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Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

“A New Method”Hey everyone, sorry for the late post. Technical difficulties plus my forgetting what day of the week it is has led me to a Friday post instead of Wednesday. Oh well, more news for me to tell. Last weekend was crazy busy. My mom came to visit on Saturday and we went down to the Outlet mall in Woodburn and hadOnce Upon a Weekend “Bloody Brawl” lots of fun. My mom was also excited because spring has almost officially sprung here on campus. It kind of weirds me out because things are starting bloom (chamelias and the bulbs) which is weird because things don’t start blooming until about May in Bend. If only this really meant it would be warmer…On the upside we have had an unusual run of sunny days this week, everyday since Tuesday. It is funny, LC students are kind of like moths to a flame, when it is sunny everyone migrates to the many grassy areas and plays Frisbee (or their guitar…). Sunny days also happen to coincide with lots of absences from classes (not that anyone would think of skipping classes to be outside—at least that’s what people tell the Professors). But back to my weekend…I also went to once upon a weekend which is a transplanted LC tradition. One week prior to the show a topic is released and aspiring play writes write a short play (this semester was Lewis & Clark Students, and last semester was revenge) and then a panel picks a coupAccapela group “The Ravine Academy”le of plays. Then, madness ensues, there is a quick casting session, the actors get two days to learn their scripts and only two hours to rehearse. This all culminates in a performance Saturday night in the Black Box. Future students be warned, it is always a packed event and those who don’t get there early end up sitting on the floor (read—me and my roommate). My favorite play was called “A New Method.” A student enters the Library, takes her shoes off and proceeds to write in the book. An argument ensues and much laughter is had about the penchant for LC students to go around without shoes. I don’t really understand this practice, I personally love shoes, but I once had a guy in my class give a presentation on gun rights without shoes on hmm, not quite my thing, but whatever floats your boat! The play “Shout Out to the New York Times” also was pretty good, it was a kind of spoof on an article in the Times about how many colleges (LC included) have more guys than girls, so the play gave dating advice to the girl looking for a man in short supply… The pictures are from the plays and also from the Acappela groups that performed (Valentines themed from the anti-Valentines concert on Thursday).
Sunday was again pretty much devoted to my Scotland trip, I couldn’t convince myself to get up earlier than nine, so I had to do a little homework and then learn about Scottish Geography. I also made my boyfriend Pizza for a treat (I am not a big fan of Valentines day, but I thought a break from cafeteria food would be nice), and he did not seem all that convinced that I could make it. But all takes is some Trader Joes pizza dough, sauce and pre-shredded cheese and you have it made! (pun unintended, but amusing). This weekend I am hunkering down to get through some midterms, Differential Equations is up first on Monday, and then I get about a week to study for Econ and Poli Sci. Right now Econ is going to be the death of me, it is not something that comes naturally to me (quite tragically) and I have to study a lot!  With all of that said, I better leave off for this week, hope everyone is enjoys their weekend and the sunshine (if it is sunny where you are. If not, think about Florida!).

20 February 2010