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Teach me Tonight (or today?)

Hey guys, so its raining, and my big plans for the day were foiled. I finished all of my homework yesterday so I thought today I would walk up to South Campus (where the Grad School is located) with my roommate and take some pictures, there are some really pretty woods down their and an old house that was once a manor then a convent before it became the Grad School in 2001 (I think, this is what I remember from taking Historical Materials). So that will have to wait for a sunny day, I don’t really feel like taking a long walk in the rain :-(

The first week of classes was pretty good. I am so excited about my Presidential Politics class. My political science class last semester was really methods based, it seemed like everything we read was about how that author studied his topic and not about the content of the study. So this semester will be a welcome change. It is nice to read for content again and not just method. It is also great to be studying that I find really fascinating, we have also been promised a couple of debates about the merits of the Presidential system and the Electoral College. Well, (she says) it sounds like a lot of fun to me. I am also excited about my African History class, things have started off a little shaky but the reading is really interesting and I hope that once we really dive into the material it will be a wonderful class.  I am also taking differential equations which sounds a little scary but I like to take math because it is a nice antidote to all of these debates that have no answer it Political Science. Lastly, I am taking Economics 100 which is required for a lot of majors besides Econ. Econ sounds intimidating but the Professor has done a good job (so far) of making me understand why it is so important to understand economics.
Other than the basics of the first week of classes, I have been getting my work schedule all figured out and made a quick run to Powells to pick up a book for History. I timed it and it takes less than ten minutes to walk from Pio square (where the bus drops us off) to get to Powells (in case anyone wondered, it is a really manageable walk). This semester I am working again as a tutor in the Math Skills Center. The center is open for anyone who needs help with there math homework and is open in the afternoons and evenings most days. I am also working in the Admissions office again were things are starting to get crazy! For you Seniors the deadline is fast approaching, which means a lot of filing for me and my fellow student workers, but also a lot of chocolate!
Other than school and work I started reading this book called House of Leaves it is really strange and I can hardly explain what it is about, but it is very intriguing. I have also started my meetings for the Scotland Study Abroad trip. I am so excited, Glasgow looks beautiful and I have started looking at classes I am hoping to take there next fall. Right now I think I would like to try and take UK politics or maybe Post Communism in Eastern Europe in addition to the two required classes. Well, that’s all for now….oh wait. I forgot. On the bus on the way back from the city it was really, really crowded on the bus (you know how some colleges see how many students they can fit in a phone booth, we try to see how many you can fit on a bus…) and on the way back to campus we were about to get to the roundabout on campus and I hear my friend shout “Oh no, the roundabout” and I cracked up, because it is really easy to accidentally fall over…The great Powells Bookswell I guess I will leave you with that thought Bon Voyage, and good luck with your applications!!

PS. So if you enlarge the picture look a the yellow sign, it always makes me laugh!

24 January 2010