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haute habanero

Not like I’m using this blog to advertise my Dad’s business or anything, but, he just started making a habanero paste!  the paste!!!And it’s pretty awesome.  Check out his website here!  I had it in some mac & cheese today and it was fantastic.  I am going to bring it to the Bon (dining hall) tomorrow morning and have it in my egg and cheese quesadilla.  I’m kind of excited. 

Classes are going really well again this semester.  My New Testament/Early Christian Origins class is just awesome.  Our first paper assignment was this: “For one of the texts we read explain how the social and historical context out of which it came shaped the religious imagination expressed in it.”  We have read 1 Thessalonians, Philemon, Galatians, Organ inside the ChapelMark, and Matthew so far, so I chose Mark.  Instead of doing a broad overview of how the socio-historical contexts shaped Mark, I focused in on Mark 1:40-45, the story of Jesus healing the Leper.  Specifically I answered why Jesus tells the newly cleansed man to go directly to a priest instead of telling other people.  So I don’t leave you hanging, I’ll give you one of the explanations.  The priests of the time were the only ones who could declare a person “clean” and they did this by making sacrifices in the Temple.   They also believed that it was only by a divine power that people could become “clean.” Lepers were considered “unclean” and “ritually impure” and were subject to banishment.  For a priest to even consider talking to a leper was taboo.  Jesus, using his divine authority to cleanse people of their sins (which the priests do not have) cleansed the leper.  Jesus told the man to go to the priest and offer a sacrifice in order to prove to them that he had command of that divine authority.  I have learned so much in this class Dalready – and that wasn’t the only part of my paper.  If you want to know more, email me, I love talking about this stuff.

Enough about school.  Like I said last week, Madisyn and Elyn are back from India!  I talked with Elyn for the first time today, and it was so good to hear her voice.  The excitement that was still there from the trip was evident, but so was her fatigue.  She is a senior in high school right now, and is trying to decide between four colleges!  So after being in India for two weeks, she was thrown back into the “finishing high school” lifestyle.  Madisyn is also trying to pick a college.  I remember and do not miss that crazy time.  I definitely ended up in the right place though!  I am sure they will too, but it was a stressful process soooo good!!! sometimes making your own dinner is just the best thing to do.  really.  especially with friends.that is for sure.  So they are back from India, and my friend Emily is headed off to Chile on Tuesday!!  For five weeks!!  My friend Jen is in Australia, Carolyn is going to Ghana this summer – I am not going to Morocco… but I will be going somewhere.  International travel is so awesome.  I went to Sweden when I was 13 and just got back in touch with a friend via facebook!  It has been so good to catch up with him.  Thankfully he speaks very good English, I know about three words in Swedish.

This weekend is the Intervarsity Winter Conference: Jesus The Revolution.  I will be going to that all weekend, and I am really really really excited.  I will get to see another part of Portland, hang out with fun people, sing awesome songs, relax and learn.  There are six L&C students going I think, maybe five, but going with friends will be sweet.  Also on Friday there is an A Cappella concert, and Section Line Drive is singing Winter Song, and Carolyn is one of the featured singers!!!!  This link isi got the swimming button at my roommate’s last home swim meet.  they have conference this weekend… GO PIOS!! to a video of a performance last year, Carolyn is the second one that comes up front to sing! I can’t wait to see it live!

So, a good week so far and lots of good things lined up for the rest of the week.  I’m off to bed, well reading then bed, but I hope that if you are in Oregon you had the chance to see Mt. Hood yesterday (it was beautiful from campus!  Wow) and if you are not in Oregon I sure hope you get to come experience it someday.  If you are a prospective student looking for more college advice or have questions, my email box still has room

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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet success unexpected in common hours” –Henry David Thoreau


p.s. sorry some of the pics are blurry… not sure what happened… sorry!


11 February 2010