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bluuuuuue skystudying in the Manor House gardens!  how many people get to study and look at Mt. Hood at the same time, I mean, really…spring!awesome tree with lots of shoes in it in Forestmore shoe treeWatching the Olympics!  With homework and chips :)dscn0663.jpgmore olympic watchingPioneer Square downtown (During the JTR conference I had to go back to campus for my RA interview, and I took the Pio express and the MAX to get back to the hotel, so this is a pic while waiting for the MAX)dscn0633.jpgI love the sun!  It has been shining since yesterday and it has been more than wonderful.  Monday I took a twenty minute rest laying out in the sun by the reflecting pool and today I did homework for two hours outside.  I might even have a bit of sunburn…  but probably not.  Either way, it has been wonderful.  If you need rest, I highly recommend taking a nap in the sun.

Natural energy has definitely been needed this week – it is midterm season!  Woooo so creative naps/study breaks have been utilized.  One of those has been watching the Olympics!  I learned the history of Early Christianity while watching the snowboard half pipe.  Yes, I could’ve learned it much faster by just camping out in the Library, but hey, the Olympics need to be watched, and second, it’s great bonding time with friends in my hall.  But I actually did some work that’s the good thing.  Added stress/work in school means an increased amount of intentional hang-out time with friends.

Like last week with my Dad’s habanero paste, I have a new “family-member-in-the-news” to brag about… my Grandma Rose!  She owns a business in Buffalo, MN called Second Hand Rose.  Here is a blurb off of her blog website: Rose’s depression era upbringing provided her with a “make do, can do” work ethic. Why not make do with “junk” and “less than perfect”? We rehab old furniture and home décor, create one of kind items, use splashy colors, have a sense of humor and never let a good idea go to waste! Between sales we repair, repaint, reupholster & re-invent.”  Here at L&C, there are some seriously talented DIY-ers, clothing makers, inventors and artists (among many other talents) so it’s cool to see my Grandma taking advantage of her creative juices like so many people do here. 

So last summer I was an assistant coach for my High School’s summer lacrosse training program.  I mainly taught 8-9 year old girls the basics and then spent some time with previous teammates helping them improve their skills.  This summer I will not only be assistant-coaching again, but also I will be the director of the K-3 program!  I am so excited!!  I will get hang-out time with friends I haven’t seen in a while and I will get to teach girls how to play the sport that I love.  I think this will be a pretty awesome summer.  I will be doing other things too for the record, but that’s just a recent highlight on my summer-life plans. 

It’s prospective student time!  If you come to campus and see me, please feel free to call me out.  It will only be really awkward for a few moments I promise.  I’m ready for your questions! 

p.s. I hear back about becoming an  RA March 1st (!!!!!) Which is in ten days… not like I’m counting or anything…



“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night” –Steve Martin

19 February 2010