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early morning studying in the sunniest spot in the library
The Sickness is making its rounds on campus. I seem to have intercepted a particularly mild strain of it, and I’m fending it off with chamomile tea and honey. I thought I hated chamomile tea and honey, but it turns out that I don’t – it tastes just like the appley part of an apple crisp! Hey, okay.

Life goes on, obdurate throat and all. Last night, I pumped out an eight page paper for my Comm class in just over three hours. I kind of wish all papers could be that fast to write. Usually I clock in at about a page per hour, so this was definitely a record, even if it was more of an extra-long synopsis/reflection drabble than an actual academic production. But anything that makes me feel accomplished is okay by me. That accomplished feeling is one of the reasons I love PE so much; this week we learned how to combine tundik kick, elbow strike, hammerfist, and knee strike into one smooth defense that ends with the attacker laid out on the ground. (Sidenote: I secretly call this class Women’s Self Defense Against the Dark Arts, for lo, I am a nerd.)

African dancing looks suspiciously similar to American teenage-style dancingKemi plays every single part in her play Jabulile!coming soon to a t-shirt near you!It’s African Culture Week, which mostly means the Bon was weird at dinnertime on Wednesday. There was African food (I got lentils and rice, it really was a lot like my Kenya/Tanzania study abroad, nostalgia is delicious) and there were musical and dance performances up on a temporary stage. At one point, a few African students beckoned people to the stage for a dance lesson, African-style. Culture nights in the Bon are always slightly baffling and overwhelming for me, but for some reason this one was less so than usual. After dinner, Kemi previewed a 15 minute selection of her one-woman play Jabulile! which will debut in full at the Gender Studies Symposium before she takes it to an international theatre festival in South Africa this summer. The play, which Kemi started writing in high school, is a mosaic of eight stories about womanhood and sexuality as told by four different, fictional Swaziland street vendors. The clip Kemi performed in the Blackbox theatre was both incredible and intense, and I really hope I get to see the full production in March. Even if I miss it – I will be running around like a crazy person during the Symposium – I can probably track down a video recording of it later.

aw yeah, I hang out under the kitchen counter with our compost paraphernaliaour worms are kinda veganThis week I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for two and a half years: learning how to use the Print Shop! I signed up to design and print the t-shirts for the Vagina Monologues this year, which entails learning how to use all the fancy equipment in the student-run Print Shop. Adrian and I will partition off several hours of our Sunday to the project. The Womyn’s Center plans to sell the t-shirts at the door, and the money goes to the Portland Women’s Crisis Line. The packages of men’s white t-shirts Maggie bought for screenprinting all came with a complimentary stick of deodorant, so starting now I will probably smell like man for the rest of forever. Why go buy deodorant when you’ve got six free samples, right?

how to make a fruitfly trap - apple cider vinegar + a drop of dish soapHartzfeld B got hall pets – worms! SEED (Students Engaged in Eco-Defense club) scored a grant to get vermiculture kits, so now our communal kitchen is all set to compost. We also got reusable, rewashable towels from SEED for all the public bathroom in the residence halls on campus to cut down on paper towel waste. Summary: SEED is great. We are being nicer to the earth. Awesome!

I’m going to this thing tonight!Tonight I’m going to the Anti-Valentine’s Day Choir & A Cappella Concert, which is always seventeen kinds of excellent. Then my parents are abducting me and I’ll devote Saturday’s daylight hours to rolling purple paint onto my bedroom walls at home. Saturday evening is the last basketball game of the season and then Once Upon a Weekend. Full coverage of my weekend shenanigans in next week’s blog entry!

You do your question thing, I’ll do my answer thing.

12 February 2010