December 2009

New year //

The smooth sounds of Fleet Foxes coming from the earphones deceptively implanted in me the permission to lounge around, but in five minutes I had to take a final exam that I had forgotten about until the day before (who does this?!).  It was the Monday of the week before finals started – well, the week before reading days – and the looming paper and project deadlines occupied all of my thoughts. I knew I would have to get an ‘A’ on this exam so I could move out of the ubiquitous gray zone between the A and the B. Unfortunately this gray zone has become a regular thing. The flipside is that my grades will be a surprise!

So, because I had forgotten about the exam until the day before, I spent all night in the library cramming every little bit of information I could into my poor brain that’s already been overwhelmed by my 21-credit course load. My stomach made a noise. This one sounded like a lunch-time grumble. I looked at my cell phone – oh hell, it’s 1:45. I had five minutes. There were two books and a dozen or so printed PDFs sprawled out on the table in front of me, and while I usually took my sweet time with packing things up, I was out of that hole by 1:47. Don’t believe what my professors and friends say; I AM capable of hurrying.

I silently congratulated myself for my success at cramming as I darted from the library to the academic building, while strategically routing myself so as to avoid the sufficiently awkward exchanges, maybe with that guy I met Freshman year on a random weekend adventure, maybe with that friend-of-a-friend I used to sit with in the Bon. Brief as these encounters are usually, time was of the essence here. God, I could really use a cigarette.

But I did not even make it onto the staircase before I came across…well, this:

hipster irony

Poster-glued in the dead center of the wall in front of me was this statement on white paper that is so structurally simple yet so symbolically powerful in reminding me of all my past frustrations with this school that the years have helped me get over. It is not about Gucci Mane. It’s an instance of hipster irony at its finest, and it made me remember my rant about LC after watching Juno (”I hate people who talk like that!“). And when I turned my nose up at the guy on the dance floor who wore pants five sizes too small and glasses that were way too big for his face, not to mention lens-less. Snicker-worthy maybe, but that was it. There is so much hate in this world. Why muster up the energy to hate on the people and things that really don’t matter to me. Really. I can stand to grow up a little, in every aspect, in every meaningful way. So, here’s to growing with the new year.

24 December 2009


Wanna know how I feel right now? Like I can conquer anything. This is false. But I just survived the worst night/day combination in all of my three and half years here at Lewis and Clark. No, nothing exciting happened. I just had a lot of school work to do. Two papers, two presentations, and two finals to be exact. They were all due today. That Art History final pretty much occupied all of my time, since there were 200 or so images to memorize (+ their significance and period/dates). At 9’o clock this morning, I walked in to that classroom and knew I was going to ace it. And I did, or at least I B’d it. I’ll be happy with either grade. Amazing class, but a butt-kicking final for sure…. But it kinda sucks that spent all of my time on Art History that I literally had no time for my five other projects. But I managed to pull through…somehow. I got an extension on the presentation, so I’ll be preparing for it tonight, plus two short reflection papers and one four-page reflection paper of my PioLog experience, and studying for another final for tomorrow. Laying them out like this looks bad, but I honestly don’t feel the least bit of stress. I’m on a weird high… I’m pretty sure this is what triumph feels like.  But I’m not done yet. Here is to a glorious tomorrow.

Oh, if you ever decide to come to (or visit) Lewis and Clark, make sure you plan your trip so that you can be here for the next a capella concert. This guy named Jon. Oh yeah, he blogs, too. Well his voice is possibly one of the best I have ever heard. Think Iron and Wine, but more crisp. And I hope it isn’t creepy that I’m writing about him on here. The other groups were good, too! I always enjoy Section Line Drive’s Holiday Medley.

What else…

Oh, my laptop broke last week. That’s right. Right before finals. I lost a bunch of notes and I couldn’t finish a final video project for a class, but luckily I had already made one earlier in the semester so that was covered. Today I got a phone call from the fixer-uppers and apparently it’s ready to be picked up! Best timing ever. Not.

