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Scene in a Mall

Welcome back to my Blog. Well, maybe you have not been away, but I have been hanging out in Bend at my house watching too much TV and eating delicious food. I had a pretty quiet break, a lot of reading books and sleeping until 9:30 (well if you are my boyfriend you consider that early, but for me that is rather late). Even though I have sworn to hate science fiction novels for all eternity (it has to do with a lot of bad 70’s sci fi novels of my dads which all say that we should have been on the moon in 1998) one of my friends told me I had to read Ursula K. Le Guin’s novels. So I was in the Library and stumbled upon one of them and decided to read it. It was amazing (and I do not use that word lightly). One of the best things about her novels are that a lot “Pio” Squareof them are set in Portland because she lives here. I read The Lathe of Heaven which is about this guy who’s dreams become reality, but it was fun to say, oh I know that street, or that landmark in downtown. I also read a couple of old favorites and watched my new copy of the Half Blood Prince.
My roommate and I went into Portland today as we have the day off before classes start tomorrow (we got here yesterday). We went to Powells Books and browsed for a long time and then went shoe shopping. I didn’t buy any shoes but I did find a cute dress. I also wanted to go to the Multnomah County Library and get a Library card and we were all the way in front of it before my roommate pSign Posts in Pio Square–note the Walden Pondointed out that it was a holiday and not going to be open. Oh well, I have to go back to the city this week to pick up a book so I will probably stop in then. I am kind of excited about starting classes, except for my craziness at choosing to take 8am economics. I am looking forward to an easier semester than the last one. I am also really looking forward to taking Modern African History because this is the first time the Department has offered classes in African History so I am hoping it will be interesting and something that I have not been exposed to before.
Well, I had better be getting ready for tomorrow, I have some organizing to do to make sure I got all of my books. Buying from the bookstore is easiest, but I saved over a hundred dollars on one book by ordering on Amazon and through Barnes and Noble. The Hoar frost and a barb wire fenceonly downside is tMocha as a shy kittenhat I am always a lMore Hoar Frostittle afraid that I will end up missing one. I hope you guys are enjoying my blog, and if you have any questions or a suggestion of what I should write

Pioneer Court House Square

about in the future don’t hesitate to e-mail me— and I would love to talk about what you want to know!

So I can’t just finish anything the first time… I thought I would show you a couple of pictures of the “hoar” frost or freezing fog that socked in my house Christmas Day and or the next couple of days. It is pretty, but after a while I begin to wish that I could see the sun. I also put up a picture of my cat (who  I think is adorable, obviously). If any of you have finicky cats be warned. Whenever I get home my cat punishes me for a couple of days and refuses to sit on my lap and will only come see me if I pick him up and force him to cuddle with me. Okay, this is it for real….

18 January 2010