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steps in grown-up-ification

when it’s sunny, everything is more exposed, from shoulders and knees to Mt. Hoodthis is one of my favourite trees on campus, it’s all lit up at nightChinese New Year in the Bon means playing with ink and brushesthe halftime student government versus administration game is serious businessRavine Academy singing their a cappella classic Tainted Love, Shelby and Kim soloingsticky notes are great encouragementOnce Upon A Weekend is obviously a very formal eventCollin, crossdressing as a rather flighty librarianthis one act featured a self-proclaimed ambiguous and exotic accentthis one act was called The Further Adventures of Two Brave Young Explorers and Their Tag-Along Kid Sisterhey there, tub of paint, it’s nice to meet youthe paint colours we used are “plum frost” and “Peruvian violet”I did the detail-y border work with one of my artist brushesmy mom doing the rollerworkthis wins the Most Creative Poster of All Time awardLook what I finished sewing this week! Think I could sell it for $20?

The Madness is beginning to crystallise. The Gender Studies Symposium is less than three weeks away, and there is an inverse correlation with its proximity and my sanity. Most everything is coming together, with a few major detours (Alix Olson canceled her Friday night show; we won’t be hosting the AIDS Quilt this year), and I’m excited to see everything fall into place in the coming weeks. Ten months ago, this symposium began life as the tiny spore of an idea, an innocuous little thing that sounded a lot like “hey guys, let’s do something about the science of gender, we haven’t done a science theme before!” And lo, now we have a fully laden three-day symposium featuring everything from sex therapy workshops to presentations built around subjects as divergent as Darwinian feminism and the medicalisation of pretty much everything. So this week, I finally got round to officially notifying all of my professors that I will be missing three days of classes in mid-March due to my annual affliction with Gender Studies Symposium Madness. My professors are being wonderfully understanding – my Religious History professor even offered to extend a paper deadline for me so I don’t have to turn it in halfway through the Symposium.

Midterms and their accompanying battery of papers and assignments are hurtling toward us. I turned in my first Queer Studies paper on Thursday. Our class took over a third of the group study rooms in the library on Wednesday night. It was a big ol’ queer party. Which of course I avoided; to minimise distractions, Mel and I bottled ourselves up in a deserted, accidental balcony nook I’m not sure I could find again if I tried. The paper prompt was “How does ‘queer’ function in the debate of gay liberation versus ‘queer’? To what extent do you agree or disagree that it opens up space for potentiality?” We both finished our papers around 1am. Not too shabby!

I seem to relegate my not-so-academic activities to the weekends. Last weekend was the Anti-Valentine’s Day concert, Once Upon a Weekend, and the last home girls’ basketball game of the year (we won!). There is a completely excessive number of videos from the a cappella and choir performances on my youtube account – go nuts! I also recorded the second half of what turned out to be my favourite Once Upon a Weekend one-act play. Once Upon a Weekend is a once-a-semester tradition of theatrical overload: students have a week to write scripts based on a pre-selected theme (this time it was “O, Pioneers!”), the scripts are cast on Friday, students have two hours of rehearsal time on Saturday, and then on Saturday night they perform to a bursting-at-the-seams Blackbox theatre. It is, by its very definition, a magical one-time occurrence.

Now that I resemble a responsible and mature adult, it’s time to convert my childhood bedroom at home into a grown-up person room. Over winter break we sold my old furniture – the twin loft bed my parents built for me when I was nine, the child’s desk – and bought the ingredients to bake a new room to accommodate my adult sensibilities. On Saturday, I trekked home to help paint my walls a very responsible and mature colour: purple! I’ve never painted a whole room before, so it was good life experience. Next steps in grown-up-ification: assemble new bed obtained from Craigslist and sew duvet cover. Domesticity: I rock at it.

I made the Dean’s List again this year, which means two things: 1.) I got good marks last semester and 2.) LC rewards good grades with fancy food. I was invited to Dessert with the Dean, and I was really excited to go, because hey – free food! I let them know about my dietary limitations – no dairy, wheat, citrus, or tomatoes, like you’d want tomatoes at a dessert – and they assured me they would provide something for me. But then the day of the Dessert they emailed me the menu, which most definitely was not Maisha-friendly, and I got all bummed out. So Melissa made me surprise cookies! With oat flour and flax seed and dairy-free chocolate chips, so I could eat them! I have the best girlfriend. My room still smells mildly of cookies, which is arguably the greatest smell ever invented.

The much-anticipated Vagina Monologues are tonight! I didn’t end up being able to print t-shirts, but not for lack of effort. The emulsifier fluid in the Print Shop is messed up, so until the Print Shop kids order new emulsifier, printing cannot really be done. I tried to burn a stencil three separate times with the existing emulsifier, adjusting the exposure time and the opacity of the design, but it never worked out. But hey, I learned the principles of how to use the Print Shop! Future printing will happen. Until then, I’ll just keep sewing shirts to satisfy my crafting appetite.

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19 February 2010