15 December 2009

brittle sunlight

environmentally-friendly mutant snowflakes
Mel and Rachey made the good-looking snowflakes, and the peopleMel took this picture - it’s cold!Yesterday morning, I scrambled out of bed, plopped down on the floor, and spent an hour blearily cutting lopsided snowflakes from paper I extracted from the recycling bin. Such a compulsion means only one thing: it’s almost the holidays! It’s certainly cold enough. My longjohns and I are getting intimate – I haven’t taken them off for a solid week. I don’t leave my room without a scarf, two hats, and three or four shirts. I’m okay with the cold, but seriously, where’s the snow? It’s been all blue skies and brittle sunlight. I think we’re all ready for a little precipitation. My deformed recycled-paper snowflakes don’t really make the cut.

this is a comic strip I drew featuring Ethan, and he gave me permission to post itMel and I prefer strange trees to Christmas-tree-shaped onesI dare you to find a more impressive box fort than this one in Hartzfeld CMy first Final was at stupid o’clock (8:30am) this morning. It was actually my only sit-down Final this semester, and it was Astronomy. In our last actual class period, I got my research paper back. Guess what?! I won Astronomy! Out of all the 60-odd papers in our class, mine about the red controversy of Sirius was selected as one of the most interesting, along with Preetham’s paper about the geology of one of Jupiter’s moons. The prize was a score of 100% on the paper and the power to decide how Ethan, our professor, will groom his facial hair, which he has been diligently growing since Thanksgiving. As hair-larious as it would be to give Ethan a Darwin beard or Salvador Dalí moustache (Preetham’s and my original ideas), we’ve decided to give the guy a fighting chance at retaining some fragment of dignity, and have therefore decided a goatee is the way to go. As extra credit on our Final Exam, Ethan asked everyone to doodle a picture on the back of the last page of the type of goatee he should manicure – so I drew a picture of Ethan dressed as a pirate ship, with his facial hair as the anchor. Next year’s Hallowe’en getup? Maybe. Extra extra credit points? Hopefully.

early Christmas present!I actually really enjoy Reading Days and Finals because I have a lot of free time. Other than my Astronomy exam, I have four more pages to invent for my Anthropology of the Body paper on the dialectics of inclusion and exclusion in the intersex community, which I will turn in on Monday. And that’s really it. It leaves me plenty of time to do things like knit! And Mel just got me new yarn – it’s rainbow!

my first hat! And tea, before the Allergist told me I couldn’t have tea.I finished my first hat! Look, I even did a pompom. Now I’m learning how to purl, and I think I’m gonna make this next hat with a combination of knitting and purling and maybe some colour changing.

Because it’s the end of the semester, there are all sorts of culminating performances going on. Last weekend I went to Dance Extravaganza, an incredible amalgamation of student-choreographed, -mixed, -directed, and -performed dances. I shot a video of one of the pieces. Dance Ex happens every semester, and it always sells out all four of its runs. Because it is brilliant.

Joe Purdy did his thing on Saturday - he said he’s never played at a college before.Acabrella, our a cappella union, had its last performance of the semester in the Chapel. Five years ago, we did not have a single a cappella group. This year, LC weighs in at five separate groups. Momo & the Coop is the oldest, followed by Section Line Drive and the all-girls Merry Weathers. Just this semester, the Ravine Academy and the all-guys Ca Cappella have coalesced. Here are a few videos of the performances before my camera ran out of juice. This week, I also went to Mel’s Marimba concert (she even had a solo!), and the Joe Purdy show.

see how cute my meals are? D’awww! Thanks, Bon!The allergist couldn’t figure out what I’m allergic to, so I’m on an elimination diet in an attempt to get my body back to zero, since it had been in freakout mode for a few weeks. So for the next two weeks, I’m eating only rice, chicken, four kinds of fruit, about as many kinds of vegetables, and a few random things like synthetic vanilla extract. Yeah, I’m temporarily suspending my vegetarianism in the interest of reducing my skin’s resemblance to the Red Planet. It seems to be working, and the Bon is super great about accommodating my crazy diet. They make me my very own plate of food at every meal, all cutely arranged and delicious. I am so grateful that I attend a school with such a stellar catering company. In addition to the wacked out diet, I’m on three medications and am under strict instructions to take a bath every night. (It’s a “saline soak” in medical jargon.) That’s not so bad! Although I do keep falling asleep in the bathtub at 1am.

my very own miniature treeThis is my last blog entry of the semester! On Friday at 5pm, I’m cleared to go home. I’m visiting my dad’s side of the family for Christmas in Washington and my mom’s side for New Years at the Oregon Coast, and if all goes well I’ll have a few days in January in the San Juan islands with Mel, too!

Just like a hospital, my email address does not shut down for the holidays. Send emails my way!

