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brittle sunlight

environmentally-friendly mutant snowflakes
Mel and Rachey made the good-looking snowflakes, and the peopleMel took this picture - it’s cold!Yesterday morning, I scrambled out of bed, plopped down on the floor, and spent an hour blearily cutting lopsided snowflakes from paper I extracted from the recycling bin. Such a compulsion means only one thing: it’s almost the holidays! It’s certainly cold enough. My longjohns and I are getting intimate – I haven’t taken them off for a solid week. I don’t leave my room without a scarf, two hats, and three or four shirts. I’m okay with the cold, but seriously, where’s the snow? It’s been all blue skies and brittle sunlight. I think we’re all ready for a little precipitation. My deformed recycled-paper snowflakes don’t really make the cut.

this is a comic strip I drew featuring Ethan, and he gave me permission to post itMel and I prefer strange trees to Christmas-tree-shaped onesI dare you to find a more impressive box fort than this one in Hartzfeld CMy first Final was at stupid o’clock (8:30am) this morning. It was actually my only sit-down Final this semester, and it was Astronomy. In our last actual class period, I got my research paper back. Guess what?! I won Astronomy! Out of all the 60-odd papers in our class, mine about the red controversy of Sirius was selected as one of the most interesting, along with Preetham’s paper about the geology of one of Jupiter’s moons. The prize was a score of 100% on the paper and the power to decide how Ethan, our professor, will groom his facial hair, which he has been diligently growing since Thanksgiving. As hair-larious as it would be to give Ethan a Darwin beard or Salvador Dalí moustache (Preetham’s and my original ideas), we’ve decided to give the guy a fighting chance at retaining some fragment of dignity, and have therefore decided a goatee is the way to go. As extra credit on our Final Exam, Ethan asked everyone to doodle a picture on the back of the last page of the type of goatee he should manicure – so I drew a picture of Ethan dressed as a pirate ship, with his facial hair as the anchor. Next year’s Hallowe’en getup? Maybe. Extra extra credit points? Hopefully.

early Christmas present!I actually really enjoy Reading Days and Finals because I have a lot of free time. Other than my Astronomy exam, I have four more pages to invent for my Anthropology of the Body paper on the dialectics of inclusion and exclusion in the intersex community, which I will turn in on Monday. And that’s really it. It leaves me plenty of time to do things like knit! And Mel just got me new yarn – it’s rainbow!

my first hat! And tea, before the Allergist told me I couldn’t have tea.I finished my first hat! Look, I even did a pompom. Now I’m learning how to purl, and I think I’m gonna make this next hat with a combination of knitting and purling and maybe some colour changing.

Because it’s the end of the semester, there are all sorts of culminating performances going on. Last weekend I went to Dance Extravaganza, an incredible amalgamation of student-choreographed, -mixed, -directed, and -performed dances. I shot a video of one of the pieces. Dance Ex happens every semester, and it always sells out all four of its runs. Because it is brilliant.

Joe Purdy did his thing on Saturday - he said he’s never played at a college before.Acabrella, our a cappella union, had its last performance of the semester in the Chapel. Five years ago, we did not have a single a cappella group. This year, LC weighs in at five separate groups. Momo & the Coop is the oldest, followed by Section Line Drive and the all-girls Merry Weathers. Just this semester, the Ravine Academy and the all-guys Ca Cappella have coalesced. Here are a few videos of the performances before my camera ran out of juice. This week, I also went to Mel’s Marimba concert (she even had a solo!), and the Joe Purdy show.

see how cute my meals are? D’awww! Thanks, Bon!The allergist couldn’t figure out what I’m allergic to, so I’m on an elimination diet in an attempt to get my body back to zero, since it had been in freakout mode for a few weeks. So for the next two weeks, I’m eating only rice, chicken, four kinds of fruit, about as many kinds of vegetables, and a few random things like synthetic vanilla extract. Yeah, I’m temporarily suspending my vegetarianism in the interest of reducing my skin’s resemblance to the Red Planet. It seems to be working, and the Bon is super great about accommodating my crazy diet. They make me my very own plate of food at every meal, all cutely arranged and delicious. I am so grateful that I attend a school with such a stellar catering company. In addition to the wacked out diet, I’m on three medications and am under strict instructions to take a bath every night. (It’s a “saline soak” in medical jargon.) That’s not so bad! Although I do keep falling asleep in the bathtub at 1am.

my very own miniature treeThis is my last blog entry of the semester! On Friday at 5pm, I’m cleared to go home. I’m visiting my dad’s side of the family for Christmas in Washington and my mom’s side for New Years at the Oregon Coast, and if all goes well I’ll have a few days in January in the San Juan islands with Mel, too!

Just like a hospital, my email address does not shut down for the holidays. Send emails my way!

12 December 2009