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particularly vicious strawberries

I wish Dido & Aeneas had had subtitles, because even English opera is hard to understand!
Is this art? These bottles were hanging from the Bio-Psych building last week.Mel found a way to improve this mug - with moustaches. I can now drink out of it and still feel okay about myself.It’s crunch time! Commonly known as the worst time of the semester to get sick, and therefore the time everyone gets sick. Well, I do things a little differently. Apparently, my body has decided it’s the perfect time to stop understanding the difference between toxins and normal things like bread. That’s right, I’m allergic to something, or several somethings. For about two weeks, my arms, neck, and face have been breaking out in hives. On my worst days, I look like I’ve been mauled by a herd of particularly vicious strawberries. Now that I’ve reduced my diet to variations of rice, beans, potatoes, and melon, my skin is clearing up. I’m really looking forward to my appointment with the allergist next week, because then I’ll find out what I’m allergic to and I can start eating like a normal person again!

to improve flu kit, add pig snout to maskMel making a mess, with deviled eggs resulting as an unexpected side effectEven though my body threw me a curveball in the health department, my girlfriend Mel is right on schedule. On Monday, Mel came down with “flu-like symptoms,” colloquially known as the piggy plague. I’ve spent a chunk of my week thoroughly ignoring the Health Center’s recommendations to stay well away from her room – I’ve been delivering meals to her, taking her temperature, and keeping her entertained. She’s out of her room now and feeling a lot better, but it was a pretty miserable way to start the week.

we made banners for World AIDS Day at Queer Thanksgiving toolook familiar? Emdowd recreated rainbow cake, non-vegan this timewe ate mashed potatoes for DAYS after I was allowed to estimate the quantity we would needBacktrack to Thanksgiving. I had two Thanksgivings this year. The first one was Queer Thanksgiving, on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving break. A small flock of Unisex members (we’ve been debating on whether to call ourselves Unisexies or Unisexuals), with large quantities of seasonal food in tow, bussed it on over to a cute little house in the Mt. Tabor region of Portland. Gail’s aunt and her housemate were our wonderful hosts. They played holiday music and constructed a fire and everything. I produced mashed potatoes, version 1.0, for the occasion. Once we had assembled all the food, we sat down around the dining room table, and just like a real Thanksgiving, we each shared a thing we were thankful for. Gabe said he was thankful for Queer Thanksgiving because it was the only Thanksgiving he would have this year. I think that’s why Unisex keeps doing it every year – you never know who won’t be going home or won’t be accepted for who they are at home.

mostly-wheat-free pies by Nani (my grandma), seasonal arrangement by my mom and our yardmy dad doing the animal part of Thanksgiving for my non-vegetarian family membersMy second Thanksgiving was four whole relaxing days at home. I whipped up an obscene amount of mashed potatoes again – I am now officially a mashed potato pro. I made the mistake of taking Benadryl in the morning in an attempt to calm the histamines going nuts in my face, so I slept through half of Thanksgiving (on the floor), but I was awake for the important parts. Like the eating.

figs growing outside a probably very expensive house in the hilly part of Portlandur doin it wrong - this cracks me up every timethe gloaming is my favourite time of dayMom reading our Hill Walk map with a conveniently placed lanternOn one of the days of break, Mom, Dad, Mel, and I went for a Portland Hill Walk with my dogs in northwest Portland. We got a late start, so the winter gloaming descended upon us halfway through the trip, but that means we got to watch as the city lit itself for night. It was beautiful, but also brain-numbingly cold. After such a relaxing break, it was hard to return to campus for two last weeks of essays, quizzes, and exams.

this is the board I beat up in Women’s Self Defense! With a pen for size reference.Classes are closing up and turning out their lights. In my Women’s Self Defense class, we have learned a barrage of strikes, holds, and defense maneuvers; how to disarm knives, clubs, and guns; how to fall; and how to flip people over our shoulders. On Tuesday, as a sort of grand finale, we each had the chance to break a board. I tell ya what, it is such an incredible, liberating feeling to split a piece of wood in half with nothing but your palm and your own willpower. I wish I could end all my classes by destroying things. Instead, I’ll be spending this weekend quarantined in the library, extracting a 15 to 20 page paper from the depths of my brain for Anthropology of the Body class. It might destroy me a little.

I can assemble about 100 buttons in an hour with CAP’s buttonmakernext semester, I’m gonna start selling hand-made buttons at the Co-op on campusCraft update: I made buttons! It’s really hard to get a decent photo of 50 to 60 buttons, so instead you get a peek at a few of my very favourites. I collaged the templates from castaway magazines, and my former supervisor at Cascade AIDS Project let me use their buttonmaker and supplies in exchange for two hours of assembling their official buttons. It was a good arrangement, and I hope to pop in for another few hours during Finals week to assemble a few more personal buttons and a whole lot more of CAP’s buttons.

Also, the hat I am knitting is now beginning to more closely resemble a hat, rather than a blue, fuzzy tube.

Next week will be my last blog entry until January! It’s been a rapidfire semester. Wow.

My email address still works!

4 December 2009