12 December 2009

My countdown: 2 papers and 4 finals until Minnesota

I cannot believe that I am a week away from going back to Minnesota.  I can’t even count it down in days because even though today was the last day of classes, I still have so much stuff to do (refer to last week’s blog for my venting about stuff).These images are for those that dream of warmer times… This is me on the beach in Santa Cruz

It will be a bitter-sweet return home, but Minnesota has SNOW!  Oregon just doesn’t get the memo that when it is cold, there should be snow.  I am truly enjoying the weather right now, nice and brisk.  Many people really don’t like it though… but I think it is wonderful!  Thankfully I will have time at home to go sledding, have snowball fights and build snow forts.  It will be wonderful.  I truly have enjoyed living in Oregon - I feel that I already have a great network of friends here.  It will be interesting to go back home and talk with my friends about their new experiences and compare them to mine.  But that is the beauty of going away for college, there will always be something to talk about! 

I can finally tell you that I learned how to knit!  Kelsey taught me about three months ago, but for my first project I made a scarf for my best friend Sara (she is a freshman at St. Olaf College).  I couldn’t mention that on here because she reads this blog, and I wanted it to be a complete surprise.  You can definitely tell which end I started the scarf on though, the stitches are much messier, and not as tight as the other end, but she loved it anyway!  Now that my family knows that I can knit I have about ten Christmas presents I need to make… so those are next on my list.  At the Santa Cruz Beach Board Walk!

Last week I mentioned that I was going to be spending my weekend at a Young Life camp, and I must say that it was awesome!!  I washed dishes, or was (as it is colloquially known) in the Pits.  It was honestly a good time to just relax and zone out, I even memorized my poem for Mary’s class while washing breakfast dishes on Sunday!  It’s a great time for thinking, you should try it sometime.   

I officially have a new favorite spot in the Library.  It is the “Oversize Book” area.  I discovered it yesterday when I was looking for a new spot to study.  When I am writing a paper often times I encounter a period of time when I just can’t focus, so I relocate to get some blood moving and to clear my head a bit.  Why this is my new favorite spot is because I can spread out all of my stuff across the table, there is a high ceiling and I don’t feel trapped in a box and best of all there are so many incredible books!  And they are huge!  Tertiary History of the Grand Canyon is approximately about 2 feet by 1.5 feet.  That’s a big book.  I sat down last night to finish a paper and I looked over and saw this book with pictures that were taken by the Hubble Telescope.  So naturally, I spent about thirty minutes looking through pictures of nebulas and galaxies.  It was definitely worth it.  Just so you know, if you ever need to know anything about the wild flowers, there are States sixteen different volumes of Wild Flowers of the United States that you can look through, conveniently divided by region or state such as “The Central Mountain and Planes” and “Texas”.  Books such as those and many others can be found in the Oversize Book area when not studying.

As I mentioned earlier, today was the last day of classes.  It really does not feel like it though!  I can only hope that my classes next semester will be as engaging and fun as the ones this semester.  I have very high expectations.  I have a very good feeling about them though, I am especially excited for my New Testament class because I have met with the professor, Dr. Kugler twice now.  I went and had a discussion with him about my anointing paper during his office hours (Note to self: take advantage of more office hours next semester!)

Tonight is the last Agape meeting for the semester, but celebrating in style!  We are meeting at 7:30 to gather everyone up, and then taking a ‘field trip’ to go see the A CAPELLA CONCERT! (I am SO excited for this!!)  Carolyn is in the group Section Line Drive and she will be rapping tonight.  I can’t wait.  After the concert we will be returning to Stewart for a White-Elephant gift exchange of sorts.  For my gift I am bringing two glass jars that I colored with permanent markers.  (This is a great little project if you have some time!) Agape will pick up next semester, but I will definitely miss that community over the break.Sunset

So now I will go back to writing.  I am just not going to let stress overtake me.  It’s just not going to happen.  But it is time to focus, so maybe I will stay away from the Oversize book area…

 I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors!


