kick-off, and apparently this year’s festival has thus far been a real success, with most of the movies being sold out in advance. Naturally, the marketing department (me and three others) has been working hard to make this all happen. Just last night, I carried bundles of festival schedules and walked all over downtown Portland to drop them off in bars. It was a little bit humiliating, considering all the folks in the bars were having themselves an excellent Friday night, while I awkwardly asked the manager, “Hi, is there space here for me to put this bundle of schedules?” Walking around for an hour and half kinda really sucked… but I guess I got some good exercise. I’ve been getting so fat…ha. It’s okay though, because later on in the night I got to have my share of fun. My friends and I went to this bar/club called Someday Lounge. They played a whole lot of 80s music, and even though I’m not usually a fan, the DJ spun some REALLY awesome tunes. Reminded me a lot of Daft Punk circa-Homework. Then we moved the party to another club called The Tube. This one was more hip-hop and Top 40, which is what I’m used to, but I’m increasingly finding how uncomfortable and out-of-place I feel at these places. Especially when everyone is grinding - to slow songs, to fast songs, to Ke$ha - LOL I don’t get it, but I also don’t get a lot of things. But really, Old Town on Friday nights always has the best examples of quality human interaction.

Moving on to school… Last week I wrote three papers. I am a little apprehensive about the one I wrote for the Gender Studies class. I argued in the paper that queer theory actually has less “potentiality” than gay liberation thinking – which is kind of the exact opposite of what the textbook was saying given the linear progression and the differing social and academic contexts. But really, the Western post-structuralist nature of queer theory is so limited in its applicability to queer issues in non-Western countries. But that’s just my opinion – you will find that if you pick any humanities major, the theoretical classes will be full of back-and-forth debates between academics who try to win a contest of “who can come up with the most abstract ideas!!!” In my paper for my rhetorical criticism class, I analyzed the speech Obama gave to diffuse the controversy caused by his former pastor’s anti-US remarks (Hi, 2008!). I am also a little apprehensive about this one because I actually deconstructed his sentiments to “reveal” that his non-race-focused rhetoric has hurt the ongoing movement to eradicate racism, even though his speech was to address racism. He had the nerve to justify resentment towards affirmative action! You can’t have equality when inequality is built into the system. But I’m going to watch what I say and stop here before I get too political and get told to tone it down haha. It’s always funny to think how much my views on so many issues have changed since high school, or even freshman and sophomore years.  

Okay okay, I’ll stop here. And I apologize if my post didn’t make much sense… I’m too lazy to go back to correct my grammar and perfect my points. It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I’ve got a date with homework!

20 February 2010