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booyah. spring is here.

So I decided not to apply to study abroad in Morocco.  The applications are due Friday (this trip would be Spring of 2010.)  It was aYoung Life leaders!Weasley Clock, Kayla and Hannah styleFrom India!Madisyn and Elyn in India!Kids in IndiaBeautiful IndiaMelting chocolate for pretzels!Hannah making chocolate/peanut butter pretzels! soooo goodA girl named Lindsey was on the College version of Jeopardy!  We had a viewing party in the Council Chambers with pizza and pop.  Great school pride going on! battle for about two days straight whether or not I should go for it.  My application was just about done, I only needed to get passport pictures, but I decided not to do it.  Yes, I could’ve turned it in and then decided, but I’m just not supposed to go there next year.  However, I did apply to become an RA, and the group process interview session is this Saturday.  There is a higher chance that I will be chosen now because I would be able to be there both semesters next year which is a plus.  And also three of my best friends are juniors, meaning that if I did go to Morocco, I would miss their last semester.  That wasn’t my biggest deciding factor in when making that decision, but now I realize that it will be such a good thing to have more time with them.  So no Morocco for next year, but who knows – maybe junior year?  I have even thought about spending a full year abroad, so maybe Morocco for a semester and then India??  Overall, I think it’s a pretty good problem to have, meaning, I know I will be going somewhere AWESOME within the next few years.  Definitely a good problem.

Speaking of India, my friends Elyn and Madisyn get back from India on Friday!  Unfortunately, I will not be able to give them hungs in person (they live in Michigan) but I have missed talking with them.  To know that they are in India though, that fact just blows my mind. 

Classes this semester?  Well, I am not as impressed as last semester.  Last semester all four of my teachers were high-powered geniuses that knew how to teach, and did it extremely well.  This semester E&D is not as intense, which I am not a huge fan of.  My class is about the “Auditory Experience” and we have spent our time watching The Matrix and reading basic philosophical articles, which are not bad, but I am not learning anything relating to anything auditory.  The class is definitely picking up though, now that we are sitting in a circle because we don’t have to watch the movie.  My new favorite class though is The New Testament/Early Christian Origins.  Dr. Rob Kugler is beyond amazing.  The amount of knowledge that is packed into every class is overwhelming in the best possible way.  We covered the Gospel of Mark today and my head is still racing.  We talked about how the Disciples were given the “secret to the Kingdom” yet they still did not understand.  What a class!  I am really thinking about Religious Studies as my major.  One of the things I do when I don’t want to do homework but still feel productive is make a four year plan.  So I will map out the classes I will take for the next four years and dig through the course catalog.  And the classes I keep going back to are the Religious Studies classes.  Religious Studies major and English minor.  That’s my track right now.  I like it.

New things this semester:  No crew, I have a job as a student assistant in the Admissions Office and I’m taking guitar lessons.  Booyah. 


College app questions?  Want to know why eating grapefruit every morning is awesome?  Want to know how to make a double-boiler with a ceramic bowl and a hot pot?  Ask me!


“Scatter joy!” –Kathy Davis

4 February 2010