As always, I would love to hear from you,

 ”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”



9 December 2009

Kill Me Now

Hi everyone, one last entry before the semester ends. It is so cold here right now, the high hasn’t been above freezing in a couple of days, which is very cold for Portland. But, on the upside it has been unusually sunny and there have been some great views of Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helens. Finals are shaping up to be very hard, I have a Political Theory exam on Saturday, an English Exam on Wednesday and a take home final for Political Science Research Methods due on Wednesday as well. The upside is that I had my last class today and I have all day for the next two days to study [called “Reading Days” at LC, but other schools call it dead week].  Finals are always kind of horrible, but good in the sense that when you are done you have this feeling that if you can sit down and write for three hours on one class you can do anything. Though, if you are me you end up in pain because you a. grip your pencil way to hard and b. forget to cut your fingernails and end up stabbing yourself in the palm for three hours in a row (I have learned my lesson and always remember to cut my nails before midterms, as for the pencil gripping, that is a habit I can’t seem to break). Sadly for me both of my finals are at 8:30 in the morning, although I guess I much prefer that to my Spanish final at 6 in the evening (that’s what happens when you take 8 a.m. classes).
So this is turning out to be a dreary post, all this talk of finals, I feel like I should be celebrating the end of classes, and I am excited, but there is a dark storm looming on the horizon (the metaphorical horizon I mean, it is sunny right now). But, I am excited to report that next fall I will be going to the University of Glasgow in Scotland for a semester. I am going on a LC sponsored trip with 19 other students. My roommate was also accepted to the East Africa program (Kenya/ Tanzania) sad because we will be apart for a whole semester, but it will be amazing I am sure. I have to admit I am a little jealous because they go to Zanzabar for a week or so and it looks so warm and pretty! I am really excited about Scotland, the school is the 4th oldest university in the English speaking world and seems absolutely amazing. We also get to spend a week in the Highlands and hopefully take a fall break trip to Ireland (fingers crossed). More updates on my trip when I learn more…..

Other than finals I am trying to stay sane by reading books for fun in the evenings, right now I am reading Franz Kafka’s The Castle, which isn’t exactly light bedtime reading, but very interesting. I also enjoy staring at my festive Christmas lights that I put around the room to make the long hours of studying a little better. Most activities on campus have ended by now as everyone is preparing for their tests, but I hear there is a dodgeball tournament during reading days and they also have the 72 hour movie marathon in Tamarack (a lounge in Forest dorm) where they elicit ideas in the dining hall and then play movies for 72 hours straight, I have never attended, but maybe I will this year and take a break from the Greek philosophers. I am also contemplating how much of bibliomania to indulge [ie. how many books to sell back]. Not so many this semester, most of them are interesting or I feel like I will need them in the future. The only downside to that is I will soon run out of book shelf space at my house and I am not sure how happy my mom will be if she decides to move before I finish college!!!

P.S. I turned in my huge project on Texas on Tuesday and couldn’t resist having my roommate take a photo of me and my books and the project. What is more amazing than my stack of books (which really is not that high) is that my Professor said he will have them all graded by next Wednesday, there are twelve people in my class and most peoples projects top out at almost a hundred pages. I don’t envy his weekend although he told us he was going to the beach to read papers!

As always, if anyone wants to chat about L&C feel free to e-mail me (although I might not get back to you until after the 17th)
:-) LibbyMe and my Texas Project  

9 December 2009

particularly vicious strawberries

I wish Dido & Aeneas had had subtitles, because even English opera is hard to understand!
Is this art? These bottles were hanging from the Bio-Psych building last week.Mel found a way to improve this mug - with moustaches. I can now drink out of it and still feel okay about myself.It’s crunch time! Commonly known as the worst time of the semester to get sick, and therefore the time everyone gets sick. Well, I do things a little differently. Apparently, my body has decided it’s the perfect time to stop understanding the difference between toxins and normal things like bread. That’s right, I’m allergic to something, or several somethings. For about two weeks, my arms, neck, and face have been breaking out in hives. On my worst days, I look like I’ve been mauled by a herd of particularly vicious strawberries. Now that I’ve reduced my diet to variations of rice, beans, potatoes, and melon, my skin is clearing up. I’m really looking forward to my appointment with the allergist next week, because then I’ll find out what I’m allergic to and I can start eating like a normal person again!

to improve flu kit, add pig snout to maskMel making a mess, with deviled eggs resulting as an unexpected side effectEven though my body threw me a curveball in the health department, my girlfriend Mel is right on schedule. On Monday, Mel came down with “flu-like symptoms,” colloquially known as the piggy plague. I’ve spent a chunk of my week thoroughly ignoring the Health Center’s recommendations to stay well away from her room – I’ve been delivering meals to her, taking her temperature, and keeping her entertained. She’s out of her room now and feeling a lot better, but it was a pretty miserable way to start the week.

