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Eight O’Clock at the Oasis

Happy Thursday! So I don’t know how it happened, but one moment it is Monday and I have three days to compose my blog, and then all of the sudden it is Thursday. How time has flown this week. Last weekend was amazing, the guide to the Highlands for the Scotland overseas program was on campus and the new group got to have brunch with him and some students who went on the last trip. It is was really fun to get to hear all of the stories from the old group and learn the dos and don’ts. Most of their advice had to do with what places to visit and the good pubs to frequent but its also was bizare at times. My friend Will really took the advice to not talk to boys in ties very seriously! We were also warned not to leave the doors to our rooms open because they are very concerned about fire safety! We also got a question and answer period with Eddie Stivens, a play write who lives in Glenelg (population about 250) in the Scottish Highlands and is our guide for our time in the Highlands! Besides the technical questions about what we get to do in the Highlands (a little of everything from castle visits to hiking and even swimming in Sandeig) he told us that in Scotland we are to say “can I get a lift” instead of “ride” and that pants are underwear and trousers are what we call pants. I also learned that scotch and whiskey are the same thing and in Scotland it is only called whiskey not scotch (go figure). I am excited, but a little nervous about going for such a long time, it will be hard to be gone over thanksgiving. But as I tell my mom the internet is a great invention and now we have webcams (well I will after my birthday) and can talk for free!
I also went to the schools Improv group “The Serious Club’s” show last Thursday. It was pretty funny, they often play a game where the audience writes down scenes which are then randomly drawn out of a hat and they have to act them out. Mine was “Barack Obama is your roommate” but the guy messed it up and read it as “Barack Obama is your Mother” and the performers just looked at him…Improv and Acapella seem like tried and true college traditions and Lewis & Clark is no exception, in a couple of weeks they are going to have a joint performance of the improv group and a couple of the Acapella groups which should be pretty funny. This weekend should be pretty quiet, I am hoping to go downtown and get a Library card at the county Library and maybe go grocery shopping, my chocolate supplies are starting to dwindle (well, getting a loaf of bread would be good too…). Well, I better go but I would love to hear from any of you if you want me to talk about anything specific
Bon Voyage (as my African History Professor always says)

PS. These are pics from the improv show. Also, here is a link to the overseas office if anyone wants to see what programs we have.
Also, I stumbled upon this the other day, but Lewis and Clark has a youtube channel and they have some videos of dorm rooms and from events on campus!

PPS. I was super excited in my Presidential Politics class on Wednesday because I got to use a random piece of knowledge gleaned from Exploration and Discovery reading Galileo (unfortunately my least favorite book in the whole class). Did you know that the word Planet means wandering star? I also learned that I am kind of nerdy because I knew all of the “trivia” questions about the American Presidency. It turns out I have spent too much of my brain cells on remembering that the last time the US House had to break a tie for President was in 1824 and that Andrew Johnson was the first (and one of only two) president’s to be impeached…

funny-pictures-cat-is-indisposed.jpgmy new favorite LOL Kittehdscn0143.JPGImprov!

4 February 2010