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Maisha, yo’ my big fwiend

stop acting like spring, campus!this is my favourite tree in the cementaryhelmet hugMel is teaching herself how to play flute a littleMel with her dog Trixiewe made coin forests when counting the money raised by LCHaitiAndrew “played with us,” aka played his gameboy in our presenceaunties - and big fwiends - make great horseysAuntie Mel teaching Andrew something jazzythe webcomic strip I drew for last week, email me if you want the link to my siteI still have paper snowflakes taped to my windows in the hopes that Portland won’t give up on winter quite yet. I don’t think it’s working. Spring is definitely doorknocking, there are buds and birds and sometimes I can even walk across campus in just jeans and a t-tshirt.

Last weekend it was so nice for a fragment of Saturday that Melissa and I bounded onto our bicycles and went for a ride down to the cemetery. The mountain was even out! Then my gear shifts stopped working, so I had to walk my bike back up the hill to campus. Maybe I’ll bribe one of my bike-savvy hallmates into fixing my bike in exchange for my flex points purchasing power at Maggie’s. I want to be able to keep riding it as the sun makes more frequent appearances.

I realised, as I was blearily tapping out a paper at 8am for the second morning in a row this week, that the reason my classes are eating me alive is because I’m now taking two 300-level classes. Oh, yeah, that would do it. Both Gender in Relational Comm and Women in Religious History assign about four hours of reading a night, plus a response paper due almost every class period. I foresee a lot of library campouts in the near future. At least I’m really interested in everything I’m studying – it’s just a big time commitment. My first paper is due next week too, eep! But it’s on the Salem Witch Trials, which I’m pretty excited to research, so it should be an okay paper to compose.

To compensate for my heavy homework load, I’m trying to climb into the backseat of the LCHaiti truck. Mel is crafting a Haiti Film Week, and Claire is putting together an end-of-semester Benefit Dinner, but I’m just helping with administrative stuff on projects like those. We’ve already raised nearly $1,000 in about two weeks, so that’s pretty neat.

Between homework, Gender Studies Symposium planning, LCHaiti meetings, running Unisex, and working as an RA, I don’t have much me-time. So I sat down and blocked out artwork time into my google calendar. For reals. Art is my way of relaxing, so I really look forward to those two-hour blocks on Wednesday and Friday to sketch, ink, and breathe.

Last night was Mel’s dad’s birthday, so we went to her house and played with her nephews. Matthew (who’s four) and I built lego monstrosities and Mel taught Andrew (who’s six) a new song on the piano – he’s a much faster learner than me! When it was time to light the candles on the cake, Andrew plunked out Happy Birthday while everyone sang along. At the end of the evening, I even got to help bathe the boys and read them bedtime stories, my favourite. They’re such great little people, or, as Matty says, “I’m not a pohson, I’m a boy.” (That’s “person” in case you don’t speak four-year-old.) Matty also informed us that “Auntie, yo’ my auntie, an’ Maisha, yo’ my big fwiend.” D’awww! I’ve always wanted to be someone’s big friend!

Next weekend, I’m slated to go home to help paint my bedroom and to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Of course, I also have a paper to write and four hours of RA group interviews to monitor, so it’s going to be a pretty full weekend. Wish me luck!

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30 January 2010