we made banners for World AIDS Day at Queer Thanksgiving toolook familiar? Emdowd recreated rainbow cake, non-vegan this timewe ate mashed potatoes for DAYS after I was allowed to estimate the quantity we would needBacktrack to Thanksgiving. I had two Thanksgivings this year. The first one was Queer Thanksgiving, on the Sunday preceding Thanksgiving break. A small flock of Unisex members (we’ve been debating on whether to call ourselves Unisexies or Unisexuals), with large quantities of seasonal food in tow, bussed it on over to a cute little house in the Mt. Tabor region of Portland. Gail’s aunt and her housemate were our wonderful hosts. They played holiday music and constructed a fire and everything. I produced mashed potatoes, version 1.0, for the occasion. Once we had assembled all the food, we sat down around the dining room table, and just like a real Thanksgiving, we each shared a thing we were thankful for. Gabe said he was thankful for Queer Thanksgiving because it was the only Thanksgiving he would have this year. I think that’s why Unisex keeps doing it every year – you never know who won’t be going home or won’t be accepted for who they are at home.

mostly-wheat-free pies by Nani (my grandma), seasonal arrangement by my mom and our yardmy dad doing the animal part of Thanksgiving for my non-vegetarian family membersMy second Thanksgiving was four whole relaxing days at home. I whipped up an obscene amount of mashed potatoes again – I am now officially a mashed potato pro. I made the mistake of taking Benadryl in the morning in an attempt to calm the histamines going nuts in my face, so I slept through half of Thanksgiving (on the floor), but I was awake for the important parts. Like the eating.

figs growing outside a probably very expensive house in the hilly part of Portlandur doin it wrong - this cracks me up every timethe gloaming is my favourite time of dayMom reading our Hill Walk map with a conveniently placed lanternOn one of the days of break, Mom, Dad, Mel, and I went for a Portland Hill Walk with my dogs in northwest Portland. We got a late start, so the winter gloaming descended upon us halfway through the trip, but that means we got to watch as the city lit itself for night. It was beautiful, but also brain-numbingly cold. After such a relaxing break, it was hard to return to campus for two last weeks of essays, quizzes, and exams.

this is the board I beat up in Women’s Self Defense! With a pen for size reference.Classes are closing up and turning out their lights. In my Women’s Self Defense class, we have learned a barrage of strikes, holds, and defense maneuvers; how to disarm knives, clubs, and guns; how to fall; and how to flip people over our shoulders. On Tuesday, as a sort of grand finale, we each had the chance to break a board. I tell ya what, it is such an incredible, liberating feeling to split a piece of wood in half with nothing but your palm and your own willpower. I wish I could end all my classes by destroying things. Instead, I’ll be spending this weekend quarantined in the library, extracting a 15 to 20 page paper from the depths of my brain for Anthropology of the Body class. It might destroy me a little.

I can assemble about 100 buttons in an hour with CAP’s buttonmakernext semester, I’m gonna start selling hand-made buttons at the Co-op on campusCraft update: I made buttons! It’s really hard to get a decent photo of 50 to 60 buttons, so instead you get a peek at a few of my very favourites. I collaged the templates from castaway magazines, and my former supervisor at Cascade AIDS Project let me use their buttonmaker and supplies in exchange for two hours of assembling their official buttons. It was a good arrangement, and I hope to pop in for another few hours during Finals week to assemble a few more personal buttons and a whole lot more of CAP’s buttons.

Also, the hat I am knitting is now beginning to more closely resemble a hat, rather than a blue, fuzzy tube.

Next week will be my last blog entry until January! It’s been a rapidfire semester. Wow.

My email address still works!

4 December 2009

“This Is My Winter Song To You”

There is a lot of STUFF going on right now.  I think that is the best way I can describe my life right now, but it’s all good stuff.

Carolyn is in the middle, with Kelsey and Tessa!  The witches had great hats!Rewind: “Dido and Aeneas” the Opera was incredible!  I was blown away by some of the vocal talents we have here!  The entire Opera was overall a great production.  It was unique, engaging and very interesting since I had just finished reading the Aeneid in Exploration and Discovery.  Carolyn was a witch (and did a fantastic job!).  It was so cool to see my friend on stage!

