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Hi everyone, one last entry before the semester ends. It is so cold here right now, the high hasn’t been above freezing in a couple of days, which is very cold for Portland. But, on the upside it has been unusually sunny and there have been some great views of Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helens. Finals are shaping up to be very hard, I have a Political Theory exam on Saturday, an English Exam on Wednesday and a take home final for Political Science Research Methods due on Wednesday as well. The upside is that I had my last class today and I have all day for the next two days to study [called “Reading Days” at LC, but other schools call it dead week].  Finals are always kind of horrible, but good in the sense that when you are done you have this feeling that if you can sit down and write for three hours on one class you can do anything. Though, if you are me you end up in pain because you a. grip your pencil way to hard and b. forget to cut your fingernails and end up stabbing yourself in the palm for three hours in a row (I have learned my lesson and always remember to cut my nails before midterms, as for the pencil gripping, that is a habit I can’t seem to break). Sadly for me both of my finals are at 8:30 in the morning, although I guess I much prefer that to my Spanish final at 6 in the evening (that’s what happens when you take 8 a.m. classes).
So this is turning out to be a dreary post, all this talk of finals, I feel like I should be celebrating the end of classes, and I am excited, but there is a dark storm looming on the horizon (the metaphorical horizon I mean, it is sunny right now). But, I am excited to report that next fall I will be going to the University of Glasgow in Scotland for a semester. I am going on a LC sponsored trip with 19 other students. My roommate was also accepted to the East Africa program (Kenya/ Tanzania) sad because we will be apart for a whole semester, but it will be amazing I am sure. I have to admit I am a little jealous because they go to Zanzabar for a week or so and it looks so warm and pretty! I am really excited about Scotland, the school is the 4th oldest university in the English speaking world and seems absolutely amazing. We also get to spend a week in the Highlands and hopefully take a fall break trip to Ireland (fingers crossed). More updates on my trip when I learn more…..

Other than finals I am trying to stay sane by reading books for fun in the evenings, right now I am reading Franz Kafka’s The Castle, which isn’t exactly light bedtime reading, but very interesting. I also enjoy staring at my festive Christmas lights that I put around the room to make the long hours of studying a little better. Most activities on campus have ended by now as everyone is preparing for their tests, but I hear there is a dodgeball tournament during reading days and they also have the 72 hour movie marathon in Tamarack (a lounge in Forest dorm) where they elicit ideas in the dining hall and then play movies for 72 hours straight, I have never attended, but maybe I will this year and take a break from the Greek philosophers. I am also contemplating how much of bibliomania to indulge [ie. how many books to sell back]. Not so many this semester, most of them are interesting or I feel like I will need them in the future. The only downside to that is I will soon run out of book shelf space at my house and I am not sure how happy my mom will be if she decides to move before I finish college!!!

P.S. I turned in my huge project on Texas on Tuesday and couldn’t resist having my roommate take a photo of me and my books and the project. What is more amazing than my stack of books (which really is not that high) is that my Professor said he will have them all graded by next Wednesday, there are twelve people in my class and most peoples projects top out at almost a hundred pages. I don’t envy his weekend although he told us he was going to the beach to read papers!

As always, if anyone wants to chat about L&C feel free to e-mail me (although I might not get back to you until after the 17th)
:-) LibbyMe and my Texas Project  

9 December 2009