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Back on the grind

Hello all =)

 Wow it has been a very long since I have been able to fill you guys in the life of my LC world.  This week was the second week back to good ol LC. Getting back into the groove of things was quite difficult if I dont say so myself. I did not have much time to settle in with between the new classes and the London application. 

I finally turned in the overseas application today. Supposedly its the most popular program which makes it difficult to get into. So FINGERS CROSSED!

On Martian Luther King Day it was very nice to attend the lecture held at the law school.  Professor Randall Kennedy surrounded his lecture around the question “Is the Election of Barack Obama the Fulfillment of Dr. King’s Dream?”. He kept me intriqued with his speech the entire way through, which I must admit I can not do in every lecture I hear. 






1 February 2010