Katie and I on the JacksFor Thanksgiving I went to Santa Cruz California and stayed with my Grandma Carol.  It was so  relaxing, 75 degree weather, the Ocean, and the food!  I loved making my own food or helping prepare the food.  My friend Katie wasn’t going home for Thanksgiving, so she came with me!  It was awesome to have a great friend there, with family that I hadn’t seen   in a while in a wonderful place.  Playing around...

School:  I have three papers, all about interesting things, but all going on at once.  Quick descriptions of each - E&D: I’m looking at prayer as it is portrayed in the Aeneid by Aeneas and in the Bible by Moses and Jesus.  Bible in Lit: I am comparing the story of Jesus’ anointing as it is told in the Gospels of Mark and Luke.  I am focusing on the image of a woman anointing Jesus.  Within each Gospel there are big differences (this story is found within all Gospels but there was so much stuff going on I had to pick two, and even then it will be hard to fit in all that I want to say into ten pages).  Poetry:  I am looking at a William Stafford poem called Watching The Jet Planes Dive.  At the Library they have Stafford’s entire poetic life, by that I mean they have all of his journal entries, all of the drafts of his poems – it is incredible.  So I am looking at all five drafts of this poem following images throughout them, looking at how they progress and change to make the final version of the poem complete and how they support my interpretation of the poem.  Very cool stuff.  So they are all awesome papers, but just a lot of stuff!  And of course there are still other readings for my classes, so again, more stuff!  But things like Agape, Knitting Club, having breakfast with awesome friends, sleep, or going out to coffee with friends are keeping me grounded. 

I just want you all to know that I made my bed today.  This is a very big deal.  I did all of my laundry from break, cleaned out my closet, cleaned off my desk, changed my sheets and made my bed  perfectly.  It was very nice to walk into a room where all of my stuff is in order, and I am less stressed in general because of that I think.  Plus my bed looks very classy.  Please admire it.

This weekend I am going to be gone at a Young Life camp called Breakaway Lodge.  I’ve been involved with Lake Oswego Young Life while I’ve been here and it is time for ourdscn0438.JPG winter camp!  I am so excited.  I will be doing Work Crew for the weekend, which means doing dishes and setting tables, stuff like that.  I did a Work Crew for a month   two summers ago washing dishes and it was the most incredible month of my life, so this weekend will be a good chance to revisit that a bit, relax, and rock out my three papers.  Oh yes.  Unfortunately there is so much that I am missing!  Dance Extravaganza, a Choir concert, a Saturday night Choir concert/Church service with lots of singing, and just being on campus for my second to last weekend!  Wow did time just fly this semester.  But Winter Camp will be incredible, and I will (hopefully) have enough free time to get some work done.

 Oh! Tomorrow!  More good stuff! For World AIDS Day Carolyn and Kelsey put together a program in which a guy from Cascade AIDS project is coming to L&C to speak!  I am very excited about it.  For more info check it out here.

Have a great week everybody,

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”  ~e.e. cummings

3 December 2009

The Last Stride

Hello all =) 

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did, that is for sure!! I was able to go home for the holiday, which was not the case last year. I thought I would be able to tough it out, because christmas break is only two weeks later. Since Thanksgiving is such a big holiday in my family, I was really sad when I was not there. Hearing everyone laughing and giggling in the background when I call to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving was not the best feeling. What was I thinking?!?! It was also important for me to go home for thanksgiving because my mom flew out, and she will not be in the states for Christmas. It will be sad and weird when I dont see her on Christmas, which would be the first. It will not be too bad though, because I get to see her two weeks later.  China will be freezing but seeing my mom, dad and Roxy (our dog) will be worth it =). 

Back to thanksgiving… I HAD A GREAT TIME!!! It was a bit busy though with the necessity to  fit in three stops. Needless to say we walked away with LOTS of leftovers. My aunt made my favorite mac and cheese =) there is no such think as too much mac and cheese, especially on Thanksgiving!!!


I came back from vacation on sunday ready to rock and roll. These next two weeks are going to be a bit brutal, but from experience it will be done before I know it. I have this week left of classes, next week is review week and then on thursday and friday are considered “reading days”, which means 24 hour quiet hours and loads of studying.  This week in particular is  going to be incredibly hectic because I have the Dance Extravaganza production. Tis entails tech day everyday this week from 5:30-9 and show day twice a day this weekend, which will leave me pretty exhausted. Its pretty exciting though! Seeing how everything is coming together leaves me jittery with anticipation!!











