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Wanna know how I feel right now? Like I can conquer anything. This is false. But I just survived the worst night/day combination in all of my three and half years here at Lewis and Clark. No, nothing exciting happened. I just had a lot of school work to do. Two papers, two presentations, and two finals to be exact. They were all due today. That Art History final pretty much occupied all of my time, since there were 200 or so images to memorize (+ their significance and period/dates). At 9’o clock this morning, I walked in to that classroom and knew I was going to ace it. And I did, or at least I B’d it. I’ll be happy with either grade. Amazing class, but a butt-kicking final for sure…. But it kinda sucks that spent all of my time on Art History that I literally had no time for my five other projects. But I managed to pull through…somehow. I got an extension on the presentation, so I’ll be preparing for it tonight, plus two short reflection papers and one four-page reflection paper of my PioLog experience, and studying for another final for tomorrow. Laying them out like this looks bad, but I honestly don’t feel the least bit of stress. I’m on a weird high… I’m pretty sure this is what triumph feels like.  But I’m not done yet. Here is to a glorious tomorrow.

Oh, if you ever decide to come to (or visit) Lewis and Clark, make sure you plan your trip so that you can be here for the next a capella concert. This guy named Jon. Oh yeah, he blogs, too. Well his voice is possibly one of the best I have ever heard. Think Iron and Wine, but more crisp. And I hope it isn’t creepy that I’m writing about him on here. The other groups were good, too! I always enjoy Section Line Drive’s Holiday Medley.

What else…

Oh, my laptop broke last week. That’s right. Right before finals. I lost a bunch of notes and I couldn’t finish a final video project for a class, but luckily I had already made one earlier in the semester so that was covered. Today I got a phone call from the fixer-uppers and apparently it’s ready to be picked up! Best timing ever. Not.

15 December 2009