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It’s only been three weeks since school started? Say what? It feels like a semester already. Of course I’m exaggerating but really this semester is going by very slowly. And I am so grateful for this – whatever prolongs my absence from the real working world… I need. This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but the issue at hand isn’t really appropriate for this space. But know that there was a peaceful rally and a few student forums involved, and hopefully we’ll see some changes to the school’s policies. I guess you will have to come to this school to find out. My shameless and “subtle” plug for this school aside, isn’t this about the time you guys are hearing back from schools? Or am I entirely off and you guys are just getting started on your applications? Either way, I am here to answer your questions. So far I’ve been able to help a few people with their questions (yes, there is wireless internet all over campus; no, this is not a clothing-optional campus, unfortunately), but I remember during my application process I messaged a few LC students on MySpace and that was really helpful (yes, MySpace the social networking site… I’m a fossil, I know!) So yeah, you can e-mail me at and I’ll give you all the dirty details about this school. Kidding…kind of.

I guess the reason it seems like this semester’s been going by so slowly is because of the sheer volume of the work I’ve had to do. Not only do I have my regular (and rigorous as always) academic schedule to worry about, now I have an internship that consumes upwards of 20 hours of my time per week and a thesis that I’m growingly increasingly apprehensive about. For my internship at the NW Film Center I’ve been making movie posters. Lots of niche-ized posters that we send to various organizations in Portland so they can help us promote the movies at this year’s Portland International Film Festival (PIFF), which kicks off this Thursday. So if you live in Portland are super super into movies, especially international cinema, go! You can find the schedule at Better yet, if you’ve been severely affected by this wack economy, get in touch with me and if I’m working at the specific movie you’re interested in I might just be able to pull out some money-saving magic….

Until next time.

8 February 2010