2 December 2009

In the Clamor and the Clangor

Hi all, I thought I would sit down and write my blog post instead of working on my English paper (at least for the moment).  I had probably the lamest Thanksgiving ever. I went home with two bags full of books and my computer (and laundry basket) filled with things to do. On the upside I got so much work done. Well, I practically finished my History project, all I have left to do is some editing. It made me feel good when I heard some people in my class saying they were less than half way done. The project is due on Tuesday and I would be crying if I had that much work to do. The one advantage to doing huge projects is that you always feel so accomplished when you are done. Especially when they are really long and you print them single sided (my project will total about 80 pages—but wait, I did not write 80 pages of material, its only about 6,000 words of my own writing (about 12 pages), the rest of it is pictures and the document I am working on).

My life has been pretty unexciting lately, its exactly one week until the last day of classes and I am terrified. I only have two three hour finals, one is a take home and the other is my history project (which thank goodness is due next Tuesday). But, I still have to finish writing a paper on Paradise Lost and this Marvell poem called “The Garden” and finish my paper on Machiavelli and Aristotle.  I am hoping that I will get a  chance to go out this weekend to the city and go Christmas shopping. I still have to decide what to get my best friend but the Saturday Market downtown always offers lots of things to choose from. My roommates favorite booth is this place where they make jewelry out of forks and spoons (and sometimes butter knives). They also have lots of hippie-ish booths and random things like duct tape wallets and dog/cat clothing.  No Lewis and Clark student has had a complete semester until they have visited the Saturday market at least once.
–oh yeah—the Saturday market is actually open on Sundays to from April to Christmas, so if you come visit during that time be sure to head down to the Burnside Bridge and check it out. I also want to go to the Art Museum, but I am thinking about doing that after my last final because all of my friends will be gone.
Other than studying (and getting my flu shot today) I have been trying to stay sane and enjoy the oddly sunny whether we have been having. The only problem with the sun is that it is cold, well it was 32 this morning, hopefully we will not have a repeat of last year. Last year it started snowing like crazy on Sunday after the first day of finals and finals got canceled on Monday and Wednesday from the snow. It was crazy, and very slippery especially on the bridge over the ravine. I thought I would tell you an inside secret about these bridges from Platt-Howard/Copeland dormitories. The sign (see picture) that says “please hold handrail” is not a joke. I thought it was pretty funny until I ended up on my butt one day. When it rains (or snows!) the bridges get very very slippery and it would be tragic to get all wet and then have to go and sit in your English class!!The BridgeStairs (where I have fallen up…)
Well, I had better get back to writing my paper, but I thought I would leave you with my favorite stanza from “The Garden” by Andrew Marvell.

What wondrous life in this I lead!
Ripe apples drop about my head;
The lucious clusters of the vine
Upon my mouth do crush their wine;The Dance Studio in the PlatteauHummanities Building
The nectarine and curious peach
Into my hands themsevles do reach;
Stumbling on melons as I pass
Ensnared with flowers, I fall one grass.

Hope you enjoy your last couple of weeks before break, don’t let finals get you down!!!


2 December 2009

We will see when it gets warm…

                What a week. Everything is really starting to kick into high gear. Final papers are starting to be due! Final tests to study for! Creative projects to start! PERFORMANCES! I am barely keeping up with everything, but I just keep telling myself to take everything one day at a time.

I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving! I certainly did. I went home, as I usually do to spend the holiday with my family in North Bend. Going back home is always a strange experience for any college student. You notice how things in your town have changed, how the people have changed, and most importantly, how YOU have changed. The holidays at my house haven’t changed much. My family has a tradition of growing most of everything for the Thanksgiving feast and is harvested early on Thanksgiving morning. Potatoes are dug out of the garden, squash are picked from our patches and we go on an extensive chanterelle mushroom hunt in the woods surrounding our house. After preparing all of the dishes we are responsible for, we travel over the bridge into town and go to my grandparent’s house, where they have made the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. It was a lovely meal and gave me and my family an excellent opportunity to catch up on everything that I have been doing.



Taking out the turkey!



The table



My sister Galen being…well, Galen…



Making buttercrunch for Christmas!


The rest of Thanksgiving break was spent doing little bits of homework and catching up with old friends who were in town. I felt much more relaxed by the end of the break and felt ready to come back to Portland and race across the finish line of the semester, but until then, I have a week of writing and performing and tests to take care of.


Wish me luck!




Musical present of the week:


Welcome Winter…

2 December 2009