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My countdown: 2 papers and 4 finals until Minnesota

I cannot believe that I am a week away from going back to Minnesota.  I can’t even count it down in days because even though today was the last day of classes, I still have so much stuff to do (refer to last week’s blog for my venting about stuff).These images are for those that dream of warmer times… This is me on the beach in Santa Cruz

It will be a bitter-sweet return home, but Minnesota has SNOW!  Oregon just doesn’t get the memo that when it is cold, there should be snow.  I am truly enjoying the weather right now, nice and brisk.  Many people really don’t like it though… but I think it is wonderful!  Thankfully I will have time at home to go sledding, have snowball fights and build snow forts.  It will be wonderful.  I truly have enjoyed living in Oregon - I feel that I already have a great network of friends here.  It will be interesting to go back home and talk with my friends about their new experiences and compare them to mine.  But that is the beauty of going away for college, there will always be something to talk about! 

I can finally tell you that I learned how to knit!  Kelsey taught me about three months ago, but for my first project I made a scarf for my best friend Sara (she is a freshman at St. Olaf College).  I couldn’t mention that on here because she reads this blog, and I wanted it to be a complete surprise.  You can definitely tell which end I started the scarf on though, the stitches are much messier, and not as tight as the other end, but she loved it anyway!  Now that my family knows that I can knit I have about ten Christmas presents I need to make… so those are next on my list.  At the Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk!

Last week I mentioned that I was going to be spending my weekend at a Young Life camp, and I must say that it was awesome!!  I washed dishes, or was (as it is colloquially known) in the Pits.  It was honestly a good time to just relax and zone out, I even memorized my poem for Mary’s class while washing breakfast dishes on Sunday!  It’s a great time for thinking, you should try it sometime.   

I officially have a new favorite spot in the Library.  It is the “Oversize Book” area.  I discovered it yesterday when I was looking for a new spot to study.  When I am writing a paper often times I encounter a period of time when I just can’t focus, so I relocate to get some blood moving and to clear my head a bit.  Why this is my new favorite spot is because I can spread out all of my stuff across the table, there is a high ceiling and I don’t feel trapped in a box and best of all there are so many incredible books!  And they are huge!  Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon is approximately about 2 feet by 1.5 feet.  That’s a big book.  I sat down last night to finish a paper and I looked over and saw this book with pictures that were taken by the Hubble Telescope.  So naturally, I spent about thirty minutes looking through pictures of nebulas and galaxies.  It was definitely worth it.  Just so you know, if you ever need to know anything about the wild flowers, there are States sixteen different volumes of Wild Flowers of the United States that you can look through, conveniently divided by region or state such as “The Central Mountain and Planes” and “Texas”.  Books such as those and many others can be found in the Oversize Book area when not studying.

As I mentioned earlier, today was the last day of classes.  It really does not feel like it though!  I can only hope that my classes next semester will be as engaging and fun as the ones this semester.  I have very high expectations.  I have a very good feeling about them though, I am especially excited for my New Testament class because I have met with the professor, Dr. Kugler twice now.  I went and had a discussion with him about my anointing paper during his office hours (Note to self: take advantage of more office hours next semester!)

Tonight is the last Agape meeting for the semester, but celebrating in style!  We are meeting at 7:30 to gather everyone up, and then taking a ‘field trip’ to go see the A CAPELLA CONCERT! (I am SO excited for this!!)  Carolyn is in the group Section Line Drive and she will be rapping tonight.  I can’t wait.  After the concert we will be returning to Stewart for a White-Elephant gift exchange of sorts.  For my gift I am bringing two glass jars that I colored with permanent markers.  (This is a great little project if you have some time!) Agape will pick up next semester, but I will definitely miss that community over the break.Sunset

So now I will go back to writing.  I am just not going to let stress overtake me.  It’s just not going to happen.  But it is time to focus, so maybe I will stay away from the Oversize book area…

 I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors!


As always, I would love to hear from you,

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9 December 2009