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The Not-So-Serious:

Remember the music video I filmed last semester? (Of course you do, I couldn’t shut up about it.) Well I finished it over break and it is now available on YouTube! I got my friend Steph to wear a (cheap) blonde wig and be Lady Gaga, and my friend Becca to also wear a wig to act as Beyonce. The result is colorful, hilarious, and I’m really proud of what we did. It already has more than 2,500 views on YouTube! Check it out by clicking the link below!

 lady gagamv2.JPGbeyoncebecca as beyoncegaga (steph) at a party

Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone 

The Serious:

At long last, the last semester of my undergrad years has cometh. For three and half years I have listened to people telling me how weird and surreal it feels to be on the verge of graduating, and I never understood what the big deal is. I do now. And I know some people say freshman year feels like only yesterday… but for me it seems like ages and ages ago that I first stepped onto this campus as a first-year. What does this mean I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that it’s bananas how much has happened in four years – and I have a lot to show for it. I mean, I’ve learned to like to read and write, I now watch serious movies, and I don’t hate rock music anymore. I guess this is where I get sappy and I say how much I’ve grown…HA. No, I’ll spare you since I already did enough of that in the last post. Instead I’ll bore you with what I’ve been up to for the first two weeks of school.

 cubicles!!!!industrial lighting!!!film postersmy workspace

Let’s see…oh I’m overloading again. 20 credits this time: 3 classes + thesis + internship. Yeah, I’m scared. And I guess a little bit excited too. But mostly scared. The best part of this semester so far has been definitely my internship at the NW Film Center (check them out at It’s been a crazy load of work – 14 flyers due by next Wednesday crazy – but it’s also my first real step into the working world. It’s serious business. I’m there 16 hours a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes weekends if I have to be at a film screening. The line-up for this year’s Portland International Film Festival (PIFF) looks insannne and I’m so psyched because I don’t get to watch too many foreign films normally so this is going to be a great break from my once-again crazy academic schedule. Here are some pictures I took at work today.

That’s it for this week. I hope you guys enjoyed the music video. And definitely feel free to send it around!!


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28 January 2010